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First Nations attorney wears regalia to law society ceremony (06/23)
Christina Gray will the first person to wear a Tsimshian button blanket and cedar hat to the bar ceremony.

Elizabeth Hawksworth: Church owes apology to Native people (06/23)
I stand up now for the thousands of my brothers and sisters who were killed in the Canadian residential school genocide.

Mark Trahant: National Aboriginal Day stirs new hope in Canada (06/23)
For nearly two decades, Canadians have celebrated June 21 as a national holiday to honor the Inuit, First Nations and Metis people.

Blood Tribe sees big turnout at conference to address drug abuse (06/16)
The tribe dedicated more law enforcement resources and authorized the distribution of anti-overdose kits on the reserve.

Native language requirement added to schools in British Columbia (06/12)
Students from kindergarten through grade four in Prince Rupert will learn Sm'algyax, the language of the Tsimshian people.

Thomas King: No justice for Native people with residential schools (06/11)
I believe in justice. I can’t say I’ve seen that much of it in my lifetime, but I like the concept.

Terese Marie Mailhot: A young Native life 'discarded' in Canada (06/10)
Our women are walking on too quickly, before they actualize their potentials, before we can revel in their light, before we can tell them we're here.

Pamela Palmater: Genocide was outcome of residential schools (06/09)
In Canada’s residential schools, many Indigenous children were beaten, tortured, raped, medically experimented on, and killed.

Mary Annette Pember: Healing from residential schools in Canada (06/09)
One of the first actions of Indian residential school administrators was to cut the children’s long hair, a terrible indignity for First Nations people that came to symbolize a cut with their cultures and families.

Doug George-Kanentiio: Victory with Mohawk land claim in Canada (06/08)
I recall my uncle, the late Angus George-Sohahiio, talking about the lost area of Dundee and how he believed the Mohawk people had that area of Akwesasne stolen from them.

Opinion: U.S. and Canada hope Native people forget about genocide (06/08)
We will never be able to reverse our wrongs. The only hope is that we forget, that they forget.

Report confirms high rate of HIV infections among First Nations (06/03)
The rate on reserves in Saskatchewan is 11 times higher than that of Canada.

Kahsennenhawe Sky-Deer: Perspective on Mohawk marriage law (06/03)
Years of multi-generational traumas caused by oppression, racism, attempted assimilation, residential schools, Oka Crisis have made it difficult for many in the community to trust non-natives.

Mary Annette Pember: 'Cultural genocide' at residential schools (06/03)
It was a long time coming, but the words that residential school survivors and their loved ones had long awaited were finally spoken.

Michael Champagne: We are all victims of residential school era (06/02)
All Canadians are victims of Indian residential schools — whether you attended one of the schools, whether you're an inter-generationally affected relative, a parent left behind or a non-aboriginal person in Canada who was fed a false history.

Mary Annette Pember: Finding truth and reconciliation in Canada (06/02)
More than 7,000 walkers thronged through the streets of Ottawa on May 31 in a show of reconciliation and unity as the five-year investigation into the residential school era of Canada began coming to a close.

First Nations housing program brings just 99 homes to reserves (05/27)
The Canadian government still supports the First Nations Market Housing Fund even though it has not alleviated poor housing conditions on reserves.

Blood Tribe combats rise in abuse of extremely dangerous drug (05/27)
In just six months, 20 people have died and 60 people have overdosed by taking an illicit version of a powerful painkiller.

Peter d'Errico: Lawmakers kill bill for indigenous rights in Canada (05/25)
For the dominant power in the Canadian government, the notion that it must obtain 'free and informed consent' from anyone—let alone from Aboriginal Peoples—is heresy.

Rosanna Deerchild: An iconic Buffy Sainte-Marie still inspires (05/18)
She is a musical innovator — producing her own music and adopting electronic instruments before anyone else.

Investigation into Native girl's death on reserve in Manitoba (05/12)
It appears Teresa Cassandra Robinson was mauled by an animal while she was on her way home on the Garden Hill First Nation.

Court orders more time for abuse at Native residential school (05/05)
A dormitory supervisor who was sentenced to three years for abusing Native boys will have to serve eight years instead.

Restaurant apologizes for racial comment to Native filmmaker (05/05)
Laura Milliken was shocked when a server at a restaurant blamed a high rate of crime on Native people.

Kahnawake First Nation sued over mixed-race marriage policy (05/04)
Any Mohawk who marries or lives with a non-Native is required to move off the reserve.

Genetic research confirms Alaska homeland for Inupiat people (05/04)
The DNA of Inupiat and Inuit peoples in the U.S., Canada and Greenland traced back to villages on Alaska's North Slope.

Murder charges for deaths of homeless Native men in Manitoba (04/29)
John Paul Ostamas, 39, is accused of murdering three people on the streets of Winnipeg.

Terese Mailhot: The epidemic of early death on the reservation (04/27)
Don't misunderstand me, I'm proud of my heritage, but not of our mortality rate.

Tribes turn to banishment as means to address problem issues (04/21)
The Saginaw Chippewa Tribe, the Lac du Flambeau Band and the Blood Tribe have all used banishment as an option for dealing with certain people.

Manitoba agrees to pay funeral bill for murdered Native woman (04/16)
Angela Poorman, 29, was murdered in Winnipeg last December. Her case remains unsolved.

Walt Lamar: Addicts in Indian Country turning to spiked heroin (04/16)
As prescription drugs have become harder to obtain and harder to get a high from, opioid addicts have been turning to heroin, both in Indian Country and throughout the nation.

Charles Kader: Mohawk people living through a new border war (04/14)
To date, there has never been a framework to enjoin Mohawks directly to play a part in the security of the region.

Native girl is one of six murdered from same reserve in Manitoba (04/09)
The Sagkeeng First Nation has the largest number of outstanding cases, according to a review by CBC News.

CBC to publish new list of missing and murdered Native women (04/07)
The list will include Annie Yassie, who was only 13 when she went missing from the Sayisi Dene First Nation in Manitoba in 1974.

Christa Big Canoe: Shocking verdict in Native woman's murder (04/02)
Cindy Gladue was a mother. Cindy Gladue was a daughter. Cindy Gladue was a Cree woman. Cindy Gladue was a human.

Jordan Wheeler: Fan in fake headdress turned out to be Native (03/31)
This fan took it one step further. He was wearing a feathered headdress – a war bonnet.

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