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Posted: January 25, 2021


The Navajo Nation 

Office of the President and Vice President

January 24, 2021

133 new cases, 14,053 recoveries, and seven more deaths related to COVID-19

WINDOW ROCK, Ariz. – On Sunday, the Navajo Department of Health, in coordination with the Navajo Epidemiology Center and the Navajo Area Indian Health Service, reported 133 new COVID-19 positive cases for the Navajo Nation and seven more deaths. The total number of deaths is now 973 as of Sunday. Reports indicate that 14,053 individuals have recovered from COVID-19, and 228,384 COVID-19 tests have been administered. The total number of positive COVID-19 cases is now 27,484.

Navajo Nation COVID-19 positive cases by Service Unit:

  • Chinle Service Unit: 5,077
  • Crownpoint Service Unit: 2,722
  • Ft. Defiance Service Unit: 3,031
  • Gallup Service Unit: 4,383
  • Kayenta Service Unit: 2,490
  • Shiprock Service Unit: 4,760
  • Tuba City Service Unit: 3,240
  • Winslow Service Unit: 1,745

* 36 residences with COVID-19 positive cases are not specific enough to place them accurately in a Service Unit.


On Sunday, the state of Arizona reported 7,217 new cases, Utah reported 1,516, and New Mexico reported 635 new cases. The Navajo Nation’s 57-hour weekend lockdown is in effect until Monday, Jan. 25, 2021 at 5:00 a.m. (MST). All Navajo Nation residents are required to remain home for the duration of the 57-hour weekend lockdown, with the exception of essential workers who are required to report to work and cases of emergencies.

“We’ve come a long way in this battle against COVID-19 and thanks to the public health experts and frontline warriors, we are making great progress but we have to keep our guard up to overcome it. The new public health emergency order goes into effect on Monday, which will allow more vaccines to be administered on weekends. We will overcome COVID-19 and each of us has a part to play. Our people have begun to receive the hardship assistance checks. We ask you to please be responsible and use the funds for essential services and items for your loved ones to help during this pandemic and please do not travel to border towns and put yourselves at risk of exposure to COVID-19. Please stay home as much as possible, wear a mask in public, avoid in-person gatherings, practice social distancing, and wash your hands often with soap and warm water,” said Navajo Nation President Jonathan Nez. 

On Monday, the new Public Health Emergency Order takes effect with the following provisions:

  • Extends the Stay-At-Home order requiring all residents to remain at home 24-hours, seven days a week, with the exceptions of essential workers that must report to work, emergency situations, to obtain essential food, medication, and supplies, tend to livestock, outdoor exercising within the immediate vicinity of your home, wood gathering and hauling with a permit.
  • Implements a daily curfew from 9:00 p.m. (MST) until 5:00 a.m. (MST) seven days a week.
  • Essential businesses may operate between the hours of 7:00 a.m. (MST) and 8:00 p.m. (MST) daily, including gas stations, grocery stores, convenience stores, hardware stores, laundromats, restaurants, food establishments, banks and similar financial institutions, and hay vendors, provided they comply with provisions outline in the order to help protect employees and the public from COVID-19.
  • Refrain from gathering with individuals from outside your immediate household and requiring all residents to wear a mask in public, avoid public gatherings, maintain social (physical) distancing, remain in your vehicle for curb-side and drive-through services.

“COVID-19 risks are still high. Please use the hardship assistance funds to secure essential items that help to keep your families safe and prepared during this COVID-19 pandemic. We continue to encourage our Navajo people to buy Navajo, buy local. Staying local is much safer than traveling longer distances to areas where the virus is more prevalent,” said Vice President Myron Lizer 

For more information, including helpful prevention tips, and resources to help stop the spread of COVID-19, visit the Navajo Department of Health’s COVID-19 website: For COVID-19 related questions and information, call (928) 871-7014.

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