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Posted: July 5, 2020

COVID-19 Update for the Pueblo of Laguna

  • Sent 07/05/2020 17:34 MDT

The POL Emergency Operations Center (EOC) has identified two (2) additional positive cases of COVID-19 within the Pueblo of Laguna.

The EOC has acted quickly to ensure contact tracing was initiated and all involved have been identified. The EOC has been in direct contact with Governor Herrera and the Village Officials. Testing has been scheduled for those individuals who were in direct contact with the positive cases, and they have been put in quarantine.

The privacy of all of the individuals involved remains a top priority for the EOC. Please keep all of our positive cases and their families in your prayers.

These new cases bring the Pueblo of Laguna’s total to Nineteen (19) confirmed cases within the Pueblo boundaries, with two patients recovered. As a reminder, it is very important that everyone be diligent about who you visit and who you allow into your home to visit you. Please remember it is up to us to protect the health of ourselves and our families.

If the Pueblo begins to see a rise in cases within Pueblo boundaries the EOC will take action to move back into stricter guidelines to stop the spread of the virus. The virus that causes COVID-19 remains a significant threat in our community, especially to our elders and those with existing health conditions.

Please follow all safety precautions of social distancing, wearing a face mask, no gatherings of 5 or more, wash your hands often, clean frequently touched surfaces, and do not touch your eyes, nose, or mouth with unwashed hands.

Stay safe!

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