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Chuck Hoskin
The U.S. Supreme Court has gone against precedent and basic principles of Indian law, Chief Chuck Hoskin of the Cherokee Nation said.
Wilma Mankiller Quarter
The great Cherokee Nation Chief Wilma Mankiller is remembered for being a defender, mentor, mother and leader.
Cherokee Nation
The Cherokee Nation has created a blueprint for how all of Indian Country can pursue self-governance agreements.
Wilma Mankiller Quarter
Wilma Mankiller’s image on the U.S. quarter is the latest recognition for the pioneering Cherokee Nation leader.
Cherokee Nation
The days of corrupt dark money in Cherokee politics are over.
Wilma Mankiller Quarter
The Cherokee Nation is celebrating the release of a quarter featuring Wilma Mankiller, who was the first woman elected to lead the tribe.
Cherokee Vote
Please vote like the future of Cherokee Nation depends on it.
“Man Enough to be a Girl Scout”
In our Cherokee culture, we have always been a matrilineal society.
Cherokee Nation
All children are a precious gift.
Cherokee Nation Task Force to Protect Women and Families
At Cherokee Nation we are committed to creating a safe, caring and supportive workplace.
Cherokee Medicine Keeper Signing
The Cherokee people’s connection to the land and nature has always been central to our way of life.
Cherokee Nation
For almost two years, our tribal government made the hard choice to suspend official in-person gatherings with Cherokee communities.
Chuck Hoskin
“We can work together,” Cherokee Nation Chief Chuck Hoskin Jr. said of ongoing efforts to address public safety in Indian Country.
U.S. Supreme Court
The nation’s highest court is set for another tribal sovereignty showdown as the state of Oklahoma continues efforts to weaken a landmark treaty rights decision.
Cherokee Nation
Public schools are central to communities across the Cherokee Nation Reservation in northeast Oklahoma.
Cherokee Nation Foundation
For generations, education has been deeply important to the Cherokee people.
Ketanji Brown Jackson
The nation’s highest court is once again entering a season of significant change with major Indian law cases on the docket and a historic nominee nearing confirmation.
House Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations - The Opioid Crisis in Tribal Communities
The House Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations holds an oversight hearing titled “The Opioid Crisis in Tribal Communities.”
Chuck Hoskin Jr
Our past efforts have been successful, but we still have great need when it comes to secure homes.
Chuck Hoskin, Joe Biden and Kim Teehee
An issue that I passionately believe in is that every Cherokee woman should feel safe in her community and in her home.
Cherokee Nation Flag
Social workers change lives every day. They serve our people – from newborns to elders – when they most need help.
Cherokee Nation
Tribal leaders are hopeful for more economic development opportunities through long-overdue updates to the Buy Indian Act.
Wilma P. Mankiller and Charlie Soap Water Act
Nobody within the Cherokee Nation Reservation should have to live without access to safe, running water.
Sequoyah Schools
For more than 150 years, Sequoyah Schools have been a safe place for Cherokee and Native youth to live, learn and grow.
Trail of Tears
The Cherokee people suffered greatly, but we never surrendered our sovereignty.
The Guardian
We know that over the long term a prosperous Cherokee Nation and a prosperous Oklahoma go hand in hand.
Cherokee Nation Film Office
Together, we are changing the narrative about Native peoples and culture.
Chuck Hoskin
The United States must keep its treaty promise to Cherokee Nation. Now, let us move forward.
Cherokee Nation Film Office
The Cherokee Nation is launching a program to provide up to $1 million in incentives for productions filmed on the tribe’s reservation.
Cherokee Nation
Cherokee Nation families deserve emergency responders who can always bring rapid care in a crisis.
Cherokee Nation
The highest court in the land has added another Indian law case to its docket, taking up a contentious sovereignty dispute that pits tribal nations against the state of Oklahoma.
Cherokee Nation
Without doubt, the Cherokee Nation is home to one of the best and most creative language departments in the world.
Cherokee Nation
Cherokee Nation citizens will soon have better access to world-class health care.
Cherokee Nation
The Cherokee Nation has outlasted many who tried to take away our sovereignty and destroy our identity as a people.
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Cherokee Nation
In our mission to save the Cherokee language, we cannot and we will not fail.
Tribal Flag Raising
The Cherokee Nation has always prioritized education.
Cherokee Nation
I thank my ancestors, whose collective decisions are the reason we still have a Cherokee Nation and why I have the good fortune to be its elected chief centuries later.
Cherokee Nation
The workers employed by Cherokee Nation take care of all of us.
Nineteen states now observe Indigenous Peoples’ Day, following the early lead of South Dakota’s Native American Day. Tribes are joining in too.