Ex-Oglala councilor extradited on drug charges (12/21)
Narragansett smoke shop case headed to trial (12/21)
Judge visits troubled Torres Martinez trailer park (12/21)
Judge refuses to delay tribal trust fund suits (12/20)
Plea deal seen in Narragansett smoke shop case (12/19)
First Native woman sworn in as U.S. Attorney (12/19)
Spirit Lake business settles false claims case (12/19)
Coquille Tribe receives $200K grant to fight meth (12/19)
Omaha woman convicted of second-degree murder (12/19)
IHS told to pay $25M, plus interest, for contract (12/18)
U.S. Attorney visits Fort Peck Reservation (12/18)
Blackfeet woman named to Montana Corrections (12/18)
Arapaho man awaits ruling in eagle killing case (12/18)
Native men charged with hate crime in New Mexico (12/18)
Shinnecock Nation, town still at odds over land (12/18)
Lamberth orders disclosure of White House records (12/18)
Judge dismisses lawsuit over gaming land determination (12/17)
Blackfeet homes still infested with dangerous mold (12/17)
People say California tribal courts are unfair (12/17)
Mormon church wants abuse case dismissed (12/17)
Wampanoag woman seeks to reopen land claim (12/17)
10th Circuit to hear Arapaho eagle killing case (12/17)
Wisconsin tribe cites potential land-into-trust shift at BIA (12/13)
Montana U.S. Attorney to visit Fort Peck Reservation (12/13)
Indian student discrimination settlement approved (12/13)
Quinault woman pleads guilty to crash that killed two (12/13)
WSJ: Hualapai judge confronts unique challenges (12/12)
Appeals court rehears San Francisco Peaks case (12/12)
Makah whalers plead not guilty for illegal hunt (12/12)
Quick trial expected for Aquash murder defendant (12/12)
Iowa court blocks Winnebago Tribe in ICWA case (12/11)
Man avoid jail time in fake Indian arts case (12/11)
Judge to visit troubled Torres Martinez trailer park (12/11)
Fort Berthold woman pleads guilty to murder (12/11)
9th Circuit rules in Pyramid Lake Paiute case (12/11)
Wisconsin tribe sues BIA over off-reservation gaming (12/10)
Muscogee Nation accused of misusing $69M (12/10)
Colville Superfund case to be considered in January (12/10)
9th Circuit to hear San Francisco Peaks case (12/10)
Aquash murder suspect quickly extradited to U.S. (12/10)
Shakopee Tribe donates to Minnesota State Patrol (12/07)
Border town officer accused of targeting Indians (12/07)
Aquash murder suspect loses extradition appeal (12/07)
North Dakota tribe first to take over law enforcement (12/06)
Woman in San Manuel murder case sentenced (12/06)
DOJ opposes Native woman in file sharing case (12/06)
DOJ reports no change in Indian jail population (12/06)
Alaska Natives ask court to halt off-shore drilling (12/05)
South Dakota Indian voting rights lawsuit settled (12/05)
Most charges in New York tobacco suit dismissed (12/05)
Canadian man awaits word on Aquash extradition (12/05)
State loses case over Indian Health Care Improvement Act (12/04)
Ute man granted new trial based on jury bias (12/04)
Navajo Nation seeks support for sacred site case (12/03)
Largest marijuana ring grew on New York reservations (12/03)
Onondaga Nation won't pay taxes on 157 acres (12/03)
Two Idaho tribes sign gasoline tax agreements (12/03)
'Fighting Sioux' lawsuit cost more than $5M (12/03)
Appeals court rejects enrollment lawsuit (11/30)
Arizona Supreme Court rejects water rights challenge (11/30)
Iowa Supreme Court issues ruling in ICWA case (11/30)
Narragansett smoke shop dispute still in courts (11/30)
DOJ awards $82.7M in tribal justice grants (11/29)
Man's death at Colville jail ruled a suicide (11/28)
New Mexico urged to fund water settlements (11/28)
EEOC dispute over 'No Navajo' policy continues (11/28)
Native artist found guilty for filming in Yosemite (11/28)
Maine tribes lose last shot at sovereignty (11/27)
Makah Nation charges five for unauthorized hunt (11/27)
Bush brief opposes review of Colville pollution case (11/26)
Supreme Court rejects Maine sovereignty cases (11/26)
10th Circuit to hear Arapaho eagle killing case (11/26)
Oglala Sioux Tribe suspends drug tests for council (11/22)
Family sues over death at BIA detention center (11/21)
Oneida Nation allows gas station inspection (11/21)
Southern Ute man sentenced for manslaughter (11/21)
North Dakota tribes takes over law enforcement (11/20)
Sen. Dorgan plans bill to address Indian Country crime (11/20)
Default judgment issued in 'membership' case (11/20)
US Attorney in Minnesota to leave post for DC (11/20)
Settlement reported in Alaska Native abuse case (11/19)
Standing Rock Sioux Tribe to honor state judgments (11/16)
Hopi woman nominated as US Attorney for Arizona (11/16)
Man sues Prairie Island Tribe for membership (11/16)
Reservation smoke shop owner on trial in New York (11/15)
Justice reform slow to come to Indian Country (11/14)
Gator kills man on Miccosukee Reservation (11/14)
Series explores justice in Indian Country (11/13)
