COVID-19 in Indian Country
The Cheyenne River Youth Project and the Seattle-based Vadon Foundation have announced a new partnership that will allow the nonprofit, grassroots youth organization to raise funds for Covid-19 relief.

Bureau of Indian Education-operated schools across the United States will have a uniform start date of September 16 for the 2020-2021 school year.

As summer draws to a close, kids are going back to school — but school doesn’t look the same.

The Navajo Education Incentive, formerly known as the Navajo School Clothing Program, is accepting applications.

The Native Youth Wellness Warrior Camp East Coast will be online this year!

The Cheyenne River Youth Project’s 6th annual RedCan invitational graffiti jam was groundbreaking for more than one reason.

'We will persevere if we protect our community, families, & ourselves': A coloring book for youth features artwork from renowned Kewa Pueblo cartoonist Ricardo Caté.

The Cheyenne River Youth Project is back up and running after all staff members tested negative for COVID-19.

Native American youth from urban and rural communities across the nation gathered for United National Indian Tribal Youth’s (UNITY) first-ever virtual national conference.

The Healing Indigenous Lives Initiative is hosting four virtual sessions to support and enhance Native youth engagement, coordination, and action related to public safety issues, with a focus on juvenile justice and delinquency prevention in Indian country.

Since late last month, United National Indian Youth, Inc. (UNITY) has connected with Native American and Alaska Native youth in a way no one imagined.

The Indigenous Futures Project (IFP) is a joint project between the Center for Native American Youth, IllumiNative, and the Native Organizers Alliance.

Native youth leaders from United National Indian Tribal Youth, Inc. (UNITY) will participate in a congressional forum led by Ruben Gallego (D-Arizona), chair of the Subcommittee for Indigenous Peoples of the United States.

United National Indian Youth, Inc. (UNITY) will continue its first-ever virtual national conference with its second general session on July 9, 2020.

Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter Jewel will co-host the 'Voices of Siihasin' Benefit Concert together with Dine artist, educator and organizer Lyla June on July 5, 2020.