Judge removes owner of troubled trailer park (12/19)
Tax exemption weighed for Tlingit-Haida Tribes (12/18)
Court upholds immunity for tribal loan firms (12/18)
Not guilty pleas for beating of Blackfeet man (12/18)
Mashantucket Tribe firefighters hope to join union (12/18)
Illegal Mashpee Wampanoag donations traced (12/18)
Pechanga Band announces tentative water deal (12/18)
Arizona seeks reconsideration of Havasupai ruling (12/18)
Crow chairman pleads not guilty to DUI incident (12/17)
Oklahoma seizes 51,000 packs of tribal cigarettes (12/17)
8th Circuit backs Indian voters in South Dakota case (12/17)
Another land-into-trust case on high court's radar (12/16)
Cherokee Nation weighs move in poultry lawsuit (12/16)
New York tribes vow fight over tobacco tax bill (12/16)
U.S. Attorney opposes separate Aquash trials (12/16)
Outgoing Grand Traverse chair sued over salaries (12/16)
New Times: Good news for Havasupai blood case (12/16)
Supreme Court allows suit against 'light' tobacco (12/16)
Former Mashpee Wampanoag leader pleads guilty (12/16)
Utah judge won't stop return of Ojibwe baby to tribe (12/15)
New York tobacco taxation bill sent to governor (12/12)
New evidence in San Manuel woman's arrest case (12/12)
Another drug sweep on New York reservation (12/12)
Makah Nation hopes to bring back traditional justice (12/11)
Native woman cites racism in employment suit (12/11)
Driver in death of Pueblo man failed alcohol test (12/10)
Cayuga Nation plans to fight tobacco tax charges (12/10)
Judge upholds arrests of Yakama Nation men (12/10)
Tulalip Tribes put youth in hands of elders (12/10)
Turtle Talk: FedBar conference at Pojoaque Pueblo (12/10)
Wisconsin tribe fears last-minute rejection of casino (12/09)
Seneca Nation worried about New York taxation push (12/09)
Supreme Court sets hearings in Indian law cases (12/09)
8th Circuit rejects Indian double jeopardy claim (12/09)
Group sues over tribal management of bison range (12/09)
Non-Indians dispute Colorado River jurisdiction (12/08)
Charges upgraded in beating of Blackfeet man (12/08)
Blackfeet Nation seeks ouster of county attorney (12/05)
Cayuga Nation in court over raid of smokeshops (12/04)
Driver in Pueblo man's death had prior DWI arrest (12/04)
City cites BIA concessions in land-into-trust fight (12/04)
Government files first brief in Navajo trust case (12/03)
Oil company weighs appeal in Alaska drilling case (12/03)
Sex offender to seeks to eliminate Ojibwe name (12/03)
More details in drunk driving death of Pueblo man (12/03)
City approves Shakopee land-into-trust settlement (12/03)
9th Circuit blocks drilling in Inupiat hunting grounds (12/02)
Wisconsin university won't allow smudging in dorm (12/02)
Havasupai Tribe seeks justice in research lawsuit (12/02)
Judge hears Western Shoshone suit against mine (12/02)
Lawyer in tribal jurisdiction case up for DOJ post (12/02)
Cayuga Nation claims 'reservation' exemption (12/02)
Cheyenne River Sioux mother indicted for abuse (12/02)
Attorney posts bond for DUI death of Pueblo man (12/02)
More tribes a part of Indian housing lawsuit (12/01)
Judge rejects NIGC's role in controversial casino case (12/01)
BIA reportedly agrees to land-into-trust changes (12/01)
BIA sued for $3M for faulty Fort Apache rape arrests (12/01)
Aquash murder defendant seeks separate trial (12/01)
Pueblo man killed in drunk driving accident (12/01)
Cayuga Nation heads to court after smokeshop raid (12/01)
Judge dismisses bid to block Alabama tribe from Class III (11/26)
Navajo woman sentenced to life for murder (11/26)
County authorities raid Cayuga Nation smoke shops (11/26)
Tribes sue to stop construction of major oil pipeline (11/26)
Navajo basketball players settle police lawsuit (11/26)
San Manuel woman remains in jail after arrest (11/26)
Oglala Sioux Tribe seeks return of Episcopal land (11/26)
Former Interior official pleads guilty to corruption (11/26)
Bill Moyers: Broken justice in Indian Country (11/25)
Former Ute financial adviser files counterclaim (11/25)
Navajo woman faces sentencing for murder (11/25)
Two former Cheyenne-Arapaho leaders indicted (11/25)
San Manuel woman's arrest called a mistake (11/25)
Meeting to discuss border town racism at Blackfeet (11/24)
10th Circuit upholds immunity for tribal business (11/24)
Western Shoshones sue Interior over gold mine (11/24)
San Manuel woman arrested after home sentencing (11/24)
Tribal judge dismisses charges against Hopi chair (11/21)
Stillaguamish leader to pay $25.7M for tobacco (11/21)
Guilty plea for Cheyenne River Sioux fire deaths (11/21)
Former Passamaquoddy leader found guilty (11/21)
9th Circuit backs immunity for tribal businesses (11/20)
Mashantucket Tribe faces another union effort (11/20)
Guilty pleas in Stillaguamish tobacco case (11/20)
Soboba Band helps in arrest of carjacking suspect (11/20)
Court hearing in Stillaguamish tobacco case (11/19)
Northern Cheyenne woman admits to death (11/19)
Obama settling on choice for Attorney General (11/19)
No hate crime for attack on Blackfeet man (11/18)
Yakama Nation guest worker program debated (11/18)
Ex-Passamaquoddy leader faces jury's fate (11/18)
Six-year sentence for attack on Kickapoo land (11/18)
Wyoming tribes tighten drunken driving laws (11/17)
Hopi tribal court suspended in political dispute (11/17)
Narragansett Tribe blocked from state database (11/17)
Court allows limit on Chehalis man's fishing rights (11/14)
Army to move training center away from sacred site (11/14)
10th Circuit blocks new trial in Indian jury bias case (11/14)
Meskwaki Tribe delays exclusion of Sioux man (11/14)
Report shows increase in Indian jail population (11/13)
Sioux man cites discrimination by Meskwaki Tribe (11/13)
Oneida Nation to buy golf course at lower price (11/13)
9th Circuit reverses sentence for Indian defendant (11/12)
Osage Nation in talks for new tobacco compact (11/12)
Anti-smoking groups back tribal tobacco bill (11/12)
Turtle Talk: Obama's Supreme Court nominees (11/12)
Seneca Nation runs campaign against tobacco bill (11/11)
Town wants Nottawaseppi Huron Band to pay (11/11)
Northern Cheyenne man found guilty of stabbing (11/11)
Prosecutors seek to bolster Aquash murder case (11/11)
Funeral for victim of double homicide in Arizona (11/11)
Column: Light punishment for rich Indian siblings (11/10)
Sentences for 16 in Red Lake cocaine conspiracy (11/07)
Arizona tribes awarded sex offender grants (11/07)