Rogue Makah whalers seek delay in federal trial (11/12)
Oglala Sioux Tribe's council requires drug tests (11/12)
Navajo man sues Catholic church in tribal court (11/09)
Woman killed on Turtle Mountain Reservation (11/08)
BIA dispatcher at Northern Cheyenne wins award (11/08)
Native drivers in Arizona more likely to be searched (11/07)
2nd Circuit hears Oneida Nation foreclosure case (11/07)
Senate panel approves Justice Department pick (11/07)
Texas seeks final judgment against fake tribe (11/07)
Judge dismisses reservation voting lawsuit (11/06)
Ho-Chunk president questioned for 1972 conviction (11/06)
Judge approves Michigan treaty rights deal (11/06)
2nd Circuit to hear Oneida Nation foreclosure case (11/05)
Tonkawa man pleads guilty for death of daughter (11/05)
Canada drops objections in death penalty case (11/02)
Sisseton-Wahpeton Sioux Tribe sued for kids' deaths (11/02)
Pair accused of selling fake tribal memberships (11/02)
New York tribe pushes Interior to act on casino land (11/01)
Court hears dispute over Narragansett testimony (11/01)
New York governor backs off Indian tax collections (10/31)
Shinnecock Nation loses sovereignty bid (10/31)
Native Americans 17 percent of taser incidents (10/30)
Former teacher convicted of abuse seeks new trial (10/30)
U.S. Attorney probes tribe's political donations (10/30)
Supreme Court agrees to hear Exxon oil spill case (10/30)
Justice system in Indian Country criticized (10/29)
Former Oglala vice president guilty of theft (10/29)
New Mexico tribe in spat with former US Attorney (10/29)
Ski resort criticized tribes in sacred site case (10/25)
Shoshone-Bannock Tribes sign gas tax agreement (10/25)
Ex-Yakama business manager sues tribal leaders (10/25)
Crow Reservation man admits to DUI deaths (10/24)
Tribes meet for peacemaking conference (10/24)
Former Oglala vice president on trial for theft (10/24)
Shoshone-Bannock Tribes to sign gas tax deal (10/23)
State says smoking ban applies to bar at White Earth (10/22)
Oglala councilor suspended after drug charges (10/22)
NIGC publishes casino licensing regulations (10/19)
Navajo manager pleaded guilty to domestic violence (10/19)
Cheyenne River woman gets time for boy's death (10/19)
Mother and daughter plead not guilty for hate crime (10/19)
Michigan man sentenced for selling eagle feathers (10/19)
Rhode Island appeals land-into-trust ruling (10/19)
Appeals court to rehear sacred site case (10/18)
Tribes to share data with Minneapolis police (10/18)
Navajo man not guilty of car theft in Washington (10/18)
Fort Peck Reservation man admits to murder (10/17)
Cherokee Nation lobbyist was Black Caucus official (10/17)
Hopland Band seeks to develop own police force (10/17)
Coeur d'Alene Tribe signs gas tax agreement (10/17)
Jury deliberates fate of Navajo man shot in head (10/17)
Michigan State hosts annual Indian law conference (10/16)
Navajo woman charged with 4-year-old boy's death (10/15)
Oglala Sioux council member indicted for drugs (10/15)
DOI wants to join Onondaga Nation land claim (10/12)
WSJ: People can't sue tribal governments (10/12)
Onondaga Nation seeks to keep land claim alive (10/11)
FBI and BIA establish tribal crime hotline (10/11)
Samish Nation argues for fishing rights (10/11)
Suit challenges status of Alaska Native village (10/10)
Nebraska county to house inmates for BIA (10/10)
Omaha Tribe's court to hear non-Indian challenge (10/09)
Mixed verdict in Alaska Native corporation case (10/09)
Supreme Court to hear criminal sentencing case (10/09)
Native woman appeals verdict in music sharing case (10/09)
Wind River woman indicted for children's deaths (10/09)
Saginaw Chippewa Tribe hires new police captain (10/09)
Group says NAGPRA bill allows tribes to claim Latinos (10/05)
Wisconsin county files land-into-trust lawsuit (10/05)
Rogue Makah hunters indicted on federal charges (10/05)
Native woman found guilty in music sharing case (10/05)
Native mother outwits record companies at trial (10/04)
Man charged for 1987 murder on Lummi Reservation (10/04)
Man charged with murder of Cherokee boy, 5 (10/04)
Maine tribes seek changes to settlement acts (10/04)
Judge raises bond for Navajo student in murder case (10/03)
Man surrenders in Coeur d'Alene rape case (10/03)
Supreme Court rejects appeals in three tribal cases (10/02)
Kickapoo corruption trial underway in Texas (10/02)
BIA hires special agent for justice services (10/02)
South Dakota court hears boarding school case (10/02)
Blackfeet families seek answers for deaths (10/01)
City seeks to join Saginaw Chippewa lawsuit (10/01)
Native women tell Senate panel of violence, assaults (09/28)
Navajo man charged for double murders on reservation (09/28)
Oglala Sioux council member arrested for drugs (09/27)
San Manuel members in court on murder charges (09/27)
U.S. Supreme Court prepares for upcoming term (09/26)
Six people arrested in beating of Native girl (09/26)
