Editorial: Take trust away from Interior
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In an editorial, The Arizona Republic calls on the creation of a new Indian trust agency -- one not in control of the Department of Interior.

The paper says that more than $600 million has been spent on trust reform but there is little to show for it. "For more than a century, the Interior Department has bungled royalty payments to Native Americans. Billions of dollars are unaccounted for," the paper writes.

"There's only one thing worse: the government's effort to fix the problem."

The paper says the only solution is for Norton to settle a class action regarding the state of the Individual Indian Money (IIM) accounts. The paper also says tribes should take the lead in managing their own assets and developing a new, financial services-oriented trust agency that can't be touched by the Interior.

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Editorial: Feds are flunking on Indian trust funds (The Arizona Republic 1/16)
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