John Potter: Trick or Treaty
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"Speaking of violation, you’ll never guess what happened to me in the airport in Salt Lake City on my way to D.C.!

I passed through security with flying colors – no knives or fingernail clippers in my possession – and then I proceeded to Cinnabon, where I spread my extra icing on my minibun with the big plastic knife that they provide for you. Just like always.

I go on to the gate, ready to board the plane. I’m standing in line behind a guy dressed in blood-stained camouflage clothing, and standing in front of a guy who obviously had just won a Charles Manson look-alike contest.

A Delta airlines security agent pulls ME aside for a “random security check!” Yeah, check the guy with braids and icing on his face.

So I get pulled aside, in plain view of EVERYONE at the gate, with THREE guys who can barely speak English. One of them stares at my boarding pass as if it’s a fake, while another one rifles through every single item in my bag, and the third guy waves the magic metal-detection wand all over me, which of course beeps loudly at my CROTCH. . ."

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Treaty, personal violations all in one trip (The Billings Gazette 11/24)

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