Yahoo! Auctions - Archic child blanket and mat
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JUNE 22, 2000

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"Archaic burial, 2,000-4000 PB. Child, blanket and burial mat. Recovered from shelter site above Pecos River, west Texas. Featured in the museum display of the Pecos Rio Grande Museum of Early Man, This is a closed site, all recovered items (several thousand) were products of the archaic era, 2000 - 10000 years of age. The child is far to rare to allow for commercial shipping. It will be available for inspection and acceptance of highest bidder. This is the only artifact offered to the public for sale at this time. Stone points, tools and other weavings are in stages of research only. The Pecos does not bye artifacts, please do no offer them, I will not respond to sellers. Please, this is a museum item, a artifact that should be given all care and consideration that a museum can offer. Any request concerning details or condition of the child will be replied to."

Seller (rating): slkdesigno (0)

Current Bid: $250,000.00
Time Left: 1 day
High Bidder: none
#of Items: 1
# of Bids: 0
Started at: $250,000.00
Bid Increment: $10,00
Location: Arivaca, AZ
Opened: Jun 12 14:11 PDT
Closes: Jun 22 14:11 PDT
ID: 29050441

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Yahoo! removes auctiont (The Talking Circle 6/22)

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