Oklahoma City Indian Clinic

Oklahoma City Indian Clinic, a nonprofit clinic providing health and wellness services to American Indians in central Oklahoma, received a $50,000 grant to help support lean initiatives.

National Indian Health Board

The National Indian Health Board strongly supports the Tribal Health Data Improvement Act, and is working to have this legislation attached to the next COVID-19 pandemic relief package.

Sen. Martha McSally (R-Arizona)

Sen. Martha McSally (R-Arizona) and Martin Heinrich (D-NM) are introducing legislation to authorize a one-time $89 million infusion of funds to provide electricity to homes on the Navajo Nation.

Northern Arapaho Tribe (Wyoming)

In response to local progress made in the fight against COVID-19, the Wind River Inter-Tribal Council has voted to modify its stay-at-home order.

Navajo Nation (Arizona, New Mexico, Utah)

The total number of COVID-19 positive cases for the Navajo Nation is 9,223 as of August 6, 2020. More than 6,700 have recovered from the coronavirus on the largest reservation in the United States.