Opinion: Justice Sotomayor and dissent in Indian trust case (12/21)
Bill Lomax: Supreme Court decision hurts tribal economies (12/15)
APRN: Alaska Supreme Court backs village in immunity suit (12/15)
Turtle Talk: Intolerance can lead to a weak tribal sovereign (12/14)
Deadline approaches for claims in Keepseagle settlement (12/13)
Iowa Supreme Court clears an attorney for Meskwaki Tribe (12/13)
Turtle Talk: Supreme Court's actions in Indian law disputes (12/13)
House backs bill to allow Tigua Tribe to define membership (12/13)
Warm Springs Reservation men sentenced for their crimes (12/13)
Ute Tribe supports DOJ probe of pepper-spraying at school (12/13)
Omaha Tribe implements sex offender registration system (12/13)
Series: Criminal jurisdiction for Indian Country in California (12/13)
Native Sun News: Yankton man vows appeal in abuse case (12/13)
School district sues over San Pasqual Band land-into-trust (12/12)
Supreme Court blocks San Carlos Apache Tribe from appeal (12/12)
Supreme Court to hear dispute over Arizona immigrant law (12/12)
Rival factions from Little Shell Chippewa Tribe present case (12/12)
Nez Perce Tribe puts police officers on leave after shooting (12/12)
Two Indian domestic violence cases before Supreme Court (12/12)
Native Sun News: Oglala Sioux Tribe wants police academy (12/12)
DOJ finalizes process to restore role in Public Law 280 state (12/09)
Senate Indian Affairs Committee approves bills at meeting (12/09)
Washington tribal police officers involved in a fatal shooting (12/09)
Seventh person charged for fatal Ute Reservation shooting (12/09)
Driver charged with homicide in death of Alaska Native man (12/09)
Washington court backs state jurisdiction over smokeshop (12/09)
Blog: 'Native' trend in fashion ticks off real Native Americans (12/07)
FEMA supports bill for tribes to request disaster declarations (12/07)
Pueblo teen's death remains unsolved after more than a year (12/07)
Tobacco wholesaler from Seneca Nation declares bankruptcy (12/07)
Kimberly Yellow Robe: Medicare program offers 'Extra Help' (12/07)
Native Sun News: Tribes preparing for PACT Act consultation (12/07)
Senate Indian Affairs Committee to consider bills at meeting (12/07)
APRN: Chickaloon Tribe asks Native corporation to pay taxes (12/07)
County raises Carcieri issue on Shakopee Tribe land-into-trust (12/06)
FBI and DOI executed search warrants at North Fork Rancheria (12/06)
Klamath Tribes win decisions in long-running water rights case (12/06)
Judge Lamberth blocks tax provisions in Seneca PACT Act case (12/06)
Judge orders DOI to consider status of desert eagles in Arizona (12/05)
Hearing scheduled in Osage Nation's lawsuit against wind farm (12/05)
Ron Volesky pleads guilty to charge under new elder abuse law (12/05)
South Dakota Supreme Court ends boarding school abuse case (12/02)
Interior Department announces new tribal consultation policy (12/01)
ICT interview with Sarah Deer about Tribal Law and Order Act (12/01)
Former Crow Creek Sioux chairman sentenced to three years (12/01)
Prosecutor says Barona Band hindered murder investigation (12/01)
Judge allows NAGPRA suit over reburial of Jim Thorpe remains (11/30)
Judge orders probation for theft from Northern Arapaho Tribe (11/30)
Law Article: Tribes facing new IRS rules on employee benefits (11/30)
Sen. Murkowski requests probe into Alaska Native abuse case (11/29)
Cherokee Nation won't drop lawsuit over Freedmen citizenship (11/29)
Kickapoo Tribe will dedicate police department to former chief (11/29)
Ramapough man's family wins $2.1M award in police shooting (11/29)
Indian woman accuses police officer in border town of assault (11/28)
Supreme Court puts off action on self-determination litigation (11/28)
Courts consider two lawsuits over snowmaking at sacred site (11/22)
Colville man loses suit over tobacco sales on the reservation (11/22)
No case against political figure for abuse of Alaska Native girl (11/22)
