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Posted: September 24, 2020

Governor Wilfred Herrera of the Pueblo of Laguna addresses a wide range of COVID-19 issues in a video update on September 23, 2020.

The tribe has 1 active COVID-19 case, Herrera said. The case has been linked to the Laguna Rainbow Center, an elderly care facility on the reservation in New Mexico.

“Fortunately, the case was caught fairly quickly and the positive case was removed from the facility,” Herrera said.

“Unfortunately, anytime the virus impacts a facility like the Rainbow Center there are always going to be residents and staff members that are required to quarantine and be tested to ensure that we stop the spread within the facility,” Herrera said. “All quarantine notices were given the same day and all individuals involved have been scheduled for testing.”

Overall, the tribe has seen 45 COVID-19 cases on the reservation, with 43 recovered. One person passed away.

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