Shinnecock man fights state fishing citations (11/07)
San Manuel siblings sentenced for murder plot (11/07)
Dispute over agreement with Cow Creek Band (11/06)
Muscogee Nation to weigh changes to constitution (11/06)
Chippewa Cree primary election in dispute (11/05)
Fort Peck woman sentenced for stabbing incident (11/04)
Supreme Court takes on first Indian law case of term (11/04)
Rhode Island optimistic on land-into-trust case (11/04)
Oregon tribes await outcome of land-into-trust case (11/04)
Officer for Seminole Tribe beaten over dog attack (11/04)
Former Passamaquoddy leader on trial for fraud (11/04)
Turtle Talk: Poor outlook on land-into-trust case (11/04)
Poultry industry cites Cherokee Nation in lawsuit (11/03)
Southern Ute Tribe asserts rights under 1874 deal (11/03)
San Manuel pair face sentences in murder-for-hire plot (11/03)
Prosecutors defend charges in Aquash murder case (11/03)
Man to stand trial for shooting BIA police officer (11/03)
Supreme Court to hear land-into-trust case (11/03)
Ex-Rosebud officer charged with sexual abuse (10/31)
Pala Band wins treatment as state from EPA (10/31)
Still no agreement on land-into-trust hearing (10/31)
Four immigrants die in Gila River incident (10/30)
Crow court dismisses charges against Indian sheriff (10/30)
City rejects offer to settle Navajo man's shooting (10/30)
Judge saves Mille Lacs man from banishment (10/30)
Manslaughter charge for death of Pechanga leader (10/30)
Rhode Island governor angry over hearing impasse (10/30)
BIA hosts law enforcement summit in Montana (10/29)
Inter-American Commission hears Native case (10/29)
Appeals courts shift to conservative grounds (10/29)
New York City seeks smokeshop injunction (10/29)
FBI: Little change in anti-Native hate crimes (10/28)
California tribes address domestic violence (10/28)
Judge rejects injunction in Chehalis tax case (10/28)
Two dead, officer shot on Flathead Reservation (10/28)
Indigenous Peoples Caucus meets in Geneva (10/28)
Eleven indicted in St. Croix crack cocaine ring (10/28)
Fight over land-into-trust hearing continues (10/28)
Sen. Stevens vows to fight guilty verdict (10/28)
Seneca off-reservation casino case appealed (10/27)
Aquash murder defendant raises 'Indian' issue (10/27)
Chehalis Tribe sues over county property taxes (10/27)
Appeals court allows cigarette prosecution despite treaty (10/24)
South Dakota loses Native cigarette case (10/24)
'Childish' fight over land-into-trust arguments (10/24)
New police chief named for North Dakota tribe (10/24)
Tribes weigh next move in sacred site case (10/23)
Blackfeet Nation seeks hate crime charges (10/23)
Counties doubt Coeur d'Alene Tribe's authority (10/23)
Mashpee Wampanoag mother and son file land claim (10/23)
Blog: Why DOJ won't prosecute ex-Interior officials (10/23)
Northern Cheyenne man denies murdering daughter (10/22)
Navajo family awaits trial in police shooting (10/22)
Coquille man wants vote on same-sex marriage (10/22)
Paiute Tribe invites law enforcement to play (10/22)
Two religious rights cases on Supreme Court's horizon (10/21)
Unsolved murder of Chippewa man examined again (10/21)
No hate crime charges for men in 'dirty Indian' attack (10/21)
Southern Ute Tribe exercises 1874 hunting rights (10/21)
Pueblo man seriously injured by drunken-driver (10/21)
Yakama Nation approves guest-worker program (10/21)
Chickasaw Nation police chief wins national honor (10/21)
Five arrested in drug raid on Pine Ridge Reservation (10/21)
Oglala Sioux Tribe to consider police chief candidates (10/21)
Yavapai-Prescott elder sues tribe over building (10/21)
Column: Sen. Stevens doesn't own the witness chair (10/21)
Trial for Aquash murder defendants delayed to 2009 (10/20)
Colville Tribes sue to stop Forest Service auction (10/20)
Convicted man wants to join Northern Arapaho suit (10/20)
Town backs lawyer to argue land-into-trust case (10/17)
Drug bust reported on Pine Ridge Reservation (10/17)
Column: Wife of Sen. Stevens takes the fall at trial (10/17)
Pechanga leader's death after DNC ruled a homicide (10/17)
Man resentenced for Crow Reservation murders (10/16)
Nez Perce woman files lawsuit over priest abuse (10/16)
Judge blocks recall vote against Indian sheriff (10/15)
Prosecutors seek alibis in Aquash murder case (10/15)
Russell Means fights fishing charge in federal court (10/15)
Seminole Tribe fires officer charged with assault (10/15)
Town weighs land eyed by Narragansett Tribe (10/15)
Column: Land-into-trust case an important one (10/15)
Wisconsin AG says tribal police records not public (10/14)
Colorado tribes recognized for anti-crime efforts (10/13)
City wants to join Northern Arapaho lawsuit (10/10)
Report: Triple murder linked to tribal weapons deal (10/10)
BIA urges San Pasqual Band to resolve dispute (10/10)
Artman joins Indian law practice at firm (10/09)
Joint trial sought for Aquash murder defendants (10/09)
Land-into-trust argument fight gets even more nasty (10/09)
Constitutionality an issue in land-into-trust lawsuits (10/08)
BIA weighs faster review of Shinnecock recognition (10/08)
Judge blocks Muckleshoots from Duwamish case (10/08)
9th Circuit rebuffs Snoqualmie Tribe on sacred site (10/08)
Attorneys at 'impasse' for land-into-trust arguments (10/08)
Indian law cases on Supreme Court's new docket (10/07)
Wisconsin legal opinion excludes tribal police (10/07)
Crow chair says race behind recall of Indian sheriff (10/07)
Aquash family 'devastated' by delay in murder case (10/07)
White Earth Band wants state to cede jurisdiction (10/07)
Arguments still not settled in land-into-trust case (10/07)
Narragansett chief starts community service (10/07)
Murder trial stalled due to 'Indian' status issue (10/06)
Border city might join Northern Arapaho lawsuit (10/06)
Narragansett Tribe won't argue at Supreme Court (10/06)
Supreme Court won't hear Osage Nation case (10/06)
Cayuga Nation gives away gas amid tax protest (10/06)
9th Circuit delays ruling in sacred site case (10/06)
Judge to consider Shinnecock Nation recognition (10/06)
Off-reservation gaming policy survives lawsuit (10/03)
Wisconsin Law Journal: Menominee attorney (10/03)
Blackfeet woman pleads not guilty for son's death (10/03)
Judge dismisses case against Aquash murder suspect (10/03)
Sen. Stevens loses bid to dismiss corruption case (10/03)
Ruling affects Oneida Nation's purchase of golf course (10/02)
