Dorgan cites 'major breakthrough' on Indian health (12/21)
Editorial: Left in the dark about Native Hawaiian bill (12/21)
Indian Affairs Committee passes land-into-trust fix (12/18)
Indian lawmaker denies striking colleague in arm (12/17)
House panel approves Native Hawaiian recognition (12/17)
Senate panel passes land swap opposed by tribes (12/17)
DOI updates schedule for tribal consultation meets (12/17)
Audio: House Resources Committee opens markup (12/16)
Navajo voters back government reform initiatives (12/16)
Agenda for Senate Indian Affairs business meeting (12/16)
Newcomer chosen to lead Saginaw Chippewa Tribe (12/15)
House panel to consider Indian arts, Hawaiian bill (12/15)
Judge reinstates Shirley as Navajo Nation leader (12/15)
Republican poll ties Hayworth to Abramoff scandal (12/15)
Jodi Gillette: Agencies work on consultation plans (12/15)
Washington tribes receive $94M in stimulus grants (12/14)
Editorial: Vote on Navajo Nation reform initiatives (12/14)
Candidate supports Cherokee Nation on Freedmen (12/14)
Lawmakers concerned about auction of tribal land (12/11)
Hopland Band leaders protest ouster from council (12/11)
Yerington Paiute Tribe vote results in five-way tie (12/11)
Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe to fill one council seat (12/11)
Judge to issue 'Fighting Sioux' decision this month (12/10)
Labor Department asks tribes about consultation (12/10)
House committee holds hearing on Law and Order (12/10)
Markup session includes Indian Arts and Crafts Act (12/09)
Indian lawmaker accused of hitting colleague in arm (12/09)
Backlogs at Interior Department subject of hearing (12/08)
Hearing to focus on Utah Navajo trust management (12/08)
Senate Indian Affairs Committee postpones meeting (12/08)
Navajo Nation set to vote on government initiatives (12/07)
Indian Affairs Committee meeting and two hearings (12/07)
Mark Trahant: Health care system tied to economy (12/07)
Saginaw Chippewa chief ousted in special election (12/04)
Opinion: Abortion debate poisons Indian health bill (12/04)
Indian Health Care Improvement Act clears hurdle (12/04)
Schedule for upcoming tribal consultation meetings (12/03)
Full witness lists for Senate hearings on Indian health (12/02)
Audio: House hearing on Indian Arts and Crafts Act (12/02)
Tribal campaign contributions rose to $11.4M in 2008 (12/02)
Agenda for Senate Indian Affairs Committee meeting (12/02)
Witness list for Senate hearing on Indian health issues (12/01)
Blog: Palin book misattributes Cheyenne man's quote (12/01)
Witness List: House hearing on Indian Arts and Crafts (12/01)
Bill helps public schools get rid of Indian mascots (11/30)
Mary Annette Pember: Obama meets tribes in DC (11/30)
DOI changes location of Alaska tribal consultation (11/30)
House Resources hearing on Indian Arts and Crafts (11/30)
Senate Indian Affairs meeting, hearing this week (11/30)
Interior to meet with tribes on consultation policy (11/25)
Alabama-Coushatta Tribe pushes for land payout (11/25)
Lac du Flambeau president abruptly resigns post (11/24)
DOJ won't pursue treatment of Freedmen for now (11/24)
McCain backs ski resort over tribes on sacred site (11/24)
Opinion: McCain faces big challenger in Hayworth (11/24)
House Resources hearing on Indian Arts and Crafts (11/23)
Senate moves forward with health reform debate (11/23)
Mark Trahant: Health reform boosts Indian Country (11/23)
Grand Traverse man wants part-time tribal council (11/20)
Senate Indian Affairs hearing on drugs and gangs (11/19)
Standing Rock chairman not pushing 'Sioux' vote (11/19)
Senate Indian Affairs action on IHCIA postponed (11/19)
Cherokee Nation to contribute $54K to politicians (11/19)
Saginaw Chippewa Tribe to hold runoff for seat (11/18)
Lumbee Tribe chairman aims to boost credibility (11/18)
Witness list for Senate hearing on drugs and gangs (11/18)
Agenda for Senate Indian Affairs business meeting (11/18)
Rosebud travel to White House meet questioned (11/16)
Senate Indian Affairs meeting, hearing this week (11/16)
Little Traverse encouraged after Obama meeting (11/13)
Buffalo Post: Fox anchor owes apology to Indians (11/13)
Tribes ready for action after meeting with Obama (11/12)
Senate Indian Affairs meeting, hearing next week (11/12)
Newspaper covers Little Traverse council session (11/10)
IHCIA passes House as part of health reform bill (11/09)
Rep. Kennedy backs bill to fix land-into-trust ruling (11/06)
Reznet: Tribes make a new start with White House (11/06)
Photos: White House summit at Interior Department (11/06)
President Obama questions and answers with tribes (11/06)
President Obama signs memo on tribal consultation (11/06)
Videos: Obama at White House Tribal Nations meet (11/06)
President Obama closing remarks at tribal summit (11/06)
NCAI President Keel introduction of President Obama (11/05)
President Obama letter at White House Tribal Conference (11/05)
