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Former Sisseton Wahpeton chairman joins marijuana company (02/26)
Robert Shepherd is the Tribal Relations Officer for Monarch America, a 'cannabis management' firm.

Blog: Firm saves billions by exploiting Native 'loophole' at FCC (02/26)
Charles W. Ergen, the billionaire who controls the satellite TV provider Dish Network, and his company are about to make a cool $3.25 billion — courtesy of the American taxpayer.

Mescalero Apache Nation holds grand opening for first zip line (02/20)
The Apache Wind Rider Ziptour starts at an elevation of 11,500 feet, making it the highest zip tour in the world.

Closed session at NCAI winter meeting to focus on marijuana (02/19)
Tribal leaders will discuss a new Department of Justice policy next week.

Mohegan Tribe enters another deal for restaurant franchises (02/19)
The tribe will be opening 10 locations of Jersey Mike's Subs in Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

Muscogee Nation begins construction for $22M golf complex (02/18)
The FlyingTee Entertainment and Golf Complex is due to open in early 2016.

Lummi Nation leader announces meeting to discuss marijuana (02/18)
Henry Cagey, a council member and former chairman, wants to form the Tribal Cannabis Association.

Interview with Sioux Chef Sean Sherman about Native foods (02/16)
The Minneapolis Star Tribune interviews Sean Sherman, better known as The Sioux Chef.

Native Sun News: Rapid City reaches out to Pine Ridge youth (02/16)
As the citizens of Rapid City work to save the reputation of a beautiful town nestled against the Black Hills, many organizations and businesses are reaching out to the students of the American Horse School in gestures of kindness.

Evictions linked to Pinoleville Pomo Nation's marijuana project (02/13)
A woman who has lived on the reservation for 20 years has been offered $3,000 to move.

Pinoleville Pomo Nation puts marijuana farm on temporary hold (02/11)
Local authorities have questioned the legality of the operation but the tribe's partners are vowing to move forward.

Arizona conference focuses on tribal e-commerce opportunity (02/10)
The Indian Legal Program at the Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law at Arizona State University is sponsoring the event.

Winnebago Tribe's corporation invests in Native American Bank (02/10)
Ho-Chunk Inc is now a 'major' shareholder in the bank.

Red Lake Nation to hold community meetings on legal marijuana (02/09)
Chairman Darrell Seki Sr. is warning that the process will move slowly.

AIANTA: Acoma Pueblo potter Mary Lowden shares life stories (02/06)
Mary Lowden’s figures tell the stories of her life and the life of her village at Acoma Pueblo.

Native Sun News: Loan spurs business at Cheyenne River Sioux (02/06)
The Four Bands Community Fund is on a mission to create economic opportunity by helping people build strong and sustainable small businesses and increase their financial capability to create assets and wealth.

Native American Financial Services Association names director (02/05)
Lance Gumbs, a well-known member of the Shinnecock Nation, will serve as executive director.

Chairman of Havasupai Tribe welcomes marijuana opportunity (02/05)
The tribe's economy largely depends on tourism but marijuana could change that.

Seminole Tribe drops second attempt to join banking industry (02/03)
Two deals to acquire banks have now fallen through.

Company claims major interest in marijuana in Indian Country (02/03)
CEO of Foxbarry Companies said he's been contacted by more than 100 tribes.

Quapaw Tribe interested in cultivating marijuana for medical uses (01/30)
Agriculture is already a key part of the Quapaw economy.

Company claims harassment after racial incident at hockey game (01/30)
Facebook users continue to leave negative comments for Eagle Sales, a beer distributor.

Seneca Nation doesn't foresee taking action on legal marijuana (01/29)
The tribe's top attorney is studying the issue but doesn't anticipate major changes in the near future.

Auburn Community buys stake in rock music festival company (01/28)
The tribe's investment in Danny Wimmer Presents was described as 'significant.'

Morongo Band to debut first tribally-owned Taco Bell next week (01/27)
The tribe is the majority owner of the establishment, which is located on the reservation and right off a busy interstate.

First-ever conference to focus on marijuana in Indian Country (01/27)
Robert Odawi Porter, an attorney and former president of the Seneca Nation, is a co-organizer of the February 27 event.

City rejects Citizen Potawatomi Nation land detachment petition (01/22)
Supporters of the tribe appeared to outnumber opponents but city officials deadlocked on the tribe's request.

Internet lenders linked to Miami Nation agree to $21M settlement (01/19)
The Federal Trade Commission accused the companies of violating consumer protection laws.

MPR: Red Lake Nation takes a small step towards legal marijuana (01/16)
David Manuel, an enrolled member of Red Lake Nation and an advocate for producing marijuana, argues that the industry would provide an economic opportunity for Red Lake.

Pinoleville Pomo Nation to use marijuana revenue for programs (01/15)
The tribe is the first in Indian Country to enter the legal marijuana industry.

Red Lake Nation backs study on medicinal marijuana and hemp (01/15)
Any decision to move forward will require a vote of the people.

Muscogee Nation plans $22M entertainment riverfront venue (01/14)
The tribe plans to open the development in 18 months.

Supreme Court won't take up Seminole Tribe's taxation case (01/13)
The tribe sought a refund for gasoline taxes paid to the state.

Native Sun News: Tribal members debate legalization of 'peji' (01/12)
South Dakota tribes whose members remain some of the poorest people in the nation, can now take advantage of a Justice Department decision that has proven lucrative for Colorado and Washington.

Pinoleville Pomo Nation confirms deal for legal marijuana farm (01/09)
The tribe will host a 2.5-acre marijuana farm that will put 50 to 100 people to work.

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