Tigua Tribe locks casino doors
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Defeated for now, the Tigua Tribe of Texas shut the doors to its casino last night after the Supreme Court refused to grant a stay while appeals are pursued to keep the facility open.

The closure of Speaking Rock, which opened in 1993, was mourned by many. Here are some of their reactions, as caught by The El Paso Times:

"It's crowded inside. Everybody is trying to get their last quarters in." -- Daniel Rincon, 63.

"Isn't it a pity? We don't go to Sunland Park Casino. We just can't win there. Here we make out with $200 to $500. Everybody's complaining." -- Lupe Castillo, 60.

"These people have worked all their lives to accomplish something and the state of Texas takes it away. People have a short memory about how it used to be down here." -- L.R. Dockray, 71.

"I have been showing my support for several days. I came (Sunday) because I thought it was the last night. I took 45 minutes to find parking. I won $1,000 (Sunday) night. I hope they'll reopen one day." -- Betty Hannah, 63.

"I go to bingo all the time. This is the best place. Where else do they give you so much? Free coffee and drinks." -- Sally Bedell, 67.

The tribe has to shut down its table games and slot machines per a federal appeals court order. The casino will keep open its entertainment and food areas.

Some 700 employees are affected.

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