The Native Voice: Tribes look for substance in DC (11/05)
Reznet: Tribes get ready for summit with Obama (11/05)
Audio: House Resources hearing on land-into-trust (11/04)
Senate committee to look at Indian veteran care (11/04)
Mashpee Wampanoag elders demand new election (11/04)
Blog: Cherokee woman's DOJ nomination delayed (11/04)
Obama administration supports land-into-trust fix (11/04)
Hundreds of tribes head to DC for Obama summit (11/04)
Audio: White House Tribal Nations Conference call (11/03)
Editorial: A new chairman for Mashancuket Tribe (11/03)
Standing Rock chair open to 'Fighting Sioux' talk (11/03)
Witness list for House hearing on land-into-trust (11/03)
Dorgan praises Obama support on Law and Order (11/03)
The Native Voice: Tribal nations meet for summit (11/03)
Mark Trahant: New Republican 'interest' in IHCIA (11/02)
Obama declares Native American Heritage Month (11/02)
Tribal leaders head to DC for summit with Obama (11/02)
Veterans Affairs hearing on cooperation with IHS (11/02)
New chair for Mashantucket Pequot Tribal Nation (11/02)
Seneca Nation targets lawmakers in tobacco fight (11/02)
USDA officials to host tribes in Washington, DC (10/30)
Rep. Hastings objects to IHCIA in health reform (10/30)
Reform group in California seeks tribal inclusion (10/30)
Schedule: White House Tribal Nations Conference (10/30)
Changes in store for Native contracting program (10/29)
Navajo president calls investigation 'personal' (10/29)
Extension possible for 'Fighting Sioux' nickname (10/29)
House Resources hearing on land-into-trust fix (10/29)
New York tribes vow fight over tobacco taxation (10/28)
Lawmakers back Native corporation contracting (10/28)
Lillian Sparks, Lakota, nominated to top HHS job (10/28)
Navajo president not worried about investigation (10/28)
Standing Rock Sioux Tribe mum on UND nickname (10/28)
Navajo Nation Council places president on leave (10/27)
SBA plans changes to Native contracting program (10/23)
HHS Secretary Sebelius to host tribal leaders in DC (10/22)
Audio: House panel hearing on Indian housing bill (10/22)
Witness list for Senate hearing on Indian energy (10/21)
House panel holds hearing on Indian health care (10/21)
Navajo council fails in vote to remove top officials (10/21)
'Threat assessment' sought in tribal tobacco fight (10/21)
Rep. Kennedy urged to back land-into-trust fix (10/20)
Witness list for House hearing on Indian housing (10/20)
Stockbridge-Munsee Tribe chooses new leaders (10/16)
Indian Affairs Committee meeting and hearing (10/16)
EchoHawk heads to Oklahoma for tribal session (10/15)
Dorgan introduces updated version of health bill (10/15)
Labor Secretary Solis to host tribal leaders in DC (10/15)
NCAI to hold election for executive board spots (10/15)
House Resources hearing on Indian housing bil (10/14)
MyTribeTV to stream White House tribal meet (10/14)
Towns in Connecticut fight land-into-trust fix (10/14)
Dorgan readies 'streamlined' version of IHCIA (10/13)
White House announces tribal nations summit (10/12)
Interview: Black Hills, White Justice author (10/12)
Lac du Flambeau incumbents lose election (10/09)
Johnson and Thune cool to Black Hills talk (10/08)
Apology included in Defense spending bill (10/08)
Poll shows lack of support for Pueblo deal (10/08)
Senate passes Native apology resolution (10/07)
Blackfeet firm to receive Defense earmark (10/07)
Resources Committee hearing on NAGPRA (10/07)
Little Shell Tribe loses state tobacco grant (10/06)
First woman chosen to lead Mohegan Tribe (10/06)
Witness list for oversight hearing on NAGPRA (10/05)
Tribes affected by criminal registry measure (10/05)
Monitor sought at Cheyenne Arapaho election (10/05)
Indian doctor backs Obama on health reform (10/05)
New York Mag: Mayor's war on Indian tobacco (10/05)
Cole introduces fix to land-into-trust decision (10/02)
House committee to hold hearing on NAGPRA (10/02)
Another deadline set for 'Fighting Sioux' nick (10/02)
Blog: Hearing set on New York tribal tobacco (10/02)
Salazar signs Navajo water pipeline decision (10/01)
EchoHawk approves DC office reorganization (10/01)
House committee approves tribal water bills (10/01)
Bay Mills man heads to DC for EchoHawk job (10/01)
Standing Rock Sioux chairman loses election (10/01)
Announcement set for Navajo pipeline project (09/30)
Blackfeet woman seeks nod for US House seat (09/30)
Hopi Tribe unhappy with conservation groups (09/30)
Standing Rock Sioux Tribe to vote for leaders (09/30)
Chilean president calls for Indian department (09/30)
House Resources markup on tribal water bills (09/30)
McCaskill promises Native contracting 'reform' (09/29)
Land-into-trust bill lacks Republican sponsors (09/29)
Little Traverse chairman knocked for interview (09/29)
Three more Indian energy sessions scheduled (09/28)
House Resources markup on Indian water bills (09/28)
Issue: Wisconsin considers Indian child welfare (09/28)
