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Publisher Tim Giago has decided to sponsor a National Native American Media Convention on Native American Day in South Dakota.
Every Lakota knows where we have been and now we are struggling to find out where we are going.
Despite all efforts to erase Natives from the face of this continent, we are still here.
America has become a national disgrace when it comes to guns and that has to change.
It is against the culture and the traditions of the Oglala Sioux Tribe to deny its own citizens equal protection under the law.
“The acknowledgement of the suffering and abuse while honoring survivors’ resiliency is long overdue,” said South Dakota Rep. Peri Pourier, a citizen of the Oglala Sioux Tribe.
I am a survivor of the Holy Rosary Indian Mission Boarding School. I do not want to be honored.
Nearly four decades ago, a group of Indian journalists met at the Choctaw Nation to talk about a new newspaper organization they were about to form.
As a Native American woman, Lakota lawyer Sara Boensch Collins will bring that special something to the federal bench that is, for the most part, non-existent.
Native people can only scratch their heads and wonder how, even in these final days of disgrace, so many South Dakotans and Republicans can still stand by a horrible little man.
People who think the world revolves around them do tend to expect everyone else to share their belief.
As the publisher of a Native newspaper for more than 40 years I have accepted criticism as a state of mind.
We have two kinds of racial discrimination in South Dakota: Subtle and Not-So-Subtle.
The COVID pandemic has been really tough on many small businesses across the country, bringing many to their knees.
America has not apologized for the Wounded Knee Massacre and the Medal of Honor winners are still looked upon as heroes by the United States.
I look forward to January 20 when our new president and vice president are sworn in and the little orange man is escorted from the White House.
As publisher of a Native newspaper, we reach into a community underserved or never served by the mainstream media.
As often happens with boys from the Indian boarding schools, we shared a lot of memories, good and bad.
The election is over. Joe Biden is now the President-elect of the United States.
We call this time Piya Wiconi, a new life and a new beginning.
Kristi Noem has allowed COVID-19 to make South Dakota number one in the nation by not practicing the simple guidelines that tribes are following.
Racism is out there and our local officials and our local citizens need to admit to themselves that it exists.
It’s time all Native Americans stood together as one.
South Dakota has celebrated Native American Day in lieu of Columbus Day since 1990.
Rapid City Mayor Steve Allender is living in a house situated on Sioux lands and his house will continue to be located on Sioux lands until a just settlement is enacted.
The Democratic Party gained many new members in Indian Country because of the man they called FDR.
It seems that this past year has been a terrible one filled with the loss of some great American journalists and journalism professors, Native and non-Native.
The theater was packed on the night ‘The Mystic Warrior’ was screened in South Dakota.