Navajo Nation trust case on Supreme Court docket again (10/02)
Goshute Tribe threatens suit over rare Utah fish (10/02)
States' rights at issue in Supreme Court cases (10/02)
Northern Arapaho Tribe files Indian Country suit (10/02)
Supreme Court won't rehear death penalty case (10/02)
More than 30M cartons sold on New York reservations (10/02)
Judge blocks Omaha Tribe's attempted banishment (10/02)
Recall election set for Indian sheriff in Montana (10/01)
Aquash, Canadian woman, was 'Indian' prosecutors say (10/01)
Chippewa Cree Tribe to use grants for court system (10/01)
Murder-suicide reported on Menominee Reservation (10/01)
United Keetoowah Band sues to block IHS turnover (10/01)
Supreme Court to hear Native Hawaiian case (10/01)
Supreme Court to hear Navajo Nation trust case (10/01)
White House tied to firings of US Attorneys (10/01)
US Attorneys targeted for Indian Country work (09/30)
Makah grandmothers to walk 330 miles for treaty (09/30)
Cayuga Nation to give away gas in counter protest (09/30)
Supreme Court considers Indian law cases (09/30)
Navajo family cites bias in murder charges (09/30)
Indian men injured in attack by 'white pride' group (09/30)
New York City mayor sues Indian smokeshops (09/30)
Gang clash cited in stabbings at Morongo powwow (09/30)
Prosecutor named for US Attorney firings (09/30)
Indian county sheriff faces recall election (09/29)
Target of San Manuel murder plot sues for $50M (09/29)
Saginaw Chippewa Tribe repeals ban on unions (09/29)
Four Indian suspects wanted for home invasion (09/29)
DOJ to release report on firings of US Attorneys (09/29)
Stabbing death reported at Morongo powwow (09/29)
Standing Rock man charged in BIA officer shooting (09/26)
Oglala Sioux Tribe looking for new police chief (09/26)
Southern Ute Tribe wins $110K in biker rally dispute (09/26)
Soboba man and woman arrested for crimes (09/26)
Column: Sen. Stevens says wife controls 'tepee' (09/26)
Appeals court rejects Narragansett raid suit (09/25)
Opposition to effort to protect sacred Bear Butte (09/25)
Army claims tribal rights 'always respected' (09/25)
Alaska governor loses subsistence rights appeal (09/24)
MinnPost: Heffelfinger supports declination reporting (09/24)
Social workers tried to find missing Blackfeet boy (09/24)
FBI investigates Navajo Nation police shooting (09/24)
County to house Port Gamble S'Klallam inmates (09/24)
9th Circuit decision in Alaska subsistence case (09/23)
Judge blocks construction at sacred Comanche site (09/23)
Blackfeet woman claims death of son an accident (09/23)
Conviction in Southern Ute Reservation murder (09/23)
One dead in Navajo police shooting in New Mexico (09/23)
Blog: Looking back on Puyallup land claim settlement (09/23)
Alaska Natives on witness list for Sen. Stevens trial (09/23)
Tribes, state share frustration on Adam Walsh Act (09/22)
Muscogee Nation kills tobacco compact talks (09/22)
Police report hate crime against Tigua Tribe (09/22)
Judgment against domestic violence group vacated (09/19)
Apache woman sentenced for meth distribution (09/19)
SCOTUSBlog: Supreme Court petitions to watch (09/19)
DOJ won't provide Indian crime data to Senate (09/19)
'War' cited in need for work at Fort Sill sacred site (09/19)
Former Tohono O’odham Nation official sentenced (09/19)
Court: Federal employee pressured USET (09/18)
Southern Ute Tribe downplays financial adviser's role (09/18)
BIA officer recovering after being shot on duty (09/18)
Indian Affairs hearing on prosecution rates (09/18)
US Attorneys in Arizona for Indian meeting (09/18)
White Earth police to provide services for school (09/18)
Testimony: Funding won't help Indian education (09/17)
Witness list for Senate hearing on declinations (09/17)
Soboba man arrested after standoff with deputies (09/17)
SCOTUSBlog: Narragansett land-into-trust case (09/17)
Wisconsin tribes win case over tax assessments (09/17)
Turtle Mountain Band to open sex offender office (09/16)
Rumsey Band settles lawsuit against ex-attorney (09/16)
Natives accounted for 1.3 percent of arrests (09/16)
Judge rejects Yellowstone snowmobile plan (09/16)
Two states battle NIGC over Ponca Tribe's casino (09/16)
Men with 'Soboba' tattoos accused of robbery (09/15)
Senate hearing on Indian Country declination (09/15)
Wyandotte casino survives another legal challenge (09/12)
Oneida Nation land-into-trust records at issue (09/12)
Navajo student on trial for murder in Arizona (09/12)
BIA officer was shot during domestic violence call (09/12)
Former Bush lawyer paid $200K for land-into-trust case (09/12)
Police shootings of Soboba members investigated (09/11)
BIA officer shot on Standing Rock Reservation (09/11)
San Juan Southern Paiute leader indicted (09/11)
Crow candidate plans to sue tribe to get on ballot (09/11)
Judge asserts jurisdiction in Snoqualmie dispute (09/10)
Editorial: Law and order for Oglala Sioux Tribe (09/10)
Russell Means faces charges over fishing protest (09/10)
Former Osage Nation official sentenced for theft (09/10)
Comanche Nation due in court over Fort Sill work (09/09)
Blackfeet woman in court over death of 2-year-old son (09/09)
Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation to set up drug court (09/09)
Judge holds hearing on reservation trailer park (09/09)
Oglala Sioux Tribe loses sovereign immunity case (09/08)
Blackfeet family shocked over death of 2-year-old boy (09/08)
State argues over arguments in land-into-trust case (09/08)
Yakama Nation sues over tobacco compact (09/05)
Ex-financial adviser denies cheating Ute Tribe (09/05)
10th Circuit rules in Navajo trust accounting case (09/05)
Turtle Talk: Review of pending Supreme Court cases (09/05)
World's largest zinc mine reaches deal with village (09/04)
New York governor pressed on tribal tobacco bill (09/04)
Aquash murder defendants to be held in same jail (09/04)
Oglala Sioux Tribe urged to prepare law plan (09/04)
Ute Tribe accuses former financial adviser of fraud (09/04)
New Mexico sues dealers over fake Indian items (09/03)
BIA sends 10 more officers to Pine Ridge Reservation (09/03)
Cobell judge assigned UKB trust accounting case (09/03)
Michigan tribe wins gaming rights case (09/02)
BIA promotes community policing on reservations (09/02)
No charges for former attorney general Gonzales (09/02)
Data shows no disparity in police stops in Montana (09/01)
DOJ awards $14.9M for tribal law enforcement (08/29)
Border agent sues Ford over reservation accident (08/28)
