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Cedric Black Eagle: Water settlement is 'historic' for Crow Tribe (12/13)
"I have been involved in the Crow Water Rights Settlement Act from the time of its inception, when the tribe began negotiations with the state of Montana, resulting in the Crow Tribe – State of Montana Water Rights Compact, ratified...

Crow Chairman: Water settlement in tribe's best interests (04/02)
"I was troubled to read a March 27 guest opinion by congressional candidate A.J. Otjen. The tribe does not appreciate when a political candidate declares on her own what is in the Crow Tribe’s best interests for her own political...

Crow Tribe swears in Black Eagle as chairman (04/29)
Cedric Black Eagle was sworn in as chairman of the Crow Tribe of Montana on Tuesday. Black Eagle said the tribe faces a number of challenges, including water rights, energy and economic development. But he said the Crow people...

Interim Crow chairman fires rival from tribal post (03/04)
Cedric Black Eagle, the interim chairman of the Crow Tribe of Montana, fired eight people, including a rival candidate in an upcoming election. Black Eagle said the layoffs are part of a tribal reorganization. He said the people he...