Sac and Fox leader placed on voluntary leave (09/25)
Sioux tribes meet over Black Hills settlement (09/25)
'Fighting Sioux' foes seek Spirit Lake reversal (09/25)
Dorgan introduces fix to land-into-trust ruling (09/24)
Senate panel hosts Indian energy roundtables (09/24)
Senate considers Indian funding in Interior bill (09/24)
Thune seeks commitment for public safety fund (09/24)
Alaska Natives oppose delay on climate change (09/24)
Kevin Abourezk: Lawmakers to study Whiteclay (09/23)
Bill puts control of Navajo trust in Navajo hands (09/23)
Grassley questions tribal provision in health bill (09/23)
Health reform bill includes tribal tax exemption (09/22)
(Wisconsin Public Radio 9/21) (09/22)
Alaska corporation seeks to increase Native vote (09/21)
Spirit Lake Nation clarifies 'Fighting Sioux' stance (09/21)
Video: Senate Indian Affairs Committee hearing (09/18)
Senate Indian Affairs hearing moved to Friday (09/17)
Spirit Lake Nation backs 'Fighting Sioux' vote (09/17)
Fort Peck voters to weigh council, constitution (09/17)
Witness list for hearing on tribes and tax issue (09/16)
Lac du Flambeau Band to hold another primary (09/15)
Vote sought on North Dakota tribe's oil refinery (09/15)
Little Traverse elders not happy with chairman (09/15)
Indian Affairs Committee hearing on tax issue (09/14)
Mashantucket chairman 'in limbo' after meeting (09/11)
Senate Indian Affairs Committee approves bills (09/11)
Seminole Nation elects new chief and assistant (09/10)
Indian Affairs Committee meeting and hearing (09/10)
Standing Rock Sioux Tribe election controversy (09/09)
Mashantucket leader seeks support amid crisis (09/09)
EchoHawk addresses students in North Dakota (09/09)
Yankton Sioux Tribe chairman wins re-election (09/09)
Six bills on agenda for Indian Affairs Committee (09/09)
Indian Affairs Committee meeting and hearing (09/08)
White House to release names of most visitors (09/07)
EchoHawk to visit Indian school in North Dakota (09/04)
Standing Rock Sioux judge won't order new vote (09/03)
EchoHawk recalls 'dark chapters' of Indian policy (09/03)
Seneca Nation leader attends White House talks (09/02)
Grand Traverse chair inspired by White House talks (09/01)
Oneida Nation leader attends White House session (09/01)
Sioux leaders hopeful for Black Hills settlement (08/31)
Obama declined Aquinnah Wampanoag meeting (08/31)
White House hosts tribes for listening sessions (08/31)
Four incumbents re-elected to Mohegan council (08/31)
Chris Stearns: Ted Kennedy touched Indian lives (08/31)
Indian Country mourns Sen. Kennedy's passing (08/27)
Column: 'Scary' bill to settle with Spokane Tribe (08/27)
Standing Rock Sioux court hears election case (08/27)
Rep. Herseth Sandlin upset with IHS criticism (08/26)
Officials cited for Sisseton Wahpeton meeting (08/26)
Little Traverse chair drops wind turbine project (08/25)
Caddo man leads Oklahoma Democratic Party (08/25)
Blog: Hearing set on tribal tobacco in New York (08/21)
Top Interior officials headed to Navajo Nation (08/19)
CSKT chairman defends $30K raise in salary (08/19)
White House to host tribal listening sessions (08/19)
New York county opposes land-into-trust fix (08/19)
White House official blasts IHS 'scare tactics' (08/19)
Standing Rock Sioux man runs for governor (08/18)
South Dakota tribes meet with US Senators (08/18)
Suspended Seneca leader denies allegations (08/12)
Crow man made 'hard decision' to work in DC (08/12)
Standing Rock Sioux leaders nix 'Sioux' vote (08/12)
Seneca Nation preference policy questioned (08/11)
Kildee names Native American Caucus aide (08/11)
State opposes Alaska Native provisions in bill (08/07)
EchoHawk addresses attorneys general group (08/07)
Indian Affairs Committee approves three bills (08/07)
Senate panel backs Native apology resolution (08/07)
Senate confirms Sotomayor to Supreme Court (08/07)
Indian Affairs Committee meeting and hearing (08/06)
Report sought on Indian Safety and Health fund (08/05)
Senate Indian Affairs business meeting agenda (08/05)
North Dakota tribe votes on enrollment change (08/05)
Montana governor praises Del Laverdure at BIA (08/05)
EchoHawk names Donald Laverdure as deputy (08/04)
Ross Swimmer keeping busy since leaving OST (08/04)
Crow Tribe near deal on water rights settlement (08/03)
SBA asked for status report on Native contracts (08/03)
Senate Indian Affairs business meeting, hearing (08/03)
EchoHawk announces three members of DC team (07/31)
Al Franken: Gangs and crime in Indian Country (07/31)
Tribes seek more resources to combat gangs (07/31)
Navajo court allows vote on reform initiatives (07/31)
Video: Senate hearing on Indian gang activity (07/30)
Murkowski seeks hearing on Native contracting (07/30)
Witness list for Senate hearing on Indian gangs (07/29)
First Native woman US Attorney to resign post (07/29)
Close vote upheld for Standing Rock Sioux Tribe (07/29)
