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Posted: May 15, 2020

Photo courtesy The Auntie Project

For Immediate Release:

May 13, 2020

Native American “Auntie Project” Raising Funds for Navajo Nation Covid-19 Relief

Norman, Oklahoma (May 13, 2020). Local nonprofit, The Auntie Project: Native Women of Service launched a new initiative—the Navajo Nation Covid-19 Family Relief Effort. The Aunties have partnered directly with the Navajo Nation’s Department of Family Services and every single dollar raised will help provide supplies to Navajo kids and families suffering from the virus.

“We are grateful to the Aunties for collaborating with the Navajo Nation on this effort, which will directly support children on the Navajo Reservation who are impacted by COVID-19,” said Navajo Nation Attorney General Doreen N. McPaul.

Photo courtesy The Auntie Project

Covid-19 is devastating citizens of the Navajo Nation, which now has the highest per capita rate of cases in the United States. The crisis has escalated to such an extent Doctors Without Borders has dispatched a team. According to Indian Health Service, as of May 10, 3,363 of the Nation’s residents have tested positive—a number representing more than half of all the COVID cases in Indian country. Historically, such epidemics have been catastrophic for Native Americans who continue to bear the burden of health disparities today.

“The fact is they need help,” said Auntie Project president, Amanda Cobb-Greetham (Chickasaw). “In some case entire families are afflicted by the virus. If we can help at all, we have to try.”

For the Aunties, doing something is key. The multi-generational group of women from more than a dozen tribes incorporated as a 501(c)(3) within one week of their first meeting in July of 2019 with the single goal of helping Native American and Indigenous kids in need. “Aunties” play a special role throughout the community in most Native cultures. “An Auntie is always there with hugs, love, and advice,” said Gloria Tallbull (Cheyenne), board member. Since that date, the Aunties have raised over $30,000. As an all-volunteer organization, all donations go directly to their initiatives without overhead.

The Auntie Project: Native Women of Service is not affiliated with or working on behalf of a specific political party, educational or religious institution, or Native nation. To donate visit, @TheAuntieProject.


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