Pueblo leader denies wrongdoing on tobacco (08/28)
Sentencing for ex-Oglala Sioux leader delayed (08/28)
Law enforcement an issue on Pine Ridge Reservation (08/28)
Highest court in Brazil weighs Indian rights case (08/28)
Pueblo leader's home raided in smokeshop probe (08/27)
Banished Snoqualmie members in federal court (08/27)
Third man indicted in 1975 murder of Aquash (08/27)
Narragansett man appeals verdict in raid case (08/27)
St. Regis Mohawk Tribe opposes tobacco tax bill (08/26)
Arrests for 2001 murders of Turtle Mountain men (08/26)
Rita Keshena, Menominee chief justice, dies at 87 (08/26)
Appeals court changes mind in Blackfeet housing case (08/25)
Response: The South Dakota Indian crime study (08/22)
Men attacked members of Passamaquoddy Tribe (08/22)
Interview: Attorney in San Francisco Peaks case (08/22)
Sen. Stevens loses motion to move trial to Alaska (08/21)
Comanche Nation battles Army over sacred site (08/20)
Former Navajo police officer charged with murder (08/20)
10th Circuit to hear jury discrimination case (08/20)
Soboba Reservation attempted murder trial opens (08/19)
Fort Belknap man sentenced for drunk-driving death (08/19)
Law Article: Tribes can't promote tax avoidance (08/19)
Appeals court delays casino for Michigan tribe (08/18)
Big marijuana find on Tohono O'odham Nation (08/18)
Judge backs fishing rights for Wenatchi Band (08/18)
BIA sends 25 temporary officers to Pine Ridge (08/15)
EPA challenged over Navajo power plant permit (08/15)
Cahuilla teen blames racism for stop by deputies (08/15)
Miccosukee Tribe loses motion on Everglades project (08/15)
Seneca Nation lobbies governor on tobacco tax bill (08/14)
Crow Reservation admits filing false rape report (08/14)
Navajo medicine man sentenced for rape (08/14)
Frank's Landing smokeshop owners enter pleas (08/14)
Leader of fake tribe guilty in immigration scam (08/14)
Half of Oglala Sioux Tribe police force resigned (08/14)
Soboba Band seeks state certification for officers (08/13)
Miccosukee Tribe supports Everglades project (08/13)
New Mexico lawmakers discuss fake Indian art (08/13)
Three from Port Gamble S'Klallam Tribe shot (08/13)
Comanche Nation signs tobacco compact (08/13)
Oglala Sioux police officers walk off the job (08/13)
No charges for illegal hirings at Justice Department (08/13)
9th Circuit affirms prosecution in O'odham case (08/12)
BIA to work with tribal college on law and order (08/12)
Hundreds attend Soboba Band forum on Public Law 280 (08/12)
Seneca Nation opposes tobacco tax bill (08/12)
Appeals court reverses course on sacred site in Arizona (08/11)
BIA shuts down jail on Pine Ridge Reservation (08/11)
9th Circuit issues rulings on sacred site, compacts (08/08)
Soboba Band forum on Public Law 280 on Monday (08/08)
Aquinnah Wampanoag Tribe lacks building permit (08/08)
Witness says fake tribe pulled in $30K a day (08/08)
Report cites poor conditions at BIA detention centers (08/08)
Cherokee Nation to renovate Supreme Court building (08/08)
BIA report on detention facilities made public (08/07)
Target of San Manuel murder plot went into hiding (08/07)
State orders parolees to leave Soboba Reservation (08/07)
Former Cheyenne-Arapaho official pleads guilty (08/07)
Red Lake man faces assault and arson charges (08/07)
HuffPo: Civil rights probe targets DOJ attorneys (08/06)
Native village wants to handle caribou waste case (08/06)
Federal judge in South Dakota takes senior status (08/06)
Montana tribe's court hosts legal symposium (08/06)
Funding an issue for Standing Rock law enforcement (08/06)
Sen. Stevens wants coruption trial moved to Alaska (08/05)
Leader of fake tribe on trial for immigration scam (08/05)
Senate panel holds field hearing at Standing Rock (08/05)
County sheriff won't attend Soboba Band forum (08/05)
Judge chastises owner of reservation trailer park (08/05)
Sheriff worried about more violence at Soboba (08/04)
Judge orders election assistance in Yup'ik (08/01)
Sen. Stevens set for quick trial on corruption charges (08/01)
Crow couple sues BIA over grazing leases (07/31)
Tensions continue between Soboba Band and sheriff (07/31)
California intertribal court moves to new home (07/31)
Freedmen dispute continues despite court decision (07/30)
Oklahoma man convicted of assaulting children (07/30)
More than 60 caribou carcasses discarded in Alaska (07/30)
Indian inmate settles religious rights lawsuit (07/30)
Both sides claim victory in Freedmen case (07/30)
More woes for GOP with Sen. Stevens indictment (07/30)
Judge backs Miccosukee Tribe in Everglades suit (07/30)
Cherokee officials open to lawsuit from Freedmen (07/29)
Indian Country advocate hindered by top DOJ aides (07/29)
Sen. Ted Stevens indicted on corruption charges (07/29)
BIA report cites $8.4B backlog in detention centers (07/29)
Indian county sheriff removed in North Dakota (07/29)
Jury sides with trooper in Narragansett raid case (07/29)
Self-described medicine man seeks return of peyote (07/29)
Report: DOJ appointees broke law on hiring (07/28)
Indian Affairs hearing addresses tribal courts (07/25)
Indian inmate at large was tribal police officer (07/25)
Injury at issue in Narragansett smokeshop raid case (07/25)
Sheriff accused of negligence in Soboba man's (07/25)
Jurisdiction dispute flares at Lake Coeur d'Alene (07/25)
Law and order bill wins praise in Indian Country (07/24)
Blackfeet family sues BIA over freezing death (07/24)
Father charged in death of boy at Jicarilla Apache (07/24)
Nebraska AG suggests Indians to blame for stops (07/24)
NPR: Bill seeks to improve Indian law and order (07/24)
Doctor testifies in Narragansett smokeshop raid case (07/24)
San Manuel Band signs law enforcement contract (07/24)
Senate Indian Affairs hearing on tribal courts (07/24)
Jodi Rave: NARF seeks class action for tribal trust (07/24)
Texas files response in Indian gaming case (07/23)
Indian inmate escaped county jail in Montana (07/23)
8th Circuit dismisses IHS birth switch lawsuit (07/23)
Deadline looms for EPA on Navajo power plant (07/23)
Narragansett man testifies about smokeshop raid (07/23)
Alcohol ban at Blackfeet event called a success (07/23)
Senators to unveil law and order reform bill (07/23)
Retrial starts in Narragansett smokeshop raid case (07/22)
9th Circuit rejects challenge to Indian hunting law (07/22)
Review finds background checks lacking at BIA schools (07/21)