Senate Judiciary Committee backs Sotomayor (07/29)
Amendment to limit Native contracts dropped (07/24)
Tribal court to hear Turtle Mountain power fight (07/24)
Tule River Tribe testifies for reservoir study bill (07/24)
Senate Indian Affairs hearing on gang activity (07/24)
Choctaw council member denies election claim (07/23)
Houlton Band re-elects chief for fourth term (07/22)
Blog: Navajo council approves 'green jobs' bill (07/22)
Turtle Mountain chair, council in power dispute (07/22)
Recount shows close Standing Rock Sioux vote (07/22)
Navajo Nation Council set for summer session (07/20)
EchoHawk bringing in his team to Washington (07/20)
EchoHawk comes with 'right leadership' for BIA (07/20)
NPR: Alaska Native contracts under scrutiny (07/20)
Pokagon Band elects new leaders for top spots (07/17)
Senate hearing looks at Alaska Native contracts (07/17)
Petition seeks another vote on 'Fighting Sioux' (07/17)
Sotomayor set for Supreme Court confirmation (07/17)
Mississippi Choctaws set another vote for council (07/16)
Winnebago woman appointed to top USDA post (07/16)
Senate hearing on Native corporation contracts (07/16)
Report cites unfair advantage to Native firms (07/15)
Caddo Nation chair wins election by four votes (07/15)
Grand Traverse chairman to meet with Obama (07/14)
Kevin Abourezk: Franken on Indian Affairs panel (07/14)
NARF backs Sonia Sotomayor for Supreme Court (07/14)
Alaska Native corporations prepare for hearing (07/14)
Turtle Talk: Sen. Franken and federal Indian law (07/13)
Sonia Sotomayor set for confirmation hearing (07/13)
Dorgan seeks views on Indian health care reform (07/10)
House committee markup on Hawaiian, Hoh bills (07/09)
Navajo president pushes vote on ballot initiatives (07/08)
Saginaw Chippewa protesters oppose 'nepotism' (07/08)
House passes Tule River Tribe reservoir study bill (07/08)
House Resources Committee markup on two bills (07/06)
Obama opposes release of Indian prosecution data (07/06)
Alaska Gov. Palin to step down at end of month (07/03)
Salazar pushes for quick action on land-into-trust (07/02)
Hearing focuses on Standing Rock public safety (07/02)
Newcomers win Little Traverse Bay Bands election (07/01)
Interview: Ho-Chunk CEO on Native contracting (07/01)
Franken to join Senate Indian Affairs Committee (07/01)
Schumer opposes Cayuga Nation land-into-trust (07/01)
Great Plains tribes honor White House aide Gillette (07/01)
Witness list for Senate Indian Affairs field hearing (07/01)
Al Franken secures Senate seat after court win (06/30)
Citizen Potawatomi chairman wins re-election (06/30)
Great Plains tribes optimistic with Obama in DC (06/30)
Senate Indian Affairs Committee field hearing (06/29)
Native woman US Attorney nears end of service (06/26)
Video: Larry EchoHawk speech at swearing-in (06/26)
Navajo Nation to vote on reducing size of council (06/26)
Choctaw Nation cancels election for first time (06/25)
DOI to host swearing-in ceremony for EchoHawk (06/25)
Senate Indian Affairs hearing on Law and Order (06/25)
House Resources Committee hearing on IHCIA (06/25)
Mayor was charged with 1948 rape of Native girl (06/25)
BIA to hold swearing-in ceremony for EchoHawk (06/24)
Senate panel probes Alaska Native corporations (06/24)
Witness list for hearing on IHCIA reauthorization (06/24)
Witness list for hearing on Law and Order Act (06/24)
Obama signs tobacco regulation bill into law (06/23)
Supreme Court rules in Voting Rights Act case (06/23)
House committee passes Interior appropriations (06/22)
Union wants tribal help on health care option (06/22)
Crow chairman meets Obama at White House (06/22)
Senate Indian Affairs hearing on Law and Order (06/22)
House Resources Committee hearing on IHCIA (06/22)
Dorgan won't investigate artifact theft case (06/19)
Crow Tribe to vote for vice chairman post (06/19)
Senate resolution apologizes for slavery (06/19)
Attorney General defends Indian artifact case (06/18)
Senate confirms Hilary Tompkins for Interior (06/18)
Indian Affairs hearing on Law and Order Act (06/18)
Muscogee chief files lawsuit to force election (06/18)
Blog: Coburn blasts Cherokee woman's nomination (06/17)
Kim Teehee to start White House job in July (06/17)
Alaska attorney general nominee has Native ties (06/17)
Obama won't release White House visitor logs (06/17)
Obama to replace only Native US Attorney (06/16)
Kildee congratulates Teehee on White House job (06/16)
Cole opposes latest Cherokee Freedmen bill (06/16)
Kim Teehee named as White House Indian advisor (06/15)
Hoh Tribe hoping for quick action on land bill (06/15)
Utah GOP upset with Indian artifact theft case (06/15)
Cherokee Freedmen bill introduced again (06/15)
Navajo Nation officials warn of potential layoffs (06/12)
House Resources Committee hearing on IHCIA (06/12)
BIA seeks to settle Alturas Rancheria dispute (06/12)
Senate passes bill for FDA to regulate tobacco (06/12)
