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Posted: May 20, 2020


May 20, 2020

Celebrate Memorial Day by practicing physical distancing 

Oklahoma City Indian Clinic promotes physical distancing on Memorial Day 

OKLAHOMA CITY – Oklahoma City Indian Clinic (OKCIC), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit clinic providing health and wellness services to American Indians in central Oklahoma, wants to emphasize the necessity of physical distancing during Memorial Day weekend. 

Coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, has taken the world by storm. The spread of the virus throughout the world has pushed society into a new way of life, resulting in the practice of physical distancing. 

“We are not out of danger with the coronavirus pandemic yet,” said Robyn Sunday-Allen, Chief Executive Officer at OKCIC. “Despite businesses and activities starting to reopen, you should still be practicing physical distancing.”

Memorial Day is usually a day where families and friends gather together, fire up the grill and socialize throughout the day. Due to COVID-19, gathering with friends and family, whom you are not currently isolating with, is strongly discouraged. Instead, remember to continue physical distancing by celebrating with only members of your household. One safer option to gather all of your family and friends is to try one of the many video calling options to virtually be together and make special memories.

Here are some ways to practice physical distancing this Memorial Day weekend:

  • Have a campout in your backyard.

  • Grab the kids and create a Memorial Day mural out of chalk. 

  • Write letters to our soldiers. 

  • Look up virtual tours of war memorials from around the United States, including the World War II Memorial and the U.S. Marine Corps War Memorial.

About Oklahoma City Indian Clinic
Oklahoma City Indian Clinic was established in 1974 to provide excellent health care and  wellness services to American Indians in central Oklahoma. The clinic staff cares for more than 20,000 patients from over 200 federally recognized tribes every year. American Indians can receive a range of services, including medical, dental, pediatrics, prenatal, pharmacy, optometry, physical fitness, nutrition, family programs and behavioral health services. For more information, please call (405) 948-4900 or visit

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