Congressional Black Caucus to host Freedmen panel (09/26)
Michigan to announce treaty rights settlement (09/26)
Two men responsible for Blackfeet border (09/25)
US Attorney hosts Indian Country conference (09/25)
Class III gaming efforts in doubt after court decision (09/24)
Onondaga Nation awaits word on land claim (09/24)
Navajo woman loses gender discrimination lawsuit (09/21)
Navajo student pleads not guilty to murder (09/21)
Washington tribes, state to meet over treaty rights (09/21)
10th Circuit backs Muscogee Nation sovereignty (09/21)
Navajo medicine man denies rape despite conviction (09/20)
Mexican gangs said to have infiltrated tribe (09/20)
Morongo Band signs law enforcement deal (09/20)
Eastern Cherokee childcare worker arrested (09/19)
Businessman wants land for Onondaga Nation (09/19)
Navajo medicine men sentenced for rape (09/19)
Havasupai pleads guilty to murder of tourist (09/19)
Leader of fake tribe remains locked up on charges (09/18)
Grand Traverse Band appoints new chief judge (09/18)
Federal probe into Makah whale hunt ongoing (09/18)
Court revives Passamaquoddy lawsuit against BIA (09/17)
Bush said to pick ex-judge for Attorney General (09/17)
Court denies tribal jurisdiction in ICWA case (09/14)
Court: Navajo Nation owed money for bungled lease (09/14)
Ex-CIRI executive defends contractor in theft case (09/12)
Osage Nation in arbitration over tobacco taxes (09/12)
9th Circuit rejects Northern Cheyenne injunction (09/12)
Leonard Peltier prosecutor killed in car accident (09/11)
Nez Perce Tribe looking for highway shooter (09/11)
State won't dismiss charges over Narragansett raid (09/10)
Judge allows Seneca-Cayuga tobacco lawsuit (09/10)
First Crow judge represents the unrepresented (09/10)
Makah Nation denounces unauthorized whale hunt (09/10)
BIA working on study of detention centers (09/07)
Leader of fake tribe arrested in immigration scam (09/07)
Muscogee council members criticize court ruling (09/07)
Rhode Island court to hear Narragansett case (09/07)
Appeals court upholds death penalty for Navajo man (09/06)
Rhode Island governor fights Narragansett testimony (09/06)
Blog: Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe wants new treaty (09/06)
Domestic violence linked to suicides at Rosebud (09/05)
FBI PR: Agents address violent crime on reservations (09/05)
Rosebud Sioux man changes plea on slaying of teen (09/05)
San Ildefonso Pueblo governor charged with rape (09/05)
County seeks to join Saginaw Chippewa lawsuit (09/05)
Former Otoe-Missouria clerk indicted for theft (09/05)
Court upholds sentence in Menominee beating (08/31)
Navajo man shot in head by officer faces trial (08/31)
Walker River mother sues BIA for teen's death (08/31)
Puyallup Tribe says police chief was disciplined (08/31)
Suspect in Native woman's death in trouble again (08/30)
Washington moves to settle salmon case with tribes (08/30)
Puyallup police chief accused of sexual relations (08/30)
County rejects Cayuga Nation land claim settlement (08/29)
Hopi appeals court reinstates ousted chairman (08/29)
Michigan tribe set to open casino after court victory (08/29)
Miccosukee Tribe mum on firing of police chief (08/28)
Death on Fort Peck Reservation under investigation (08/28)
Former Oglala Sioux treasurer sentenced for theft (08/28)
First trial set for murder, rape of Navajo woman (08/28)
Heffelfinger: Gonzales was open to Indian issues (08/28)
Judge refuses guilty plea for Colville homicide (08/28)
Appeals court backs climbing ban at sacred site (08/28)
Appeals court affirms sentence for meth dealer (08/27)
Karuk vice chairman arrested in domestic dispute (08/24)
Washington tribes win ruling in salmon case (08/23)
Yankton Sioux landowners blocked from meeting (08/23)
Appeals court revives Native Hawaiian trust lawsuit (08/22)
Man sentenced for beating death on Navajo Nation (08/22)
Montana reservations a 'hot spot' for meth (08/22)
Final Pine Ridge drug ring defendant pleads guilty (08/22)
Rep. Watson, Chief Smith face off over Freedmen (08/22)
Texas sues fake tribe for selling 'membership' (08/22)
Arrest made in shooting on Shivwits Reservation (08/21)
Rep. Watson holds forums on Cherokee Freedmen (08/21)
Appeals court blocks Class III gaming for Texas tribe (08/21)
Governor fights ruling on Narragansett testimony (08/17)
Salt River Tribe opens new corrections facility (08/17)
Land issues complicate criminal jursidiction (08/16)
Men charged for rape, murder of Navajo woman (08/16)
Cayuga land claim settlement up for discussion (08/16)
Murder charges laid in death of Lakota woman (08/16)
US Attorney: There is justice in Indian Country (08/16)
Wyoming court hears Arapaho murder appeal (08/16)
Gonzales cites commitment to Indian Country (08/15)
Marijuana plants seized on Colville Reservation (08/15)
United League of Indigenous Nations formed (08/15)
Ute man charged with murder after domestic incident (08/15)