House committee takes up Interior appropriations (06/11)
Senate hearing on Indian health care reform (06/11)
Oneida Nation welcomes Obama to Wisconsin (06/11)
Appropriations bills moving through House panel (06/10)
Witness list for hearing on Indian health reform (06/10)
Senate confirmation hearings for Sonia Sotomayor (06/09)
Santa Ysabel chairman retains seat after vote (06/09)
St. Regis Mohawk Tribe votes on key issues, chief post (06/08)
Jodi Gillette: In Alaska for HHS tribal consultation (06/08)
Former Coushatta chairman loses bid to reclaim seat (06/08)
Sunday Times: Notah Begay counts his blessings (06/08)
Coburn calls for ban on smoking and tobacco (06/05)
House speaker to visit Indian center in Minnesota (06/05)
EchoHawk reaching out to tribes, NCAI in first week (06/05)
Coburn holds Tompkins nomination at Interior (06/04)
House approves Native American Heritage Day (06/03)
Senate Republicans holding Tompkins nomination (06/03)
Coburn proposes anti-tribal provision in tobacco bill (06/03)
House Resources Committee hearing on three bills (06/03)
Indian candidates seek office in South Dakota city (06/02)
House Resources Committee hearing on three bills (06/01)
Salazar returns Navajo painting removed by Bush (06/01)
Native leader upset after photo appears on Facebook (05/29)
Repeal of 1863 Dakota banishment law weighed (05/29)
NCAI leader blasts resurgence of 'Indian fighters' (05/29)
Crow Tribe holds primary for vice chairman's post (05/29)
Aroostook Band election in dispute after two years (05/28)
HUD, Education secretaries visit Indian Country (05/28)
Photos: Swearing in of Larry EchoHawk at BIA (05/27)
Column: NCAI shawl at Sotomayor announcement (05/27)
Norton's diplomatic passport missing at Interior (05/27)
Australia changes stance on indigenous rights (05/26)
NCAI to move into Hall of Indian Nations in DC (05/25)
Larry EchoHawk and David Hayes sworn in at DOI (05/22)
Congress urged to repeal Dakota banishment law (05/22)
Dorgan promises action on land-into-trust ruling (05/22)
Cherokee Nation court rules on term limit lawsuit (05/22)
Rep. Heinrich introduces Indian homeownership bill (05/21)
Senators seek money for Indian safety and health (05/21)
EchoHawk expects to be sworn in as leader of BIA (05/21)
Senate Indian Affairs hearing on land-into-trust (05/21)
Senate confirms deputy secretary at Interior (05/21)
Larry EchoHawk confirmed as assistant secretary (05/20)
Tribal critic to testify at land-into-trust hearing (05/19)
Alaska Native villages want to form corporations (05/19)
Alaska Native corporations under more scrutiny (05/19)
Voices of Power: Interview with Secretary Salazar (05/19)
Dry Creek Band holds long-delayed election (05/18)
Senate Indian Affairs hearing on land-into-trust (05/18)
Little Traverse Bay Bands vote in primary election (05/15)
Senate panel backs Larry EchoHawk for BIA job (05/15)
Law that banished Dakotas in 1863 still on the books (05/15)
Dry Creek Band to hold election for board of directors (05/15)
Santa Ysabel Band seeks to remove chairman (05/15)
Obama's budget provides boosts for IHS and BIA (05/14)
Senate Republicans block top Interior nominee (05/14)
Senate Republicans plan to block DOI nominee (05/13)
WaPo Chat: A Native American on Supreme Court (05/12)
Indian Affairs committee business meeting (05/11)
Cabazon Band ousts longtime chairman in election (05/11)
Apology resolution leaves out trust mismanagement (05/11)
No Indian health and safety fund in Obama's budget (05/08)
Senate committee plans vote on EchoHawk nomination (05/08)
Native leader seeks apology over candidate's ad (05/08)
Senate confirmation hearing for Larry EchoHawk at BIA (05/07)
Obama releases details of fiscal year 2010 budget (05/07)
Boren and Cole oppose Freedmen investigation (05/06)
Witness list for Larry EchoHawk confirmation hearing (05/05)
Coeur d'Alene Tribe reports record voter turnout (05/05)
Little Shell Tribe hopes for recognition under Obama (05/05)
African-American lawmakers seek Freedmen probe (05/05)
Nighthorse Campbell on the politically 'intolerant' (05/05)
Apology resolution introduced in House and Senate (05/04)
Confirmation hearing for Larry EchoHawk to lead BIA (05/04)
Justice David Souter to retire from Supreme Court (05/01)
California lawmaker pulls controversial tribal bill (04/30)
Committee backs Roubideaux nomination at IHS (04/30)
Muscogee Nation passes bill to buy land for bridge (04/30)
Turtle Talk: State AGs oppose land-into-trust fix (04/30)
Crow Tribe swears in Black Eagle as chairman (04/29)
Energy committee to consider Tompkins nomination (04/29)
Indian Affairs Committee business meeting (04/29)
Senate confirms Sebelius as HHS Secretary (04/29)
Sen. Specter to switch back to Democratic party (04/28)
Mayoral forum focuses on Alaska Native issues (04/28)
U.S. Attorney for North Dakota plans to resign (04/28)
Committee vote set on IHS nominee Roubideaux (04/28)
