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Posted: July 19, 2021
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Photo courtesy Kiowa Tribe

July 19, 2021

Notice of Announcement to Launch Payment of Individual Checks from Rescue Act

CARNEGIE, Oklahoma — Matthew M. Komalty, Chairman of the Kiowa Tribe, is announcing to Tribal membership of his intent to launch payments to individuals as grant assistance through the American Rescue Act Lump Sum Covid-19 Assistance Program. The Chairman’s authority to launch the payment has been established by the Grant Application and Authorization Act of 2017.

Section 1.4 Findings
The Legislature hereby finds and declares that:

(c) Article VI, Section 6 (b) (iii) of the Kiowa Constitution permits the Legislature to make budget modifications without limitation at any time to obtain and expend new grant funds or to appropriate matching funds for new grants, which demonstrates the Tribe’s support for a streamlined and efficient grant application, contracting, and expenditure process; and,

(d) The Legislature finds it in the best interest of the Tribe to provide the Chairman and Executive Branch with an efficient and streamlined process to authorize the Tribe to apply for, receive, expend grant funds.

Section 1.5 Grant Authorization

  1. (a)  The Chairman and Executive Branch Departments are hereby authorized and directed to apply for and receive grant funds, including the authorization to enter into contracts for such purposes, from any governmental or private source for the benefit of the Tribe.
  2. (b)  The Chairman is hereby authorized to prepare the necessary documents to apply for and obtain grant funds in a form and manner acceptable to the funding source, including the authorization to authorization to prepare and certify a Resolution that may be required by the funding source and such Resolution shall include the date and vote tallies of this Act and shall not be required to be presented to the Legislature for another approval.

On May 23, 2021, the Rescue Act Program Director finalized the application process to apply for funding at the request of Chairman Komalty for the American Rescue Act funding through the Department of Treasury. Funding was awarded from Treasury on May 28, 2021.

The mailing of checks will begin in the coming days in the amount of $2,200 to each Tribal member who is 18 and over. A $1,500 check will be mailed to each minor in addition to a $500 voucher that will be issued for clothing, clothing-related expenses, and other personal needs.

The checks will be mailed to the addresses that have been listed on the application the Tribal member has completed. Checks for minors will be issued in the child and parent and/or guardian names. We will begin the issuance of checks from the date the application was launched on July 02, 2021, to date. The only complete and validated application will be processed. Check Kiowa Tribal Website and Facebook for updates and frequently asked questions.

Chairman has always had the best interest of the Tribal membership at heart when he makes these difficult decisions so your support and prayers are greatly appreciated.


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