Elderly couple arrested in Hannahville drug sweep (07/21)
Jodi Rave: Tulalip Tribes raise funds for NARF (07/21)
Makah men appeal convictions for rogue whale hunt (07/18)
BIA school teacher accused of molesting student (07/18)
San Manuel Band to sign law enforcement contract (07/18)
Colorado to exempt tribal lands from energy rules (07/18)
Jodi Rave: Tribes testify on Adam Walsh Act (07/18)
Passamaquoddy officers cleared in fatal shooting (07/18)
Senate Indian Affairs hearing on tribal courts (07/18)
Judge rules on Chumash land-into-trust lawsuit (07/17)
Sen. Dorgan to introduce law enforcement act (07/17)
Nevada Supreme Court dismisses child support case (07/17)
IRS ruling on tax-exempt bonds being challenged (07/17)
Agua Caliente woman to stand trial for murder (07/17)
South Dakota study disputes Indian crime statistics (07/16)
No oral arguments in Montana Indian hunting case (07/16)
Wisconsin county weighs land-into-trust challenge (07/16)
Mining company held liable for Spokane cleanup (07/16)
'Surge' at Standing Rock results in 700 arrests (07/16)
Trooper back on trial in Narragansett raid case (07/16)
Effort targets bootlegging on Navajo Nation (07/16)
South Dakota AG disputes Indian crime studies (07/15)
9th Circuit considers Indian hunting law in Montana (07/15)
Lawyer defends use of 'Redskins' name (07/15)
Senate considers $2B infusion into Indian Country (07/15)
Judge sides against Native activists in 'Redskins' suit (07/14)
First Alaska Native public safety official fired (07/14)
BIA spends $1M on Standing Rock Sioux 'surge' (07/14)
BIA publishes final regulation on law and order (07/11)
Indian inmate files suit over use of eagle feathers (07/10)
Former Cherokee Nation employee sentenced (07/10)
Court affirms arbitration in Cherokee contract case (07/09)
Yankton Sioux Tribe concerned about jurisdiction (07/09)
Appeals court denies rehearing in eagle protection case (07/08)
Soboba Band signs mediation agreement with county (07/08)
Court rules in Yankton Sioux emergency room case (07/08)
Lawsuit over 'Chief Illiniwek' logo dismissed (07/08)
Washington cancels Yakama Nation tobacco compact (07/08)
BIA official made derogatory remarks about women (07/07)
Democracy Now: Inupiat village sues big oil companies (07/07)
Cherokee Nation weighs Adam Walsh implementation (07/07)
Owners of Frank's Landing smokeshop plead guilty (07/04)
MOWA Choctaw recognition lawsuit dismissed (07/04)
Death of juvenile reported on Omaha Reservation (07/03)
Soboba Band to sign law enforcement agreement (07/03)
Media supports rehearing in Arapaho eagle case (07/03)
Passamaquoddy LNG terminal lawsuit back in court (07/02)
Law Article: Supreme Court rules on tribal jurisdiction (07/02)
Native inmate pleads guilty to attack in Pennsylvania (07/01)
9th Circuit won't rehear eagle feather cases (07/01)
Medicine man, 70, faces jail time for rape of girl (07/01)
Quinault man wins ruling in Public Law 280 case (07/01)
Makah men sentenced for illegal whale hunt (07/01)
Makah chair denies knowledge of rogue whale hunt (06/30)
MinnPost.Com: Drug dealing on Red Lake Nation (06/30)
Makah men face sentencing for illegal whale hunt (06/27)
North Dakota Supreme Court rejects ICWA ruling (06/27)
9th Circuit ruling in Shoshone-Bannock case (06/27)
South Dakota court rules in boarding school cases (06/27)
Navajo president opposes ouster of top lawyer (06/27)
Suit over Mashpee Wampanoag shunning dismissed (06/27)
Supreme Court limits tribal jurisdiction over non-Indians (06/26)
Alaska Natives get small share of Exxon judgment (06/26)
Judge issues ruling in Yankton Sioux hog farm case (06/26)
Cherokee Nation marshal kills fugitive in Oklahoma (06/26)
10th Circuit asked to rehear Wyoming eagle case (06/26)
High court bars death penalty in non-homicide cases (06/26)
Supreme Court cuts down Exxon oil spill damages (06/25)
Supreme Court reverses tribal jurisdiction ruling (06/25)
Report: DOJ broke law in hiring young attorneys (06/25)
Two big rulings awaited from Supreme Court (06/24)
County sheriff faces charges in Crow tribal court (06/24)
Ex-BIA official cites need for law enforcement (06/24)
Judge orders evidence search in Aquash murder case (06/24)
Cherokee Nation loses tobacco arbitration ruling (06/24)
Navajo Nation Council targets tribe's top lawyer (06/24)
Blog: Author of opinion in tribal jurisdiction case (06/24)
Supreme Court won't hear border fence lawsuit (06/24)
California county sheriff appoints tribal liaison (06/24)
Some smokeshops still selling low-tax cigarettes (06/23)
ICT Interview: U.S. Attorney Diane Humetewa (06/23)
San Manuel Band takes aim at reservation crime (06/23)
Federal prosecutor rejects criticism of Justice Department (06/20)
Lawsuits challenge Oneida Nation land-into-trust (06/20)
Senate panel tackles crime issues in Indian Country (06/20)
North Dakota sets deadline for tribal gas tax refund (06/20)
Havasupai man sentenced for murder of tourist (06/20)
Narragansett defendants sentenced in raid case (06/20)
Appeals court cites gaming to weaken tribe's sovereignty (06/19)
Judge rules hog farm not under tribal jurisdiction (06/19)
Seven indicted in drug ring on Pine Ridge Reservation (06/19)
Another delay sought in Aquash murder trial (06/19)
9th Circuit opinion in Barona Band tax case (06/18)
Red Lake man charged with child sexual abuse (06/18)
First lawsuits filed over Oneida land-into-trust (06/18)
Judge rejects new trial in Narragansett raid (06/18)
Live Wire: Eagle feathers and Native Americans (06/18)
Miccosukee Tribe sues over Everglades highway (06/18)
Pot dating back 1,000 years found in New Mexico (06/17)
Senate committee to take up 'crisis' on reservations (06/16)
Deadline this week on Oneida land-into-trust (06/16)
Artifacts stolen from Cabazon museum recovered (06/16)
BIA's 'surge' at Standing Rock making an impact (06/16)
Iowa Supreme Court strikes down ICWA rules (06/13)
South Dakota court denies tribal jurisdiction (06/13)
Rosebud man gets nearly 20 years for meth (06/13)
Mashantucket chairman fights arrest warrant (06/12)
Lawsuits mount over Oneida land-into-trust (06/12)
Cheyenne River teen charged with murder (06/12)
Another Cheyenne-Arapaho official sentenced (06/12)
Chief 9th Circuit judge halts obscenity trial (06/12)
New York to sue over Oneida Nation land-into-trust (06/11)
Art dealer on trial over stolen Navajo artifacts (06/11)
Interview with U.S. Attorney Diane Humetewa (06/11)