Jodi Rave: Pueblo woman takes over Indian law center (08/15)
Unrecognized tribe cites 10K immigrant recruitments (08/15)
Court in Minnesota extends state jurisdiction (08/15)
Adopted daughter of Lisa Tiger murdered in Oklahoma (08/15)
Rep. Watson schedules meetings on Freedmen (08/15)
Oneida Nation can't drop taxation lawsuits (08/14)
Arrests linked to tribe selling 'membership' (08/14)
Gaming rules behind schedule, BIA head confirms (08/13)
BIA opposes Congressional oversight on Freedmen (08/13)
WSJ: Disparate justice for Native Americans (08/13)
Maine tribes disappointed by defeat in court (08/10)
BIA changes course on Cherokee Nation constitution (08/10)
Judge dismisses lawsuit on Omaha legal opinion (08/10)
Judge dismisses lawsuit on Omaha legal opinion (08/10)
Rhode Island governor doesn't want to testify about raid (08/10)
Sen. Coburn backs Cherokee Freedmen citizenship (08/10)
Maine tribes lose sovereignty in EPA water case (08/09)
Minister guilty of abuse on Navajo Reservation (08/09)
Husband charged with Potawatomi woman's death (08/09)
Village fighting Cayuga Nation must pay own legal bills (08/09)
Sweep nets marijuana plants on Yakama Reservation (08/09)
Seminole Tribe's police officer charged with DUI (08/08)
Meeting set on Cayuga Nation land settlement (08/07)
Navajo attorney wins New Mexico state bar award (08/07)
IHS can close emergency room in South Dakota (08/07)
Rhode Island governor must testify about raid (08/06)
Former Onondaga teacher convicted of two counts (08/03)
Authorities probe deaths on Goshute Reservation (08/03)
New York urged to collect taxes on Oneida Nation (08/03)
BIA admits liability for troubled mobile home park (08/03)
Cherokee Nation given a month on Freedmen (08/03)
Rhode Island governor fights subpoena over raid (08/03)
Rep. Boren claims agreement on Cherokee funding (08/02)
Tribes face another deadline under Adam Walsh Act (08/02)
Quinault teen's manslaughter trial moved to October (08/01)
Crow Creek housing officials indicted for theft (08/01)
Rhode Island governor contradicted on raid (08/01)
Probe of Sen. Stevens involves Interior earmark (08/01)
Counties to discuss Cayuga settlement with state (07/31)
Jury considers fate of Onondaga teacher (07/31)
Nine charged for cocaine on Red Lake Reservation (07/31)
ACLU seeks dismissal of reservation voting case (07/31)
Cheyenne-Arapaho official a target of federal probe (07/31)
Narragansett smokeshop defendants head to trial (07/31)
FBI and IRS agents raid Alaska home of Sen. Stevens (07/31)
Chief Justice Roberts in hospital after seizure (07/31)
Bill cutting Cherokee Nation funds faces vote (07/30)
U.S. Attorney expands cross-deputization program (07/30)
White House blocked testimony on trust responsibility (07/27)
House boosts funding for safety of Native women (07/27)
Former postal worked accused of burning artifacts (07/27)
Parole board votes to commute Lakota man's sentence (07/27)
Former Cheyenne River Sioux chairman loses case (07/27)
Judge dismisses Eastern Shawnee land claim (07/27)
Narragansett Tribe plans to use land for housing (07/27)
Blackfeet Reservation man dies after severe beating (07/26)
White House revised Grim's testimony on trust (07/26)
County rejects Cayuga land claim settlement (07/26)
Teacher in Onondaga school abuse case on trial (07/26)
Panel backs White House contempt citations (07/26)
DOJ consultation on Adam Walsh Act, other issues (07/25)
Brothers arrested after stealing tribal artifacts (07/25)
Red Lake man sentenced to 24 years for murder (07/25)
House passes bill to give tribes more time on Adam Walsh Act (07/24)
Cayuga Nation offers counties a new land claim deal (07/24)
Counties face deadline on Cayuga land settlement (07/23)
Appeals court backs tribe in land-into-trust dispute (07/23)
Rosebud man pleads not guilty to stabbing teen (07/23)
Court upholds Narragansett land-into-trust (07/20)
Man who robbed Crow store seeks more prison time (07/20)
10th Circuit rejects Navajo court jurisdiction (07/20)
Navajo basketball team accuses police of bias (07/19)
Judge hits BIA on Chickasaw Nation gaming site (07/19)
Appeals court upholds Pine Ridge man's conviction (07/19)
Supreme Court seeks DOJ views on Colville case (07/18)
Potawatomi woman found dead a day after wedding (07/17)
Senate confirms Bush nominee who fought tribes (07/16)
California tribe drops campaign contribution lawsuit (07/16)
Fort Belknap police officer admits to theft (07/13)
Counties set up committee to discuss Cayuga deal (07/12)
Race, history at issue in Narragansett case (07/12)
Coeur d'Alene woman punished for husband's death (07/12)
Native women seek end to domestic violence (07/12)
Goshute Tribe passes law to restrict trespassing (07/11)
Ramon Arthur Roubideaux, Rosebud lawyer, dies (07/11)
Reminder: Adam Walsh Act deadline approaching (07/10)
Village boy, 12, charged with murder of brother (07/10)
Non-Indian worker settles with Colville Tribes (07/10)
