Trust reform update sheds some light
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Indian Trust Transition Observations
For perhaps the first time, Ross Swimmer details some of the work he has taken on since returning to the Interior last November. He now has oversight over TAAMS, a related subproject known as BIA data cleanup and probate, a third project. All are being managed by Donna Erwin, an Special Trustee employee.

Swimmer also says he helped compile the 8th report. He says he participated in face-to-face meetings with project managers to determine their progress and was often disappointed by what he was told. "[S]ubproject managers were willing to state certain progress was made but when challenged could not always defend their position," he writes.

Swimmer also says three tribes who are holding onto Individual Indian Money (IIM) documents are posing a problem. He says there is an "impasse" between the government and the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe of South Dakota, the Oglala Lakota Sioux Tribe of South Dakota and the Confederated Umatilla Tribes of Oregon.

Swimmer notes that consultation with tribes on the reorganization has begun and will continue. He does not make note of opposition to the proposal to create the Bureau of Indian Trust Assets Management (BITAM).

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Status Report to the Court Number Eight (1/16)

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