Law in Indian Country

Like the miner’s canary, the Indian marks the shift from fresh air to poison gas in our political atmosphere; and our treatment of Indians, even more than our treatment of other minorities, reflects the rise and fall in our democratic faith.
-- Felix S. Cohen, 1953

It was an astonishing day for Chase Iron Eyes as he went before a white-man judge in North Dakota.

The Native community is demanding justice for the death of Zachary Bearheels at the hands of police officers in Omaha, Nebraska.

A controversial former sheriff who targeted Native people and other minorities is trying to clear his record.

The Supreme Court ruled that a federal law allowing deportation of immigrants who commit 'crimes of violence' was unconstitutionally vague, a decision hailed by Arizona immigration lawyers as promising.

With the U.S. Supreme Court taking up its third Indian law case of the term, tribes and their advocates are welcoming a historic development.

Referring to tribes’ lawsuit to protect the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem’s grizzly bears, Crow Creek Sioux Chairman Brandon Sazue noted that a top lawmaker is on their side.


Native Americans are more likely to be killed by law enforcement than any other racial or ethnic group, according to the Center on Juvenile and Criminal Justice.

A bill to protect Alaska Native artists from being punished for practicing their traditions is taking a step forward on Capitol Hill.

A non-Native mother walked into a first grade class and took her biological child against the custody terms issued through the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe.

Tribal lenders cheered when the Trump administration started taking the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau in a new direction but an appeal is generating some concerns.

What started off as a single lawsuit has turned into a full-blown movement in Indian Country against the opioid industry.

The Pascua Yaqui Tribe and the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians have had particularly interesting experiences as they hold non-Indians accountable for domestic violence.

Native people accounted for nearly 15 percent of fatal police shootings in Canada between 2000 and 2017, far higher than their percentage of the entire population.

Oil continues to flow, money continues to be made hand over fist by the corporate magnates of big oil, and the genocide continues to rake in casualties.

Though no firm date is available, final Keepseagle settlement payments are expected before the end of the year.

Micah Taylor was on his way to pick up his spiritual adviser to go to a sweat lodge when he was stopped by police officers in Omaha, Nebraska.

The death of 2 year-old Kylen Shangreaux sent shockwaves through the Pine Ridge Reservation, also bringing national attention to the toddler’s community and family.

Being denied federal recognition by the Buerau of Indian Affairs is usually the kiss of death, as many petitioning groups have found over the years.

The Trump administration is siding with industry interests in a closely-watched reservation boundary case pending at the U.S. Supreme Court.

Concerns about pollution and damage to sacred sites prompted the Oglala Sioux Tribe to demand consultation on fracking activities in treaty territory.

Indian students who are seeking a better education have won an early round in their historic lawsuit against the federal government.

A five-year-old law that let Native American tribes prosecute non-Natives in domestic violence cases 'has fundamentally changed the landscape of tribal criminal jurisdiction in the modern era,' according to a new report.

A closely-watched patent dispute involving the Saint Regis Mohawk Tribe is moving into the federal court system.

A natural gas pipeline continues to operate illegally on Indian land in Oklahoma, a year after a federal judge ordered it to be removed.

Native Americans are incarcerated at a rate of 38 percent higher than the national average.

Leaders of the Navajo Nation are rejoicing after a federal judge rebuked the Trump administration for reducing the tribe's Head Start funds.

An Eastern Cherokee bail bondsman who victimized women on the reservation is facing prison time.

The Miccosukee Tribe is defending its handling of a child welfare case that has drawn national attention.

Ensnared in legal action with the Oglala Sioux Tribe over uranium mining and milling on sacred unceded treaty land near the Pine Ridge Reservation, Crow Butte Resources, will halt production here this year.

A bill that was born out of tragedy in Indian Country has cleared its final hurdle in the 115th Congress.

It's official -- the long-running legal fight over the remaining funds in the $760 million Keepseagle settlement is finally over.

Tribes are ready to fight after the Federal Communications Commission approved a new policy that they say will make it harder to protect sacred sites and ancestral territories.

Police officers from the Pueblo of Santa Ana responded to a girl's soccer game after a racially-tinged brawl broke out among players and parents.

The Miccosukee Tribe is under fire after taking a newborn from her parents due to allegations of abuse.

The Trump administration is blaming tribes as it delays a highly-anticipated study of the Dakota Access Pipeline.

The U.S. Supreme Court is hearing arguments in its second Indian law case of what has turned out to be an unusually busy term.

Kevin Washburn, a citizen of the Chickasaw Nation, is making history once again in academic circles.