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Posted: April 1, 2021

The Pueblo of Laguna in New Mexico. Photo: Hans Marschdorf

Pueblo of Laguna Easter Weekend: Feeding of Little Clans

Source: Pueblo of Laguna 

Sent 03/31/2021 16:15 MDT

A MESSAGE FROM GOVERNOR JOHN E. ANTONIO: Good Afternoon. I am sure we all have happy memories of Holy Week and Easter Sundays but due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, we were not able to enjoy some of these special times last year. However, this year we are going to allow the traditional and customary practice of “Feeding our Little Clans.”

To allow this Easter activity to be conducted safely, we worked with the Emergency Operations Center to establish the following COVID-19 Safe Practices:

  • No In-Home Visits or In-Home Feedings
  • Drop-off of Easter Baskets outside of homes will be allowed
  • Only packaged Easter Baskets or wrapped food items will be allowed
  • Please schedule drop off times so the person will know when you are dropping off Easter items
  • Designate a drop-off location (ie. table, box, etc) where the person can place your Easter items
  • Please stay six feet apart, do not shake hands or give hugs
  • Wait for the vehicle to leave before you retrieve your Easter goodies
  • No Congregating

Please ensure you follow this guidance and please be safe. Please share this information with your households and other community members. I wish you all a Blessed Holy Week and Happy Easter!

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