Osage Nation asserts sovereignty over county (07/09)
Maryland appeals court issues first ICWA ruling (07/09)
Maine sovereignty case headed to Supreme Court (07/09)
Tribes forced to cut law enforcement services (07/09)
Court ordered to reconsider Native teen's case (07/06)
Cheyenne River Sioux man killed in Hawaii (07/06)
New York won't pay Seneca Nation's highway toll (07/06)
Appeals court backs Michigan land-into-trust acquisition (07/05)
Fallon Paiute-Shoshone police officer killed on duty (07/05)
Cayuga Nation sets deadline on land claim settlement (07/03)
Navajo Nation vice president arrested for speeding (07/03)
US Attorney boosts Indian Country crime efforts (07/03)
Seneca-Cayuga Tribe opposes land claim settlement (06/29)
Supreme Court bars use of race by public schools (06/29)
Appeals court upholds tribal verdict in bank loan case (06/28)
South Dakota adds Indian law to state bar exam (06/28)
Fired U.S. Attorney overruled on death penalty (06/28)
Salt River Tribe boosts police officer salaries (06/27)
Judge to issue ruling on Onondaga abuse case (06/27)
Court puts off challenge to Goshute nuclear (06/27)
Aquash murder defendant loses extradition appeal (06/27)
Cayuga Nation continues ancestral land buys (06/26)
Teen pleads not guilty to toddler's murder (06/26)
Omaha Tribe seeks dismissal of liquor tax lawsuit (06/26)
Barona Band defends bill to stop trespassing (06/25)
Cherokee Nation holds election amid national scrutiny (06/25)
Colorado tribe wins contract support cost dispute (06/22)
Cayuga Nation seeks more land placed in trust (06/22)
Court dismisses California membership lawsuit (06/21)
Case involving handcuffed Ojibwe boy dismissed (06/21)
Navajo medicine man convicted of rape (06/20)
Residents oppose Cayuga land claim settlement (06/19)
Column: War on drugs should not include hemp (06/19)
Montana reservation man guilty of abuse (06/15)
Jury finds anti-Indian bias at urban Indian clinic (06/15)
Omaha Tribe 'silent' on death of toddler, attorney says (06/15)
Judge allows suit by fired BIA agent in 'Indian' case (06/15)
Former Oglala Sioux treasurer facing new charges (06/15)
Federal court won't halt Cherokee election (06/14)
Opposition voiced to Cayuga land settlement (06/14)
Gonzales not committed to Indian Country (06/13)
Federal court won't rehear tribal labor law dispute (06/13)
Seneca Nation bills New York $2.1M for highway (06/13)
Criminals fall through the cracks in Indian Country (06/12)
Voting rights lawsuit filed for Alaska Natives (06/12)
Indian business must pay workers' compensation (06/12)
Cherokee Freedmen back in court over citizenship (06/12)
Cherokee Freedmen headed to court for injunction (06/11)
Officials discuss Cayuga land claim settlement (06/07)
Cherokee Nation to vote on constitution again (06/07)
New York to appeal Oneida land claim decision (06/07)
Yakama Nation to celebrate treaty of 1855 (06/07)
Life sentences for reservation meth dealers (06/06)
DOJ official denies blocking Native voting rights probe (06/06)
Supreme Court won't rehear Indian Impact Aid case (06/06)
St. Regis Mohawk police certified by state (06/06)
Onondaga Nation accused of tainting abuse probe (06/05)
Town narrowly approves legal fees in Pequot fight (06/05)
Bush administration appeals sacred site case (06/04)
Tribes blast BIA on law enforcement (06/04)
Probe sought into Indian voting and Heffelfinger (06/01)
House holds law enforcement hearing in South Dakota (06/01)
Cherokee Nation wants election to go forward (06/01)
DOJ cut off Indian voting rights probe in Minnesota (05/31)
Southern Ute Tribe wins case against biker rally (05/31)
Michigan parents in court over alleged peyote use (05/31)
Indian teen found dead on Flathead Reservation (05/31)
Florida court rejects Seminole Tribe in ICWA case (05/31)
White Earth chairwoman seeks ouster of Gonzales (05/30)
Views: Oneida Nation, treaties and land claims (05/30)
Osage Nation environmental bill draws complaints (05/30)
Cayuga land claim settlement faces opposition (05/29)
Meskwaki Tribe investigates man's death (05/29)
DVD pirating operation on Rosebud Reservation (05/28)
Oneida Nation said to owe $248M in taxes (05/25)
Heffelfinger targeted by DOJ for focus on Indian issues (05/24)
Court won't reconsider $2.5B Exxon Valdez award (05/24)
Fort Berthold woman can't return to tribal job (05/24)
U.S. Attorney to consider Yakama alcohol ban (05/24)
Cayuga deal locks Oklahoma tribe out of New York (05/24)
Fort Berthold woman charged with murdering son (05/23)
Cayuga Nation to announce land claim settlement (05/23)
House panel to hold field hearing at Lower Brule (05/23)
New York plans to appeal Oneida land claim ruling (05/22)
Judge keeps Oneida land claim in New York alive (05/22)
Yakama smokeshop owner hails court decision (05/22)
Navajo medicine man accused of raping teen girl (05/21)
Yakama treaty protects smokeshop owners from prosecution (05/21)
