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Posted: June 18, 2020


Quapaw Nation Distributes $4 Million in CARE Act Funding Directly to Its Tribal Members

Adults Receive $1,000 Each; Children Receive $500 Each

QUAPAW, Okla. (June 18, 2020) – Every one of the 5,400 Quapaw Nation enrolled members is about to receive a lump sum of Covid-19 stimulus money directly from the Nation’s Northeast Oklahoma office, Quapaw Chairman John L. Berrey announced. 

“Every adult over 18 years old will receive $1,000. Every child under 18 will receive $500. So, a Quapaw family of, say, two adults and two children will receive $3,000, and we know it’s coming at a time of great need,” Chairman Berrey said. “I’m so happy we are able to do this.”

Quapaw Nation received $10.8 million in federal CARE Act stimulus funding, as have all other federally recognized Native-American tribes. The total for individual distributions is more than $4 million, and the remaining money will be spent on the Tribe’s future Covid-19 related needs.

Quapaw members should expect to see checks in their mailboxes as early as next week, Chairman Berrey said. 

“The Quapaw people have so much now to look forward to, with the various business enterprises and expanded services we’ll be able to provide,” Chairman Berrey said. “But certainly, this financial boost of stimulus money is going to take off some of the pressure that many of our people have felt during the coronavirus pandemic.”

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