Attorney in Abramoff probe a target of lawsuit (06/11)
Arrest warrant issued for Mashantucket chairman (06/11)
Sherman Alexie to testify at Seattle Sonics trial (06/10)
Teens accused in murder of Navajo student (06/10)
Deaths of three girls still under investigation (06/10)
Leader of fake tribe in Utah faces new charges (06/10)
Lawsuits over Oneida land-into-trust in the works (06/06)
Leader of fake tribe headed to trial on fraud charges (06/06)
Three teen girls found dead on Wyoming reservation (06/06)
Former Bush lawyer to argue land-into-trust case (06/06)
Supreme Court delays action on Indian gaming case (06/05)
Sen. Dorgan plans subpoena over BIA jail report (06/05)
Ski resort in sacred site case seeks expansion (06/05)
BIA tackles crime on Standing Rock Reservation (06/05)
Former Comanche Nation police chief sentenced (06/05)
Three bodies found on Wind River Reservation (06/05)
Ruling in Plains Commerce case expected by July (06/05)
2nd Circuit hears Oneida land claim appeals (06/04)
Karuk Tribe wins lawsuit over salmon advertisement (06/04)
Eight banished from Snoqualmie Tribe file suit (06/02)
2nd Circuit to hear appeals of Oneida land claim (06/02)
Former BIA officer acquitted of sexual assault (05/30)
County sheriff hopes to improve tribal relations (05/29)
Ute Mountain Ute man sentenced for murder (05/29)
Apache woman accused of stealing from tribe (05/28)
Tigua Tribe to join lawsuit over US-Mexico fence (05/28)
Stockbridge-Munsees weigh land-into-trust suit (05/28)
DOJ's Native subcommittee to meet in South Dakota (05/27)
Navajo Nation settles voter ID lawsuit in Arizona (05/27)
Yakama Nation judge shuts down appeals court (05/23)
Soboba Band meets with county sheriff again (05/23)
Mescalero Apache custody case over son's haircut (05/23)
Appeals court won't reopen Western Shoshone case (05/23)
Man sentenced to 200 months for sexual assault (05/22)
Blackfeet Nation seeks housing case rehearing (05/21)
Lac du Flambeau protesters plead not guilty (05/20)
Police officer linked to Indian woman's death (05/20)
Soboba Band meets county after fatal shootings (05/19)
BIA seeks charges against ex-Indian school coach (05/19)
Makah Nation disputes story about whaling jury (05/16)
South Dakota gets another assistant U.S. attorney (05/16)
Soboba Band plans to sue county over shootings (05/16)
Judge in Oklahoma reinstates tribal tobacco rule (05/16)
Legal group wants sovereign immunity reviewed (05/15)
Makah judge defers prosecution of whalers (05/15)
Soboba couple killed while hiding from police (05/15)
Tribes reject state authority under Adam Walsh Act (05/15)
Secret Service agent emailed 'joke' about Indians (05/15)
Justice Department official announces resignation (05/15)
Soboba chair cites 'war' against county 'calvary' (05/14)
Lawyer seeks rehearing of Arapaho eagle case (05/14)
Bush administration opposes review of IGRA case (05/13)
Passamaquoddy police officers shoot armed man (05/13)
Fort Peck woman sentenced for boyfriend's death (05/13)
Supreme Court won't hear tribal immunity case (05/13)
Two dead in shootout at Soboba Reservation (05/13)
City rejected Crow Tribe's help on unused jail (05/13)
Makah Nation whale hunt up for public comment (05/12)
Judge won't dismiss evidence in Rosebud police case (05/12)
Supreme Court delays action on Indian gaming case (06/05)
Appeals court reinstates charges in eagle taking case (05/09)
Nez Perce Tribe investigates alleged assault of child (05/09)
Fallon Paiute-Shoshone Tribe honors fallen officer (05/09)
Tulalip Tribes to collect child support payments (05/09)
Jury awards $1.3M to non-Indian couple (05/09)
Judge refuses to close Frank's Landing smoke shop (05/09)
Soboba man killed in gunfight on reservation (05/09)
Northern Cheyenne man sentenced for assault (05/08)
Judge clears Oglala Sioux police in death lawsuit (05/08)
Kickapoo Tribe dedicates $400K judicial center (05/08)
Brother of Cheyenne River fire victims indicted (05/08)
10th Circuit rejects Native man's appeal (05/07)
Hog farm operator challenges tribal jurisdiction (05/07)
Appeals court hears Cherokee Freedmen dispute (05/07)
Ex-Oglala Sioux official pleads guilty to drug charge (05/07)
Third defendant guilty for attack on Native man (05/07)
Arrest made in connection with Cheyenne River fire (05/07)
Sen. McCain vows to appoint conservative judges (05/07)
Appeals court to hear Cherokee Freedmen case (05/06)
Judge axes Native housing discrimination suit (05/06)
Judge rules against founders of fake tribe in Utah (05/06)
Appeals court judge strikes blows against Indian rights (05/05)
Billings Gazette: Natives and Newcomers series (05/05)
Lawsuit challenges Grand Traverse land-into-trust (05/02)
Judge allows discrimination lawsuit against school (05/02)
Ho-Chunk Nation loses suit over tobacco tax (05/02)
Justice official who oversaw Abramoff probe to quit (05/01)
Turtle Talk: Disaster looming on land-into-trust (04/30)
Judge allows state prosecution of mixed-blood Ute (04/30)
Oklahoma wants single tobacco tax rate for tribes (04/30)
Judge gives Interior deadline on polar bear listing (04/30)
Appeals court backs Gun Lake land-into-trust (04/29)
KBIC member indicted for theft of timber resources (04/29)
Shunned Wampanaogs sue tribal leaders (04/29)
Supreme Court upholds voter ID law in Indiana (04/29)
Federal judge won't close reservation trailer park (04/29)
Yakama man upset with lack of federal prosecution (04/28)
Nisqually Tribe seeks control of Frank's Landing (04/28)
Leech Lake man sentenced over offender registry (04/28)
Blackfeet Nation shuts juvenile detention center (04/25)
Larry Baca awarded top Justice Department honor (04/24)
Spirit Lake man sentenced for attempted rape (04/24)
County posts documents on Cahuilla water rights (04/24)
Fond du Lac Band offers reward for threat against chair (04/24)
Rosebud police certification at issue in federal court (04/24)
Yankton Sioux parents file suit over hog farm (04/24)
Arrests made at Yankton Sioux hog farm protest (04/23)
Blackfeet Nation plans housing case rehearing (04/23)
Judge: Cheyenne-Arapaho Tribes open to thievery (04/23)
Men plead guilty to selling memberships (04/23)
Texas tribe presses Supreme Court on IGRA issue (04/22)
Man admits to selling meth from tribal housing (04/22)
Makah judge won't dismiss illegal whaling case (04/21)
Pueblo potter wins $1.2M award against gallery (04/18)
Guilty pleas in San Manuel murder-for-hire case (04/18)
