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JULY 17, 2000

W Ron Allen, Chairman of the Jamestown S'Klallam Indian Tribe and First Vice-President of the National Congress of American Indians, has a guest column in today issue of The Seattle Times. In "Native Americans assert rightful place at the table," he writes of the "intertwined" nature of politics and tribal sovereignty and the focus of First American Education Project, a group formed last year to educate the public about important Indian issues.

He says the underplaying of the Washington state Republican party resolution calling for an end to tribal government is "insufficient." He says the state has an obligation to prevent such a resolution from appearing in the first place.

He also cites Senator Slade Gorton (R-Wash) and his record of anti-sovereignty activity. He says "Gorton appears to be on a personal mission against Indian Country."

Finally, he advises readers to educate themselves in preparation for the upcoming November election.

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W. Ron Allen: Native Americans assert rightful place at the table (The Seattle Times 7/17)

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