Stillaguamish Tribe regroups after convictions (04/27)
Bill seeks to include tribes in border activities (04/27)
Interior nominee talks of finding Navajo roots (04/24)
Dorgan expects vote on IHS nominee on April 30 (04/24)
California tribes the only donors to official's fund (04/24)
Charles Trimble: Taking pride in traditional names (04/24)
'Fighting Sioux' supporters eye Standing Rock vote (04/23)
Salazar to visit tribes and UTTC in North Dakota (04/23)
Confirmation hearing for Tompkins at Interior (04/23)
Confirmation hearing for Roubideaux at IHS (04/23)
Rosebud Sioux council member suspended after arrest (04/22)
Senate panel backs Sebelius as HHS secretary (04/22)
Spirit Lake Nation reportedly backs 'Fighting Sioux' (04/22)
North Dakota governor names Indian affairs director (04/22)
Tohono O'odham chair testifies on border violence (04/21)
Shoshone-Bannock Tribes welcome EchoHawk nod (04/21)
Column: Agua Caliente chair a top player in California (04/21)
Obama asks Cabinet to make $100M in budget cuts (04/20)
Crow Tribe elects Cedric Black Eagle as chairman (04/20)
Senate confirmation hearing for Tompkins at Interior (04/20)
Senate confirmation hearing for Roubideaux at IHS (04/20)
Judge won't halt Spirit Lake vote on 'Fighting Sioux' (04/20)
Crow Tribe heads to polls to choose new chairman (04/17)
Alaska lawmakers reject attorney general nominee (04/17)
California lawmakers take up controversial tribal bill (04/17)
'Fighting Sioux' opponents challenge Spirit Lake vote (04/17)
BIA won't communicate with 'dissident' tribal factions (04/15)
Confirmation hearing for IHS nominee on April 23 (04/14)
Obama nominates Larry EchoHawk for BIA post (04/10)
Blackfeet constitutional election delayed (04/10)
Standing Rock vote sought on 'Fighting Sioux' (04/10)
Portrait of Muscogee journalist to be dedicated (04/10)
Native women take top posts in Obama administration (04/09)
Alaska nominee grilled on Native rights issues (04/09)
Thune seeks Obama support for law enforcement funds (04/09)
Obama names Cherokee woman to top DOJ post (04/08)
Mille Lacs Band leaders won't schedule new election (04/08)
Washington Sketch: Rough justice for Ted Stevens (04/08)
Herseth Sandlin introduces tribal law and order bill (04/08)
Tribal law and order bill renewed in Senate (04/06)
Alaska nominee won't discuss tribal sovereignty (04/03)
Hoh Tribe asks Congress for new reservation (04/03)
Lawsuit over Grand Traverse Band salaries settled (04/03)
English-only bill in Oklahoma faces Senate vote (04/02)
Dorgan promises hearing on land-into-trust decision (04/02)
Q&A: Alaska Native man runs for mayor in Anchorage (04/02)
Video: Senate Indian Affairs hearing on four bills (04/02)
House panel holds first hearing on land-into-trust ruling (04/02)
Narragansett Tribe hopeful for land-into-trust fix (04/02)
DOJ drops corruption case against Ted Stevens (04/02)
Audio: House Resources hearing on Carcieri (04/01)
Alaska Natives oppose state attorney general pick (04/01)
Witness list for Indian Affairs hearing on four bills (04/01)
Witness list for House hearing on land-into-trust (03/31)
Navajo water rights settlement signed into law (03/31)
Rosebud leader backs rural service nominee (03/30)
Crow Tribe narrows field for chairman's post (03/30)
Obama to sign omnibus public lands bill into law (03/30)
Indian Affairs Committee hearing on Thursday (03/30)
President Obama remarks at signing of Omnibus Public Land Management Act (03/30)
Tribal provisions included in omnibus lands bill (03/26)
BIA weighs land-into-trust after Supreme Court ruling (03/26)
House Resources hearing on land-into-trust ruling (03/26)
Spirit Lake Nation set for vote on 'Fighting Sioux' (03/26)
Obama to take questions in first online town hall (03/26)
Hilary Tompkins nominated as Interior Solicitor (03/26)
Cherokee court handed lawsuit over term limits (03/25)
Mille Lacs appeals court calls for new election (03/25)
Rosebud Sioux leaders hail Roubideaux for IHS (03/25)
Senate Republican drops support for union bill (03/25)
Obama selects Native woman for IHS position (03/24)
Senate urged to fulfill $2B Indian Country pledge (03/24)
House panel to take testimony on Interior budget (03/23)
Bill adds $132M to South Dakota tribal trust funds (03/20)
Indian small businesses attend White House event (03/19)
Siletz council member under fire for racial comment (03/19)
Choctaw woman nabs Indian policy post in Arizona (03/19)
New Mexico governor to sign tribal collaboration bill (03/19)
Nominee for top Interior post faces hold in Senate (03/19)
Obama fills another position at Interior Department (03/19)
Senate committee backs boost for Indian programs (03/18)
Omnibus provides $3M for Navajo Nation projects (03/18)
Cherokee Nation debates ending term limits (03/17)
Second Interior nominee goes before Senate (03/16)
Senate passes bill to lift 'Bennett Freeze' (03/16)
Video: Senate Indian Affairs hearing on budget (03/13)
