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Leading up to Halloween weekend, Native America Calling is taking a haunted tour with Native artists through their odd, unsettling and downright scary works of multimedia storytelling.
Lauren Good Day
This year’s fashion show at Santa Fe Indian Market is a reminder of just how hot Indigenous fashion is.
nativeamericacalling nac
Indigenous models are making names for themselves and are insisting on better representation in an industry doesn’t always present beauty accurately or sensitively.
Navajo weavers are usually busy at this time of year.
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Sewing was an important tradition for Native Americans long before it became a popular pandemic pastime.
nativeamericacalling nac
Native America Calling will explore the utility and decoration of Native bags.
For Isabella Aiukli Cornell, prom was a way to bring attention to the crisis of missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls.
nativeamericacalling nac
From powwows to boardrooms, ribbon shirts are a visual symbol of Native pride.
Indigenous Fashion Week Toronto once again took the world by storm, only virtually this time around.
nativeamericacalling nac
Started in 2011 as a way to show Native pride, Rock Your Mocs has grown into a multi-day collection of events and discussions.