Critic of Lumbee housing charged with arson (04/18)
Navajo man wins appeal on sentence from Supreme Court (04/17)
Oneida land-into-trust case drawing attention (04/17)
Supreme Court upholds use of lethal injection (04/17)
Denver police investigate death of Oglala man (04/16)
Ex-soldier sentenced for girlfriend's murder (04/16)
Court orders new sentence in Crow murder case (04/15)
Artman acknowledges Indian preference ruling (04/15)
Drug trial for Ex-Oglala council member on hold (04/15)
Navajo man pleads guilty in hate crime case (04/15)
Legal Times: Italians and Indians at high court (04/15)
Cherokee Freedmen issue affects debate on Hill (04/14)
Indian criminal cases rising in South Dakota (04/14)
Supreme Court to hear jurisdiction case (04/14)
NLRB chairman supports tribal sovereignty (04/11)
Yakama Nation police officers may not be certified (04/10)
Man accused of Indian Country assaults arrested (04/10)
Navajo woman killed in hit and run in Albuquerque (04/10)
Tonkawa Tribe ousts chairman after drug arrest (04/10)
Federal Bar Association holds Indian law conference (04/10)
Former Cheyenne-Arapaho chairman sentenced (04/10)
Navajo Nation police chief placed on paid leave (04/10)
Former Yakama museum curator admits theft (04/09)
Tulalip Tribes officers to be cross commissioned (04/09)
Cherokee Nation wants lower tobacco tax rate (04/09)
11-year-old Fort Belknap girl dies of gunshot wound (04/08)
Indian family sues school district over bullying (04/08)
Rosebud Sioux Tribe's chief of police resigns (04/08)
Judge convicts two Makah whalers for illegal hunt (04/08)
Jury returns verdict in Narragansett raid case (04/07)
Cherokee chief to address Freedmen at conference (04/07)
Judge backs broad Indian preference at DOI (04/04)
Montana tribes work on Adam Walsh compliance (04/04)
Pascua Yaquis targeted for looking 'Mexican' (04/04)
Jury still deliberates Narragansett case (04/04)
Judge rejects Ottawa Tribe's fishing rights claim (04/03)
North Dakota tribe nears oil tax agreement with state (04/03)
DOJ to join argument in tribal court jurisdiction case (04/03)
Jury continues deliberations in Narragansett case (04/03)
Tulalip Tribes land protection measure in dispute (04/03)
Rosebud police chief says officers are certified (04/02)
Former Passamaquoddy leader pleads not guilty (04/02)
Jury begins deliberations in Narragansett case (04/02)
Narragansett smokeshop raid case goes to jury (04/01)
Certification of Rosebud Sioux officers at issue (04/01)
Former Eastern Cherokee paper editor sues tribe (04/01)
Judge subjects Oneida fee land to local jurisdiction (03/31)
Bill strengthens Alaska Native authentic arts program (03/31)
Indian man running for office wins defamation suit (03/31)
Blue Lake immunity case before Supreme Court (03/28)
Attorney hails ruling in Blackfeet housing case (03/28)
Ruling faults Cherokee Nation on tobacco compact (03/28)
Defense rests in Narragansett smokeshop raid case (03/28)
Three Makah whalers plead guilty for illegal hunt (03/28)
Appeals court to hear Cherokee Freedmen case (03/27)
Bill exempts Maine tribes from public access law (03/27)
Narragansett officer defends actions in state raid (03/27)
Drug sweep nets 29 arrests in Mohawk communities (03/27)
Lawsuit accuses BIA of causing death at Pine Ridge (03/27)
Appeals court reopens Wyoming border town murder case (03/26)
Fort Peck Tribes sign oil and gas tax agreement (03/26)
Bush pardons man from Rosebud Reservation (03/26)
Man sentenced to 70 months for death of daughter (03/26)
Narragansett attorney, police chief testify about raid (03/26)
Dispute over Buena Vista casino continues in court (03/25)
Makah whalers reject plea deal for illegal hunt (03/25)
Bush brief backs tribal court jurisdiction (03/24)
Fort Peck resentenced for death of Navy SEAL (03/21)
Lenape family sues New Jersey police over death (03/21)
Narragansetts mount defense in state raid case (03/21)
Ex-Passamaquoddy governor accused of fraud (03/21)
Court allows suit against tribe - not HUD - for faulty homes (03/20)
Judge upholds charges in Narragansett raid case (03/20)
Delaware tribe might disenroll man in eagle flap (03/20)
Turtle Mountain employee sentenced for assault (03/20)
Suspended Soo Tribe police chief back on the job (03/19)
Navajo Nation sues EPA over power plant permit (03/19)
State rests case in Narragansett raid trial (03/19)
Navajo Nation enacts toxic waste cleanup law (03/19)
Justice Kennedy cites 'hostile' tribes in gun case (03/19)
Judge limits Utah's role in managing Navajo trust (03/18)
Senate panel takes up Indian law enforcement (03/18)
Washington tribal policing bill awaits signature (03/18)
Oklahoma tribe seeks action on New Mexico casino (03/17)
Native artist sentenced to probation for filming (03/17)
Oklahoma tribes exempt from illegal worker law (03/17)
Makah whaling case set for trial in two courts (03/17)
Senate Indian Affairs hearing on law enforcement (03/17)
Sentence for man who called Indians 'subhuman' (03/14)
Fired Washoe administrator cites discrimination (03/14)
Sovereignty at issue in Supreme Court case (03/13)
Judge delays trial for Aquash murder defendant (03/13)
Lac Courte Oreilles Band seeks property tax deal (03/13)
Peltier takes FBI document case to appeals court (03/12)
Navajo Supreme Court holds session in Colorado (03/12)
Judge in Alaska recognizes tribal court authority (03/11)
Arizona tribes win ruling in eagle listing case (03/11)
Oklahoma allows tribal tobacco compacts to expire (03/11)
Washington Legislature passes tribal policing bill (03/11)
Quinault woman sentenced for fatal car crash (03/10)
Video of Narragansett raid shown repeatedly at trial (03/07)
Washington tribal policing bill being debated (03/06)
State police testify about Narragansett raid (03/06)
Ex-Comanche police chief pleads to theft (03/06)
Testimony resumes in Narragansett raid case (03/05)
Lumbee attorney to be honored by law school (03/05)
Pharmacy on Seneca-Cayuga land shut down (03/05)
Aquash murder defendant seeks trial delay (03/04)
Navajo man pleads guilty in hate crime case (03/04)
Quechan Nation claims victory in power line case (03/04)
Narragansett smokeshop trial set to resume (03/04)
Assault charge against ex-Soo police chief dropped (03/03)
Narragansett smokeshop trial finally begins (02/29)
Supreme Court hears Exxon Valdez oil spill case (02/28)
Narragansett Tribe wants land taken out of trust (02/28)
