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The more than $200 billion in federal pandemic aid to tribes provided welcome financial relief at a critical time but the way the funds have been distributed has been repeatedly questioned.
Makah Nation
The Makah Tribe is one step closer to resuming whale hunts, decades after their last harvest.
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When businesses or media productions take on Native themes, images or storylines, they turn to Native consultants to avoid stereotypes or offensive messages.
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In many Native cultures, there’s an understanding and respect for those who identify with a gender that is neither male nor female.
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Tribal members hoping to purchase a home on tribal land often face a gauntlet of red tape, delays and complicated legal arrangements.
NCAI President Fawn Sharp's Statement on California Oil Spill
California officials are still tallying the damage from an underwater oil pipeline rupture that leaked nearly 150,000 gallons of oil along a sensitive coastal area.
Ailani, a young musician from the Pueblo of Santa Clara, uses music to dialogue about love, identity and human nature.
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Civic-minded young Native people are devoting their energy to promoting healthy living for themselves and those around them.
Christopher Columbus Statue
The number of places recognizing Indigenous Peoples Day is growing and getting more organized. But there’s more work to do.
Avi Kwa Ame
Tribes in Nevada are among those turning to the federal government to permanently protect almost 400,000 acres of sacred and ancestral territory.
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Kelp farming is a potentially profitable economic development venture for some coastal tribes.
The Other Slavery: Histories of Indian Bondage from New Spain to the Southwestern United States
The scourge of slavery was an unfortunate reality for Indigenous people in the history of North America.
Mitchell Family
Elders are already at risk for isolation. The COVID-19 pandemic only worsens the problem.
White Sands National Park
Newly discovered fossilized human footprints issue another blow to the conventional scientific theory about when humans came to North America.
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Native America Calling will talk about the origins and science that made its way into the historical and contemporary culinary traditions.
Multidisciplinary artists like Preston Singletary are drawing inspiration and support from their culture and each other to keep their creativity thriving.
September’s Book of the Month is a creative effort that showcases work by Native artists and stimulates the brain, providing entertainment in the process.
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Land stewardship is at the core of the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act, also known as ANCSA.
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This year marks the 50th Anniversary of the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act, also known as ANCSA.
Alaskan Nets
The documentary film Alaskan Nets follows the quest by a pair of athletes from Alaska’s only reservation.
Native people are over-represented in the number of people with disabilities.
Klee Benally
Native America Calling visits with Navajo musician Klee Benally to find out why he’s calling out settler colonial order.
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Native doctors and nurses are in short supply. How are more being recruited into the industry?
This Land
Long considered by legal experts as the gold standard of adoption law, the Indian Child Welfare Act faces its most significant legal challenge yet.
First Americans Museum
After years of start-and-stop planning and construction, the First Americans Museum of Oklahoma is opening to the public.
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Native America Calling will get the history and explore the role of Indigenous Mexicans in Mexican Independence Day.
Miss Navajo Nation Pageant
Summer pageants and fairs offer a chance for young Native women to represent their nations as royalty.
Native American Journalists Association NAJA
The nation’s premier Native journalist’s organization is marking the best of their craft from the past year.
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Native America Calling will talk with tribes about how they are coping with two decades of extreme drought and how they’re preparing for a drier future.
IAIA Museum of Contemporary Native Arts
Indigenous artists from North America and beyond document their relationships with nuclear testing and uranium contamination in a new exhibit.
Cherokee Nation
Native America Calling will hear from health experts and tribal leaders about the COVID-19 messages that are connecting with tribal citizens.
Lauren Good Day
This year’s fashion show at Santa Fe Indian Market is a reminder of just how hot Indigenous fashion is.
United Houma Nation
When disaster strikes, tribes have to be ready to mobilize response teams, work with surrounding jurisdictions, render aid to community members and help the rebuilding process.
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Homelessness is an unfortunate reality for a disproportionate number of Native people, especially those in urban areas.
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Australia is paying out close to $379 million directly to Indigenous peoples who suffered from the government’s forced removal of children from families.
A proposed change in the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act would give tribes added muscle to hold museums accountable for the ancestors they continue to keep in their collections.
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Fishing for king and chum salmon on the Yukon River in Alaska is cancelled this year because fish numbers are so low.
Angeline Boulley
Native America Calling welcomes Sault Ste. Marie Tribe of Chippewa Indians author Angeline Boulley to discuss her novel “Firekeeper’s Daughter.”
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Pregnant women need a healthy diet to minimize the risk of developmental problems with their babies. But many Indigenous people have limited access to fresh food and good nutritional guidance.
Mount Graham
Native America Calling will hear about the series and from some of the people who continue to work toward protecting sacred land.