Pine Ridge Reservation still dry after all these years (05/18)
Cherokee Nation worried about Freedmen fallout (05/18)
Aquash murder suspect appeals extradition order (05/18)
Indian farmers in Montana discuss discrimination (05/17)
Stillaguamish family defends smokeshop after raid (05/17)
Senate Indian Affairs hearing on law enforcement (05/17)
Pine Ridge women sentenced for bootlegging (05/16)
Washington tribes finalize $33M shellfish deal (05/16)
Man dies after scuffle with Puyallup Tribe police (05/16)
Three Washington reservation smokeshops raided (05/16)
No patrols at Whiteclay two years after agreement (05/15)
Cherokee Freedmen restored to membership for now (05/15)
Oklahoma tribes act on sex offender registry law (05/14)
Fort Peck woman gets 30 years for baby son's murder (05/14)
Nine arrested for drugs on Red Lake Reservation (05/14)
Cherokee leader: Freedmen case not winnable (05/11)
Meskwaki leader objects to tribal court bill (05/11)
Chippewa Cree man charged for police chase (05/11)
Judge dismisses charges against Mendota men (05/11)
Trial into Shinnecock sovereignty wraps up (05/11)
Ousted Cherokee Freedmen seek DOI action against tribe (05/10)
Indian man on death row disputes state authority (05/10)
Ousted Hopi judge fires back at tribal council (05/10)
Navajo jurisdiction dispute back in court (05/10)
Men in custody after chase on Rocky Boy Reservation (05/08)
Shadow Wolves seek more recruits to patrol border (05/07)
Colorado U.S. Attorney cross-deputizes tribal officers (05/07)
Criminals get out of jail for free on Navajo Nation (05/07)
Narragansett Tribe questions state legal spending (05/07)
A 'revolving door' for criminals on Navajo Nation (05/04)
Montana woman sentenced for lying about rape (05/04)
Court opens Alaska Native corporation to suit (05/04)
Third defendant pleads guilty to beating Navajo man (05/04)
Alaska Republicans seek review of tribal status (05/04)
Suit over Havasupai blood research dismissed (05/04)
Five arrested for drugs and meth in South Dakota (05/03)
Hopi Tribe removes chief judge following assault (05/03)
8th Circuit orders stiff sentence for Red Lake man (05/03)
Western Shoshone man nominated for Utah court (05/02)
Navajo Nation approves emergency jail funds (05/02)
Indian inmates report problems at Indiana facility (05/01)
Nez Perce Tribe water settlement finalized (05/01)
Parents question handling of Onondaga abuse case (05/01)
Three accused of theft from Oglala Sioux Tribe (05/01)
Judge who wrote Mille Lacks treaty decision dies at 80 (05/01)
Mental evaluation ordered in Wind River murder trial (05/01)
Tribes face deadline to join national sex offender registry (04/30)
Montana man convicted of shooting at BIA officer (04/27)
Montana set to contribute to Blackfeet settlement (04/27)
Blood, race and sovereignty in Cherokee Freedmen dispute (04/26)
Pine Ridge drug traffickers appeal convictions (04/25)
California Democrats consider ICRA resolution (04/25)
Utah Supreme Court rules in Ute hunting case (04/25)
Lower Brule Sioux Tribe offers reward in murder case (04/24)
Indian teen arrested for fatal shooting in St. Paul (04/24)
Three guilty for hate crime attacks in Utah (04/23)
New York tobacco revenue sharing bill introduced (04/23)
Cason explains misgivings on land-into-trust (04/20)
Second defendant pleads to attack on Navajo man (04/20)
Seneca Nation withdraws agreement for highway (04/20)
Omaha Reservation boundaries a source of dispute (04/20)
Shinnecock leaders requested probe of drug trafficking (04/20)
Blackfeet Nation hears law enforcement woes (04/19)
Fired U.S. Attorneys praised for Indian Country work (04/19)
Supreme Court rules on Indian Impact Aid case (04/19)
Lawyer 'stunned' by ruling against Maine tribe (04/19)
Judge dismisses Narragansett suit over state raid (04/19)
Maine tribe loses sovereignty dispute with state (04/18)
Cherokee Nation considers anti-Freedmen funds (04/18)
Hopi court issues arrest warrant for chief judge (04/18)
Arrest made in homicide on Soboba Reservation (04/18)
Man gets seven years for beating of Navajo man (04/18)
Husband of slain Navajo weaver found dead (04/18)
Omaha Tribe barred from imposing alcohol tax (04/18)
Connecticut Supreme Court protects tribal immunity (04/17)
Man sentenced to 22 years for murdering sister (04/17)
Man faces sentencing for hate crime beating (04/17)
Eastern Shawnee Tribe claims victory in Ohio (04/17)
Blackfeet Nation blames BIA for growing lawlessness (04/16)
Blackfeet Nation walks out of water talk meeting (04/13)
Blackfeet Nation water deal draws complaints (04/11)
Mattaponi Tribe, city settle reservoir lawsuit (04/11)
Court rejects Bush salmon plan on Columbia River (04/10)
Editorial: Pine Ridge drug dealer in denial (04/09)
Quinault teen faces involuntary manslaughter charge (04/09)
Racial disparities for traffic stops in Nebraska (04/06)
Second homicide on Soboba Reservation in 2007 (04/06)
County fires sheriff and hires Oglala Sioux man (04/06)
