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Cases of missing and murdered Indigenous women, girls and relatives continue to make headlines across the country.
The United States Postal Service just picked Rico Worl’s illustration for a new forever stamp.
Tara Gatewood
Tara Gatewood honors her time with Native America Calling and the many voices who’ve shared space with her on-air as she gets ready to take on a new chapter in her life.
Repatriation of the Rosebud Sioux Tribe Children at Carlisle Indian Industrial School
With both grief and relief, the Rosebud Sioux Tribe welcomed the return of nine children who died at the Carlisle Indian School.
Healer of the Water Monster
Navajo writer Brian Young’s debut novel “Healer of the Water Monster” features the story of Nathan who makes a trip to his grandmother’s place.
Tara Gatewood
Native America Calling, one of the most widely-heard Native radio programs, is entering a new chapter in its storied history.
Reservation Dogs
The breakthrough series, Reservation Dogs, is ready to drop its first two episodes on FX on Hulu August 9.
Haunani-Kay Trask
Known for her incredibly strong voice and fierce love for her people and land of Hawaii, Dr. Haunani-Kay Trask was a force to be reckoned with.
A new pictorial collection gives a unique outlet to Native photographers to express stories of identity and the effects of colonialism.
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Some talented young people are making marks in the Native business world.
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Medically assisted treatment remains one of the standards for opioid treatment and a public benefit corporation is working with tribes to build a model of equitable options for Native people.
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Heatwaves are scorching much of the western half of the country and weather experts say there’s more to come. How are tribes affected?
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Large, expensive infrastructure projects would go a long way toward solving drinking water access problems on tribal lands.
From harmonious trap sounds sprinkled with poppy vocals Mattmac is leading a positive musical revolution for Native people living with disabilities.
Kamloops Residential School Memorial
The revelation that more unmarked graves were found at a Canadian residential school adds additional injury for Indigenous people.
IAIA Museum of Contemporary Native Arts
The IAIA Museum of Contemporary Native Arts in Santa Fe just received its largest donation ever.
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4-H programs evolved to incorporate Native farming and ranching methods to both educate young people and keep Native knowledge thriving.
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Navajo sheep herders are busy at this time of year. Learn more in this encore preservation from Native America Calling.
Navajo Nation Graduation
Native students navigated online classes, spotty internet access, and isolation but many thrived and even secured scholarships and acceptance at choice colleges amid COVID-19.
Kamloops Residential School Memorial
Religious-based boarding schools are an enduring symbol of forced assimilation of Native children in the United States and Canada.
Sharice's Big Voice
Rep. Sharice Davids ( D-Kansas), a citizen of the Ho-Chunk Nation, took time from her busy schedule in Congress to write a children’s book.
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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is warning of a rise in COVID-19 cases as a highly contagious virus starts to take hold, including in Indian Country.
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Native scholars point to critical race theory as a vital piece of fully understanding the ongoing legacy of colonialism. But it’s facing a backlash across the nation.
'Merciless Indian Savages'
It’s difficult to get past the “merciless Indian savages” in the document that declares America’s independence from the British.
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Two Native Americans took home Pulitzer Prizes this year and a third was a finalist.
Clayton Thomas-Muller
Clayton Thomas-Muller is sharing his life story in his new book “Life in the City of Dirty Water.”
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Join Native America Calling for its monthly recap of the top news in Indian Country, including the announcement of the Indian boarding school investigation.
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Spring and early summer means many Native communities are celebrating the cultural and culinary significance of strawberries.
Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument
The Battle of Greasy Grass was over in an hour, but its legacy continues to this day.
Twin Flames
Get to know the husband-wife duo Twin Flames, including their work with schools to help youth realize their potential through music and Indigenous culture.
The first-ever International Indigenous Hip-Hop Awards honored more than a dozen artists for their musical and lyrical talents.
Oyate Wahacanka Woecun
Water is the source of life. If there are ever any threats to our water we need to address them.
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Constrictions on surface and ground water are creating hardships for Native farmers and ranchers.
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Native American colon cancer rates are higher than the population as a whole.
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For Father’s Day, Native America Calling will zero in on the special humor that only Native dads know about.
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Native scholars point to Critical Race Theory as a vital piece in understanding the ongoing legacy of colonialism. But CRT is under attack across the nation.
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Indigenous models are making names for themselves and are insisting on better representation in an industry doesn’t always present beauty accurately or sensitively.
COVID-19 Indigenous Investigative Collective
Native deaths from COVID-19 are already disproportionately higher than the rest of the population.
Cicada on a leaf
Native America Calling will get some Native entomology and talk about the culinary bounty of cicada season and the role they and other insects play in Indigenous diets.