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Navajo Nation Graduation
It’s the time of year to throw our mortar boards in the air and mark new educational milestones.
Deb Haaland
How much confidence should Indian Country put into the federal government’s role in mitigating the trauma of the boarding school era?
Alyssa London
Alyssa London, a citizen of the Central Council of the Tlingit and Haida Indian Tribes, is set to become a familiar face on NBC News and MSNBC.
nativeamericacalling nac
A congressional report lists a number of persistent barriers for Native students when it comes to higher education.
Mohawk Ironworkers
The story of Mohawk ironworkers building the skyline of New York is legendary.
T.J. Oshie
If you know the names Brian Trottier, Reggie Leach, and Theo Fleury, you are a hockey fan.
Pioneer Fire
Tribal forestry officials are watching the landscape, and Native firefighters are already on the scene at several hot spots, trying to contain wildfires.
Manitou Cliff Dwellings
Native America Calling will learn about the importance of encouraging tourism and other experiences that originate from Native sources.
U.S. Supreme Court
Native America Calling will get a view of what the pending reality for abortion rights means from a Native perspective.
California condors
After decades of planning, the Yurok Tribe was instrumental in releasing two California condors into the skies.
Sage Mountainflower
Native America Calling speaks with the artists about the direction of inventive Indigenous fashion.
Handmade regalia, eagle feathers, and items handed down through the generations are among the items we keep in our homes and take with us to powwows and other events.
U.S. Supreme Court
An unprecedented leak from the nation’s highest court is coming amid extreme uncertainty for tribes and their sovereign rights.
Cherokee Phoenix
Since the Cherokee Phoenix first started in 1828, Native newspapers have filled a vital role in informing the public and giving a critical Native perspective on issues.
John G. Roberts Jr. and Stephen G. Breyer
After nearly two hours of debate, the nation’s highest court took on a criminal case with implications for tribal communities across the country.
StrongHearts Native Helpline
A prominent Native artist is accused of serious — potentially criminal — conduct with young women he’s crossed paths with.
nativeamericacalling nac
Both big name Native acts and up-and-coming artists are sharing the bill with the Native Guitars Tour.
Native Guitars Tour
Both big name Native acts and up-and-coming artists are sharing the bill with the Native Guitars Tour.
Harvest of Catawba kus
What’s on The Menu? Join Andi Murphy for Native America Calling’s regular update on all the latest food happenings.
Gathering of Nations
Native America Calling will celebrate the celebrations and calculate the lingering risks as people head back to the powwow trail.
Deb Haaland
It’s been a year since Deb Haaland took office as the first Native person to lead the Department of the Interior.
StrongHearts Native Helpline
A prominent photographer who built a sizable following online with posts featuring Native women and girls is stepping out of the spotlight after survivors came forward with accounts of trauma.
Navajo-Gallup Water Supply Project
Native people are less likely to have reliable access to adequate wastewater systems than any other population in the country.
nativeamericacalling nac
Native America Calling will explore what drives people to disrespect irreplaceable Native items and what can be done to prevent it.
New Mexico Roundhouse
New Mexico is the latest to allow recreational cannabis sales setting up a potential new revenue stream for tribal nations. But there are some legal hurdles.
Navajo Nation
While the vast majority of cities and states have dropped mask mandates in public places, many tribes remain wary and continue with safety measures.
nativeamericacalling nac
Native gardeners have taken steps throughout the winter to prepare for the start of the growing season.
nativeamericacalling nac
Native America Calling will take a look at Indigenous community planning ideas and discuss the importance of including Indigenous voices and knowledge.
@hucpiga on TikTok
A young voice from the Winnebago Tribe spurred big change and helped address anti-LGBTQ actions in the community.
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A new program offers low-income people help paying their water bills.
Leonard Peltier
Leonard Peltier, a prominent American Indian Movement activist, has become a symbol of Indigenous resistance and activism.
'Indians Allowed'
“We need to try and make a difference,” said an elder from the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe approaching his nineties.
Edith Kanakaole
Edith Kanaka’ole was an acclaimed Native Hawaiian composer, chanter, hula dancer and educator.
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The Bureau of Indian Affairs is promising reforms after a disproportionate number of inmates died while in custody.
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The apology from Pope Francis sought forgiveness for the role the Catholic Church played in atrocities at Native residential schools.
Uranium on Navajo Nation
Remnants of more than 500 uranium mines on the Navajo Nation have been a threat to residents for decades.
Great Salt Lake
Long before it became the inspiration to build what became Utah’s largest city, the Great Salt Lake was an important place for the Ute, Paiute, Goshute, and Shoshone nations.
Pivot at Indian Pueblo Cultural Center
Native graphics and images are at the heart of a new art exhibition at the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center in New Mexico.
nativeamericacalling nac
Native America Calling spends an hour getting the absolute truth from Native comedians and others about what makes things funny.
nativeamericacalling nac
Numbers are hard to come by, but one survey found the number of Indigenous farmworkers in California alone reached 140,000.