Seneca appeals court rules in child custody dispute (04/06)
Man arrested for stealing artifacts at Tule River (04/05)
Pine Ridge drug ring leader sentenced to 34 years (04/05)
Eastern Shawnee Tribe loses out-of-state bid (04/05)
Judge throws out royalty underpayment verdict (04/05)
Four await trial for meth-related triple homicide (04/04)
Blackfeet Nation to relinquish detention center (04/04)
Mississippi Choctaws open new justice center (04/04)
Menominee Nation sued over $1M in BIA funds (04/04)
California court throws out search on reservation (04/03)
EPA faulted for failing to act on greenhouse gases (04/03)
Indian Country crime an issue in US Attorney firing (04/02)
Democrats pass Native Hawaiian bill on second try (03/29)
New York Senate considers tobacco tax sharing (03/29)
Teacher at Onondaga accused of abusing students (03/29)
Bill recognizes Meskwaki Tribe's court decisions (03/29)
Hate crime suspect pleads guilty to beating (03/28)
Appeal filed in Northern Arapaho eagle case (03/28)
Officer indicted for death of Ramapough man (03/28)
Court allows state offender registry on reservations (03/23)
Little River Band public safety official faces DUI charge (03/22)
Navajo Nation pressure cited in hate crimes case (03/22)
Idaho gas tax bill ready for governor's signature (03/22)
Cherokee spokesperson calls UKB a 'corporation' (03/22)
'Political people' at DOJ accused of interference (03/22)
US Attorney earned tribal praise despite Bush ouster (03/20)
Court allows UKB suit over Arkansas River (03/20)
Former top aide to Sen. Campbell to plead guilty (03/20)
Driver charged for deaths of teens in Washington (03/20)
Opinion:: Federal courts fail to protect sovereignty (03/19)
Southern Ute Tribe asserts off-reservation rights (03/16)
Hopi Tribe humbled by court victory on sacred site (03/15)
Trial for hate crime suspect in border town postponed (03/15)
Ohio still fighting Eastern Shawnee land claim (03/15)
Court asserts jurisdiction in Seneca child case (03/14)
Hundreds rally to oppose New York tobacco tax (03/14)
Tribes welcome court decision on San Francisco Peaks (03/14)
Cousin of Seminole council member killed by police (03/14)
Indian tuition waiver program at issue in Michigan (03/14)
Congressional Black Caucus backs Freedmen (03/14)
E-mails shed new details on US Attorney for Arizona (03/14)
New Mexico tribes drop lawsuit over ski area expansion (03/13)
New York governor won't back down from tobacco tax (03/13)
9th Circuit blocks snowmaking at sacred peaks (03/12)
Bush administration takes limited view of Indian health (03/12)
Religious rights of Indian inmates at issue in Maine (03/09)
Bill to impose gas tax on Idaho tribes advances (03/09)
Town voters approve Aquinnah Wampanog agreement (03/09)
Bill seeks to strengthen Alaska Native arts law (03/09)
Charges against Fort Apache rape suspects dropped (03/09)
Crow Reservation man sentenced for shooting (03/08)
Court reinstates $300K award for Narragansett man (03/08)
Tribal gas tax bill advances in Washington (03/07)
Oneida Nation fights to save land claim from dismissal (03/07)
Montana woman jailed on drinking, meth charges (03/06)
Supreme Court won't hear jurisdiction cases (03/06)
Narragansett smokeshop case moved to new court (03/06)
Aquash murder suspect remains on house arrest (03/05)
South Dakota court rejects Indian Country argument (03/02)
Project seeks to create Indian Country crime database (03/02)
Cherokee Nation heads to polls to decide on Freedmen (03/02)
Utah's top court hears Indian Country dispute (03/01)
Ousted US Attorney cites Republican pressure (03/01)
Column: Don't get fooled by Indian tax scam (03/01)
Indian Country ruling a victory for Navajo Nation (03/01)
Oneida Nation officially ends tax dispute with city (02/28)
Navajo man sentenced for killing former girlfriend (02/28)
Idaho governor seeks gas tax agreement with tribes (02/28)
Uranium company to fight Indian Country status (02/27)
Voice of America: Cherokees to vote on Freedmen (02/27)
Michigan tribe wins land-into-trust lawsuit (02/26)
Oglala Sioux Tribe to open new jail this week (02/26)
Montana bill targets 'Driving While Indian' (02/26)
Missing Indian inmates captured in Canada (02/26)
Scrapbook: Supreme Court rules on Indian Country (02/26)
Monteau joins forces with Indian law firm (02/23)
Navajo police investigate employees' sickness (02/23)
Ohio man cites 'conversion' to Native spirituality (02/23)
Tule River Tribe seeks cross-deputization in county (02/23)
Judge won't stop Cherokee election on Freedmen (02/22)
Search widens for two missing Indian inmates (02/22)
Pechanga Band runs ad against disenrollment story (02/21)
Freedmen in court to halt Cherokee Nation vote (02/21)
Manhunt for two Indian inmates who fled Wyoming (02/21)
Sentencing hearing for Pine Ridge drug dealer (02/21)
Man pleads guilty to murder on Red Lake Reservation (02/16)