Enzi's Indian earmarks in $410B appropriations (03/13)
Bush-picked US Attorney wants to stay for Obama (03/13)
Former lawmaker, Alaska Native, pleads guilty (03/12)
More candidates seek Crow chairman's post (03/12)
Dorgan releases draft of tribal transportation bill (03/12)
Oklahoma House passes English-only measure (03/12)
Jodi Rave: U.S. Attorney candidates for Montana (03/12)
President Obama signs $410B appropriations into law (03/12)
Senate Indian Affairs hearing on budget priorities (03/12)
Budget bill earmarks millions for Indian Country (03/11)
State of the Tribal Nations Address in Montana (03/11)
South Dakota resolution calls for tribal cooperation (03/11)
GovExec: Alaska Natives lose Senate 'godfather' (03/11)
Senate approves $410B appropriations bill (03/11)
Bush opinion cites 'loophole' in Indian gaming law (03/10)
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Native woman up for top legal post at Interior (03/05)
Obama orders review of government contracting (03/05)
Jodi Rave: White House official opens door to tribes (03/05)
Obama touts Indian Country inclusion in stimulus (03/04)
Interim Crow chairman fires rival from tribal post (03/04)
Thune seeks more money for tribal law and health (03/04)
Energy Secretary promises to hold tribal summit (03/04)
Obama ahead on nominations despite tough vetting (03/04)
Dorgan and McCain seek committee on crisis (03/04)
Salazar to speak at CERT summit in Washington (03/04)
President Obama remarks at Interior anniversary (03/03)
Secretary Salazar remarks at Interior anniversary (03/03)
Supreme Court decision a big topic at NCAI meeting (03/03)
Federal Eye: Obama plays hoops at Interior (03/03)
Obama to celebrate Interior's 160th anniversary (03/02)
White House: Fact sheet on Indian funding (03/02)
Republican calls Native languages 'dead' (03/02)
House Appropriations oversight hearing on Interior (03/02)
Kansas governor tapped for Health secretary post (03/02)
Navajo lawmakers vote against domestic partnerships (02/27)
Video: Senate hearing on Indian youth suicide (02/27)
Oglala woman recommended for USDA position (02/27)
Indian Affairs Committee draft of law and order bill (02/27)
Obama proposes first federal budget (02/27)
Navajo Nation gets $34M for housing stimulus (02/27)
Mayor accuses Chumash Tribe of seeking handout (02/27)
NARF lawyer being considered for White House post (02/26)
Wisconsin budget funds Indian language program (02/26)
Senate Indian Affairs Committee summit (02/26)
Jodi Rave: Rep. Rehberg joins House Native Caucus (02/26)
Senate Indian Affairs hearing on youth suicide (02/26)
Widow of late Crow chairman files for tribal election (02/26)
Rep. Rahall to call hearing on land-into-trust ruling (02/26)
Miccosukee Tribe opposes Everglades provision (02/26)
Chippewa Cree Tribe elects Parker as chairman (02/26)
Low turnout reported for Chippewa Cree election (02/25)
Bill in Wisconsin seeks removal of Indian mascots (02/25)
Witness list for Senate hearing on youth suicide (02/25)
Video: NCAI represented at White House summit (02/24)
Omnibus bill includes reservation projects (02/24)
House passes resolution in honor of Geronimo (02/24)
Last-minute Bush agreement threatens tribal casinos (02/23)
Interior investigator to oversee stimulus for Obama (02/23)
Jodi Rave: Tribes await naming of BIA nominee (02/23)
Report slams BIA roads program in Alaska (02/20)
Senate Indian Affairs hearing on youth suicide (02/20)
Obama administration to fight Indian preference case (02/18)
Oklahoma lawmaker wants 'fairness' with tribes (02/18)
Obama signs $787B stimulus package into law (02/18)
EchoHawk critic still concerned about nomination (02/17)
South Dakota bill seeks state Indian affairs agency (02/17)
Navajo Nation water rights settlement in Congress (02/17)
Blackfeet water compact advances in Montana (02/17)
Final stimulus bill includes $2.5B for Indian Country (02/16)
Federal Diary: BIA to begin layoffs amid stimulus (02/16)
Indian Affairs hearing with Secretary Salazar (02/13)
Court blocks Santa Ysabel from removing vice chair (02/13)
Native candidates offered top positions at Interior (02/13)
Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe fires political consultant (02/13)
Larry EchoHawk critics change minds about nomination (02/13)
Oneida Nation relations an issue in town election (02/12)
Turtle Talk: Tribal tax exempt bonds and stimulus (02/12)
Chippewa Cree Tribe to proceed with election (02/12)
Larry EchoHawk expected to get BIA nomination (02/12)
Indian Affairs hearing with Secretary Salazar (02/12)
New Mexico veto kills tribal projects, saves others (02/11)
Larry EchoHawk 'can't talk' about BIA nomination (02/11)
New White House hire promises to listen to tribes (02/10)
Tribes welcome Indian affairs adviser at White House (02/10)
First Lady makes historic Interior Department visit (02/10)
Dry Creek Band hopes to fix enrollment dispute (02/10)
