On the campaign trail in Manitoba. Photo: Wab Kinew

Indigenous leader falls short in Manitoba election bid

Manitoba voters stuck with the Premier Brian Pallister who won a second term
Indian Country Today

Manitoba voters stuck with the Progressive Conservative Party to continue running the province. Premier Brian Pallister won a second term in office.

But while Wab Kinew, Anishinaabe, fell short, in his bid, the election did result in his New Democratic Party increasing its presence in the Manitoba Legislative Assembly from 12 to 18 seats. Kinew is a former a former journalist, a hip hop artist, and was one of four candidates seeking to lead the province. His party will be the official opposition party.

Kinew told The Canadian Press that his party is recovering after a historic defeat in 2016.

"It's with great humility that we accept the results of tonight," Kinew said to cheers from the crowd in his concession speech Tuesday night, according to the Canadian Press. "But I don't think we were defeated tonight. I think Manitobans sent a very, very strong message."

The party will conduct a leadership review, mandatory after an election loss, but Kinew has said he would like to remain the opposition leader.

Kinew would have been the first Indigenous person to lead Manitoba as the chief executive of the province.

Mark Trahant is the editor of Indian Country Today. He is a member of the Shoshone-Bannock Tribes. Follow him on Twitter @TrahantReports.

This story originally appeared on Indian Country Today on September 11, 2019.

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