Tribal canoes. Photo: Northwest Indian Fisheries Commission
The U.S. Supreme Court delivered a new year surprise to Indian Country by agreeing to hear a closely-watched treaty rights dispute from Washington. The development has tribal leaders calling for an agreement to head off a potentially bad decision.
• Treaty Tribes in Washington: 'A Win-Win Opportunity'
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Another tribal treaty rights dispute looms on the Supreme Court's docket
Senate Committee on Indian Affairs focuses on agribusiness opportunities
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Uranium mining company pushed Trump administration to reduce Bears Ears
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Treaty tribes stunned as Supreme Court agrees to hear salmon passage case
House set to approve land 'reaffirmation' bill for Poarch Band of Creek Indians
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Karuk Tribe getting closer to opening of long-awaited $35 million gaming facility
Tachi Yokut Tribe offers cheap gas and gaming machines at convenience store
Timbisha Shoshone Tribe solicits local input for off-reservation casino project
A historic moment as Congress approves first tribal recognition bill in decades
'Enough is enough!' -- Yet another tribe scores big victory in homelands case
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Mark Trahant: Let's make 2018 the year we focus on policy instead of tweets
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YES! Magazine: Healing from the trauma of sexual assault with #HealMeToo
Gyasi Ross: Struggles are the same for black people and indigenous people
Indian lawmaker in Minnesota governor's race discloses 'private' relationship
Osage Nation's 'Reign of Terror' gains renewed attention with book and film
Republicans stir drama by reviving contentious Tribal Labor Sovereignty Act
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James Giago Davies: Imagine what a genius could do for our reservations
The Conversation: What the 'California Dream' means to indigenous peoples
Secretary Zinke outlines nationwide reorganization of Interior Department
Longtime chairman of Forest County Potawatomi Community steps down
One reported dead and two injured after shooting on Morongo Reservation
Aquinnah Wampanoag Tribe moves forward with Class II gaming facility
Winnebago Tribe sees change after veteran lights sacred fire for his people
Keepseagle payments delayed as opponents take case to Supreme Court
Sen. Tina Smith from Minnesota joins Senate Committee on Indian Affairs
Mark Trahant: Trump loyalist and Choctaw citizen joins race for Congress
Native Sun News Today: Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe raises funds for water
Ivan Star Comes Out: We are still here with our language and culture intact
Cronkite News: Convicted former sheriff announces Senate bid in Arizona
Tribes upset after education official offered praise for 'Manifest Destiny'
Eastern Cherokees see strong support for Tennessee land-into-trust bill
St. Regis Mohawk Tribe takes action against three tobacco businesses
Aquinnah Wampanoag Tribe hails win in long-running sovereignty case
Oneida Nation announces March 1 opening for third casino in New York
Pueblo of Tesuque plans to open casino near famed opera by end of year
President Trump signs second Indian bill into law to help tribes in Oregon
Bill John Baker: Cherokee Nation honors legacy of Martin Luther King Jr.
Mark Trahant: Climate change cost $1.5 trillion in just the last year alone
Arne Vainio: The fisherman in Washington who still believes in his dreams
Interior Department wants grants to align with Secretary Zinke's 'priorities'
Spokane Tribe welcomes big crowds to long-awaited casino in Washington
Pokagon Band announces January 16 debut of first tribal casino in Indiana
Quapaw Tribe joins partnership to authorize up to three casinos in Arkansas
Native actress Irene Bedard lands role of co-president in star-studded video
Only one tribal leader invited to hearing to gut Bears Ears National Monument
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1 Treaty tribes stunned as Supreme Court agrees to hear salmon passage case
2 A historic moment as Congress approves first tribal recognition bill in decades
3 House set to approve land 'reaffirmation' bill for Poarch Band of Creek Indians
4 Secretary Zinke outlines nationwide reorganization of Interior Department
5 Gyasi Ross: Everyone mad about Trump should have listened to Native people

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