Lawsuit seeks to oust Apache chairman from office (02/28)
Native village sues energy companies over erosion (02/27)
Supreme Court agrees to hear land-into-trust case (02/26)
Rhode Island welcomes ruling on land-into-trust case (02/26)
Lawyer predicts land-into-trust fix for new tribes (02/26)
Major water rights settlements before Congress (02/26)
Jury selection in Narragansett smokeshop case (02/26)
Yakama Nation explains firing of police chief (02/26)
Eastern Cherokee Band loses three prosecutors (02/26)
Supreme Court accepts land-into-trust case (02/25)
Alaska state troopers meet with Native village (02/22)
Rep. Renzi indicted on 35 counts for land deal (02/22)
High court weighs Narragansett land-into-trust (02/22)
Nebraska panel debates Omaha jurisdiction bill (02/21)
Judge dismisses Quechan suit on refinery site (02/21)
Karuk Tribe sues over rejected salmon advertisement (02/21)
Lumbee Tribe sued by former administrator (02/21)
Supreme Court strikes down state tobacco law (02/21)
IHS resolves another self-determination dispute (02/20)
Pomo man arrested for murder on Big Valley Rancheria (02/20)
Law Article: Off-reservation cultural resources (02/20)
Judge reduces charges in Makah whaling case (02/20)
Lawsuit over ICWA placement settled for $1M (02/20)
Non-Indians question Omaha jurisdiction bill (02/20)
City loses bid for Shoshone-Bannock water rights (02/20)
Washington House passes tribal policing bill (02/19)
Alaska Native village wants state troopers to go (02/19)
Supreme Court won't hear jurisdiction case (02/19)
Mescalero Apache Nation sues over insurance firm (02/19)
Lac Courte Oreilles Band cites tax exemption (02/14)
Ex-Cheyenne and Arapaho treasurer admits theft (02/14)
Omaha man sentenced for murdering cousin (02/14)
Judge won't drop Narragansett smokeshop charges (02/13)
Judge appoints overseers for mobile home park (02/12)
Judge to rule in Narragansett smokeshop raid case (02/12)
Decision due on Torres-Martinez trailer park (02/08)
Judge blasts state in Narragansett raid case (02/08)
Police files at issue in Narragansett raid case (02/07)
Nebraska sues Seneca-Cayuga Tribe over tobacco (02/07)
Nisqually Tribe sues state over tobacco compact (02/07)
Judge delays decision in eagle preservation case (02/06)
Groups file brief in pending land-into-trust case (02/06)
Suspect sought in Menominee Reservation stabbing (02/05)
Yakama Nation judge blocks tobacco compact (02/05)
Mother, daughter sentenced for beating Native girl (02/04)
House hearing on two Michigan land claim bills (02/04)
Mille Lacs Band shuts child care centers after incident (02/01)
Leech Lake legal director sues Indian newspaper (02/01)
Tonkawa Tribe to elect new slate of leaders (02/01)
Arizona tribes support eagle preservation lawsuit (02/01)
GOP lawmaker claims tribes owe $1B in taxes (01/31)
Reward offered for Red Lake Reservation shooting (01/31)
Tribe in Peru sues Occidental over oil drilling (01/31)
Washington bill expands tribal police authority (01/31)
Mille Lacs Band investigates assault of child (01/30)
DOJ brief backs land-into-trust process for all tribes (01/29)
Alaska Natives seek law enforcement boost (01/29)
Police turn over e-mails on Narragansett raid (01/29)
Suit planned over reservation taxes in New York (01/29)
Decision on Torres-Martinez trailer park delayed (01/29)
Former Oglala Sioux vice president sentenced (01/29)
Man killed in fight on Lac du Flambeau Reservation (01/29)
Decision near on Torres-Martinez trailer park (01/28)
New Fort Belknap jail lacks money to operate (01/28)
Snoqualmie Tribe plans to start police department (01/25)
Federal court delays trial for unauthorized whalers (01/25)
Reservation teacher arrested for child pornography (01/25)
Gila River man sentenced for brutal murder (01/25)
9th Circuit affirms ex-Crow chairman's sentence (01/25)
State police questioned on Narragansett raid (01/25)
FBI raids museums in probe of looted artifacts (01/25)
Navajo Nation to sue EPA over power plant permit (01/24)
Cherokee Nation council passes arts and crafts act (01/24)
Woman wanted in robbery of Cherokee smoke shop (01/23)
Overall crime rate has dropped on Soboba Reservation (01/23)
Blast from the Past: Alaska Native sovereignty (01/23)
Leader of fake tribe ordered to stand trial in Utah (01/22)
Man pleads guilty to killing wife hours after wedding (01/21)
DOI report backs Tigua Tribe's land claim (01/21)
Makah Nation delays trial for unauthorized hunt (01/21)
Tonkawa president arrested on drug charges (01/18)
Narragansett smokeshop case awaiting trial (01/18)
Firing of Leech Lake legal director on hold (01/18)
California Indian Legal Services questioned by GAO (01/18)
Blackfeet Nation reaches water deal with state (01/17)
Cheyenne River woman pleads guilty to abuse (01/17)
Yakama Nation sued over tobacco tax compact (01/17)
Ute Mountain Ute Tribe takes steps against violence (01/17)
9th Circuit issues decision in aboriginal title case (01/17)
Former Rumsey chair disputes ex-advisers (01/16)
Standing Rock woman to lead Indian studies at USD (01/16)
Court upholds state jurisdiction in Arapaho man's murder case (01/15)
Judge ponders closure of troubled trailer park (01/15)
Red Lake men charged with sexual abuse (01/15)
FBI probes death on Mescalero Apache Reservation (01/15)
Supreme Court to hear Navajo man's appeal (01/15)
Makah chairman confident of tribe's return to whaling (01/14)
Man charged with murdering Winnebago girl (01/14)
New York tribe sues over off-reservation gaming rejection (01/11)
Ousted Northern Cheyenne leader sues BIA (01/11)
Idaho gas tax deals go to Legislature for approval (01/10)
Rise in violence cited on Soboba Reservation (01/10)
NIGC ruling faults tribe for promising not to build casino (01/09)
Woman on trial for arson at reservation trailer park (01/09)
California tribe settles political donation case (01/09)
Lawsuit challenges Omaha Tribe's jurisdiction (01/09)
Former Puyallup Tribe police officer pleads guilty (01/09)
Supreme Court agrees to hear tribal jurisdiction case (01/08)
Narragansett smoke shop defendants set for trial (01/08)
Tribal leaders don't support treaty withdrawal (01/08)
Pine Ridge mother plans memorial walk (01/08)
Colville Tribes welcome denial of Superfund case (01/08)
Supreme Court won't hear Colville Superfund case (01/07)
Rejected tribes want casinos too far from reservations (01/07)
BIA starts new year with off-reservation gaming policy (01/07)