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Dr. Jill Biden at Navajo Nation
Native people are much more likely to get certain cancers than the rest of the population.
Uranium on Navajo Nation
On July 16, 1979, a dam broke at a uranium mine, releasing 1,100 tons of radioactive waste and pouring 94 million gallons of contaminated water onto the Navajo Nation.
Bearsun iambearsun
Bearsun has arrived on the Navajo Nation as he walks across the United States, raising awareness for health and environmental issues.
Dorothy “Scootie” Kiyukan Ziegler, who passed away in January 2021, was passionate about Native youth, culture and horses.
American Indian Cancer Foundation
In almost every category, minority patients are worse off when it comes to early diagnosis, treatment after diagnosis and surgical treatment of lung cancer.
Native Americans, along with Hispanics, have the lowest colorectal screening rates in the United States.
The Real Birds from the Crow Nation are a formidable force across Indian Country.