Class action housing lawsuit draws tribal interest (02/16)
Indian commissioner worried about voting rights case (02/16)
Woman sentenced for abuse of 18-month-old boy (02/16)
Two Picuris Pueblo leaders face alcohol charges (02/15)
Woman faces trial for murder of 2-year-old boy (02/15)
Commentary: Muslims can learn from tribal courts (02/15)
City changes election for Indian voting rights case (02/14)
Indian inmates in Maine sue corrections officials (02/14)
Oneida Nation builds in-house legal department (02/13)
Idaho bill puts deadline on tribal tax agreements (02/13)
9th Circuit rejects Native Hawaiian funding challenge (02/12)
Ute Mountain Ute Tribe battles high homicide rate (02/12)
California tribe loses major sovereignty court case (02/12)
Utah Supreme Court to hear jurisdiction case (02/12)
Pomo teen charged as adult for reservation murder (02/12)
Statistics play big role in Indian voting rights case (02/09)
Pomo teen arrested on suspicion of murder (02/09)
State to terminate Yakama cigarette compact (02/09)
Indian voting rights trial continues in Wyoming (02/07)
Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation wins car tag case (02/07)
Rosebud Sioux Tribe links fatal stabbing to teen gangs (02/07)
Onondaga Nation draws distinction with claim (02/06)
Kansas barred from taxing Winnebago Tribe (02/06)
Fort Peck couple sentenced for stealing funds (02/06)
Indian voting rights trial in federal court in Wyoming (02/06)
Harvard forum on federal-tribal relationship online (02/05)
New York still debating tobacco tax on reservations (02/05)
Freedmen ask federal court to halt Cherokee election (02/05)
Winnebago Tribe wins taxation case in Kansas (02/02)
9th Circuit vacates tribal jurisdiction ruling (02/02)
Two teens arrested for Blackfeet stabbing death (02/02)
Former BIA officials start new Washington law firm (02/02)
BIA settles lawsuit over suicide at Yakama jail (02/01)
WSJ: Indian Civil Rights Act a little-known 'quirk' (02/01)
Suspects sought in Blackfeet stabbing death (01/31)
Skull Valley Goshute Tribe defends nuclear project (01/30)
Investigation into stabbing death of Blackfeet man (01/30)
Authorities warn against cockfighting on Indian land (01/30)
9th Circuit saves salmon center from Republican rider (01/30)
Soo Tribe director sentenced for drug, DUI arrests (01/26)
State to pay ex-tribal officials $232K for tax feud (01/26)
'Cherokee' tribe at center of bizarre kidnapping (01/26)
Woman indicted for death of 22-month-old child (01/26)
Fort Peck woman pleads guilty to son's murder (01/25)
Blackfeet Nation receives threatening letter (01/25)
Man indicted for deaths in drug-related car crash (01/25)
Hannahville Indian Community considers regional jail (01/25)
Hog-doggers' on Seminole Reservation acquitted (01/25)
Narragansetts in court over smokeshop raid (01/24)
Supreme Court rejects subsistence challenge (01/23)
Native youth arrested more often in South Dakota (01/23)
Deaths and disappearances on Yakama Nation (01/22)
Oneida Nation refused county inspection of gas pumps (01/22)
Tribes tap into resources of major law firms (01/19)
Tribes back Agua Caliente Band in contribution case (01/19)
Washoe Tribe sacred site case heads to 9th Circuit (01/18)
Yakama woman sues to enforce alcohol ban (01/17)
Tribal officers in Montana receive meth training (01/17)
Hate crimes suspect expected to reach plea deal (01/17)
Supreme Court won't hear tribal immunity case (01/17)
New Mexico governor seeks $12M for water rights (01/16)
Judge hits NIGC on off-reservation gaming site (01/16)
Narragansett smokeshop case delayed a week (01/15)
Ramapough family sues state over police shooting (01/12)
Woman sentenced for Pine Ridge drug trafficking (01/12)
Jury deliberates fate of former Crow official (01/12)
Aquinnah Wampanoag Tribe approves land-use deal (01/12)
Former Cheyenne River Sioux sentenced for fraud (01/11)
Ramapough family to sue over police shooting (01/11)
Ex-Crow official 'never' wants to go back to prison (01/11)
Jilted investors detail ex-Crow official's schemes (01/10)
Navajo woman faces charges in Hopi tribal court (01/10)
Appeals court hears land-into-trust dispute (01/10)
Myers withdraws nomination for 9th Circuit seat (01/10)
Ute Mountain Ute man on trial for murder (01/10)
Western Shoshone refuse to give up on treaty (01/09)
Former Crow official faces second stint in prison (01/09)
New York judge bars tax on tribal tobacco sales (01/09)
California tribe fights ruling on campaign contributions (01/08)
Appeals court to hear land-into-trust case (01/08)
Two sought in slaying of Yaqui chair's brother (01/05)
Hate crime suspects set for trial in Farmington (01/04)
Suspect arrested in year-old Navajo Nation homicides (01/04)
Murder of chairwoman's brother still investigated (01/04)
Fort Peck woman charged with New Year's Eve murder (01/03)
Death on Pascua Yaqui Reservation a homicide (01/03)
Cheyenne-Arapaho land dispute inches forward (01/02)