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Woodland Cultural Centre / Mohawk Institute Residential School
The Akwesasne community demonstrated in the most powerful way its desire to address the terrible effects residential schools have had on the people.
Mohawk Institute Residential School
Give us back our lands so that we might be restored to the embrace of the earth.
Palestinian people are native and have a right to live freely upon their ancestral lands.
Derek Chauvin Trial March
Killing another human is what police officers can do with an almost complete immunity from prosecution.
Given Deb Haaland’s ethics, her passion and her record of advocacy on behalf of Indigenous peoples a great new era in our history is about to begin.
The Joe Biden presidential inauguration was a glaring reminder for indigenous people that we remain mostly obscure.
Watch the stars and your direction home will be revealed.
We must have the women take charge in Mohawk society.
Creation myths form the core of a national identity.
The Haudenosaunee find it impossible to join in the national celebration of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s career.