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June 25, 2004

And the race goes to ... Bad Eagle

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David Yeagley is soooo predictable. On June 4, we posted an item about comedian Dave Chappelle and a funny bit he did involving Indians. Sure enough, on June 23, Indian Country's favorite Michael Jackson look-alike responded with some choice comments.

First, he had to respond to criticism he received for praising a white woman who dressed up in Indian garb. "What Indian wouldn't be proud of that? --only Indians deceived and duped by liberal, Leftist jargon, unaware of their own political identity and function," he says. Well, thank god we have Yeagley! Or else Indians wouldn't know what their identity is.

Addresing someone else's response to the comedy bit, he commented "Is Chapelle [sic] married to an Indian girl? Are Navaho girls in Chinle partial to American Negroes (or any men but Indians)? This is not exciting news, to me."

We agree. It's not! Neither was Yeagley's recent love-fest in Washington, D.C., where anti-Indian groups treated him like the second coming. One white lady who claimed she was victimized by "federal Indian policy" ["Congress did this to us!" was her rallying cry] came to tears and referred to him as a true "warrior."

But he sure brought down the room when he said, "Today, I'm calling for a moratorium on inter-racial marriage." You can bet he left all those white ladies disappointed that night. Yet another characteristic he shares with Michael Jackson!



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