Mashpee Wampanoag chair looks at tribe's past (02/10)
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NCAI president to deliver State of Indian Nations (02/10)
Salazar to testify before Indian Affairs Committee (02/09)
Jodi Rave: White House hire also a champion dancer (02/09)
Native woman fills key White House post (02/09)
Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe elects new leaders (02/09)
Indian Affairs Committee set for 111th Congress (02/09)
Larry EchoHawk quietly apologizing to tribes (02/06)
Video link for Indian Affairs hearing on health (02/05)
Sen. Barrasso opposes Crow water settlement bill (02/05)
Ex-aide to Commerce nominee tied to Abramoff probe (02/05)
Sen. Barrasso to serve as Indian Affairs vice chair (02/05)
Ken Salazar slated for Indian Affairs appearance (02/05)
Obama takes blame for failed Daschle nomination (02/04)
Alaska accused of failing to provide Yup'ik voter help (02/04)
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Holder set as first African-American to lead DOJ (02/03)
Hoh Tribe awaits approval to move to higher ground (02/02)
NIGC approval of Seneca casino survives challenge (02/02)
Daschle HHS nomination tied up over tax issues (02/02)
House Resources Committee holds organizing meeting (02/02)
Indian Affairs Committee meeting and hearing (02/02)
Hopi Tribe to elect chairman and vice chairman (01/30)
Larry EchoHawk won't comment on BIA nod (01/30)
Salazar seeks to restore trust relationship at DOI (01/29)
Indian Affairs meeting and hearing on health (01/29)
Blog: Salazar calls for review of Interior Department (01/29)
Economic recovery includes $2.8 billion for Indian Country (01/28)
Bush denied clemency request for Leonard Peltier (01/28)
Maine's Indian lawmakers gain full recognition (01/27)
South Dakota weighs tribal tax refund legislation (01/27)
Seneca Nation in court over tobacco shipments (01/27)
Lawmaker from Pine Ridge switches parties (01/27)
Inouye praises Larry EchoHawk as BIA nominee (01/27)
New York governor won't halt tobacco shipments (01/26)
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NAGPRA foe wins top Resources Committee spot (01/26)
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Indian Country descends on DC for Obama inauguration (01/19)
Review: Washington for sale in 'So Damn Much Money' (01/19)
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Rumsey Band donated $50K to Obama inaugural (01/16)
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English-only legislation resurfaces in Oklahoma (01/15)
Salazar goes before Senate for confirmation hearing (01/15)
Jodi Rave: Series on Indian lawmakers in Montana (01/15)
Jodi Rave: Series on Indian lawmakers in Montana (01/14)
Confirmation hearing for Interior pick Salazar (01/14)
Witness list for Senate hearing on tribal economies (01/14)
Cherokee chief defends Obama inaugural donation (01/14)
Off-reservation casino killed in final days of Bush era (01/14)
Navajo water settlement in omnibus lands bill (01/13)
San Pasqual Band denies vote to disputed group (01/13)
Mashpee Wampanoag leaders won't seek re-election (01/13)
Power struggle within Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe (01/12)
Alaska Native road included in omnibus lands bill (01/12)
Blog: Russell Means on president-elect Obama (01/12)
Blog: Interior IG to investigate Kempthorne bathroom (01/12)
Indian Affairs hearing on jobs, economic stimulus (01/09)
EPA nominee close to Ramapough Lenape Tribe (01/09)
Wampanoag attorney, paid $150K a year, resigns (01/09)
Obama might back indigenous rights declaration (01/09)
Groups organize to defeat Democratic labor bill (01/09)
Jodi Rave: Series on Indian lawmakers in Montana (01/09)
High school band to stay 'Chiefs' for inaugural (01/08)
Rep. Cole gains seat on Appropriations panel (01/08)
Some Cherokee councilors cancel inauguration trip (01/08)
Wisconsin tribe vows fight for off-reservation casino (01/08)
Senate panel holds Daschle confirmation hearing (01/08)
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U.S. Attorney to seek state office in Colorado (01/08)
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Jodi Rave: Series on Indian lawmakers in Montana (01/07)
Two tribes donate maximum for Obama inaugural (01/07)
NMAI to host special events during Obama inaugural (01/07)
Mashantucket Tribe swears in new council members (01/06)
Gov. Palin denies influence on Alaska Native job (01/06)
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Kempthorne gives last speech as Interior secretary (01/06)
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Al Franken declared winner of Senate race in Minnesota (01/06)
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Sovereignty, self-governance forum in California (01/05)
Bill Richardson withdraws as Commerce pick (01/05)
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