Elem Pomo Tribe supports lawsuit to protect ancestral village (11/22)
Shadow Wolves dwindle as $2B in drugs come through border (11/22)
Law Article: Supreme Court signals end for tribal land claims (11/21)
Santa Clara Pueblo man killed after being hit by several cars (11/21)
Sam Winder, Southern Ute, sworn into New Mexico judgeship (11/21)
Column: Nez Perce Tribe pushes for settlement in salmon suit (11/21)
Former Muscogee Nation employees convicted in bribery case (11/18)
Medicine man from Kewa Pueblo pleads guilty for killing eagle (11/18)
Wind River Reservation mourning over deaths of four people (11/18)
Circle of Blue: Navajo Nation moving close to water settlement (11/17)
Trial underway in Muscogee Nation court in tobacco bribes case (11/17)
Payday lender owned by Cheyenne River Sioux man loses case (11/17)
Native Sun News: Navajo Nation stands up for its trademarks (11/17)
Sen. Akaka and Rep. Cole: Action needed on land-into-trust fix (11/16)
Young Barona Band man goes on trial for first-degree murder (11/16)
City in Oregon reimburses two tribes for tax overpayments (11/15)
Spirit Lake man charged with attempted murder after fires (11/15)
Navajo Nation Supreme Court hears case at Yale law school (11/15)
Foster parents of Hualapai Tribe could face charges in death (11/15)
Judge pushes Oklahoma tribal water lawsuit into mediation (11/14)
Supreme Court agrees to hear challenges to health reform (11/14)
Oneida Nation reminds public of ban on concealed weapons (11/14)
Violent crimes a growing concern for chairman of Crow Tribe (11/11)
DOJ backs tribal court jurisdiction in domestic violence cases (11/11)
First Nation in British Columbia loses commercial fishing suit (11/10)
Tesuque Pueblo sets deadline for mobile home park tenants (11/10)
Lisa Shellenberger: IHS leaving its patients with unpaid bills (11/09)
Tesuque Pueblo defends ask for tenants' immigration status (11/09)
Governor will sign bill to eliminate 'Fighting Sioux' nickname (11/09)
Judge in Colorado weighs placement of Navajo Nation child (11/09)
Indian gangs a new terror on Mille Lacs Ojibwe Reservation (11/09)
Menominee Nation bars concealed weapons on reservation (11/09)
Counties want legal fees after losing Mishewal Wappo ruling (11/09)
Former St. Regis Mohawk chief arrested again on drug charge (11/08)
Woman avoids prison over death of Cheyenne-Arapaho child (11/08)
Tesuque Pueblo asks renters to document immigration status (11/08)
Supreme Court agrees to take up juvenile life sentence cases (11/08)
Cherokee Nation chief mindful of funding in Freedmen dispute (11/08)
Federal judge returns Wiyot smokeshop case to state court (11/07)
Column: 'Fighting Sioux' feud far from over in North Dakota (11/07)
Members of Tuscarora Nation still wonder about power deal (11/07)
10th Circuit declines to reopen Wind River jurisdiction case (11/07)
Supreme Court's trust ruling affects at least six more tribes (11/07)
American Bar Association to honor Mary Smith, Cherokee (11/04)
Judge tosses charge against Fallon Paiute Shoshone man (11/04)
Editorial: Spirit Lake Nation makes smart move in lawsuit (11/04)
Law Article: Ruling shows need for strong tribal judiciary (11/04)
Cheyenne-Arapaho Tribes rally for stronger child abuse law (11/03)
Robinson Rancheria chairwoman due to enter plea in theft (11/03)
Opinion: 'Fighting Sioux' is racist even with tribe's support (11/03)
Native Sun News: South Dakota man challenges abuse law (11/03)
Non-Indian business hit hard by New York tobacco tax laws (11/03)
Anthony Broadman: Roundup of Indian cases and 9th Circuit (11/02)
Lawmakers ask BIA to investigate Indian child welfare cases (11/02)
Spirit Lake group sues NCAA over 'Fighting Sioux' nickname (11/02)
Supreme Court declines to take up Gila River land rights suit (11/02)
DOI official reaffirms support for fix to land-into-trust ruling (11/02)
Third Northern Arapaho employee pleads guilty in theft (11/01)
SAVE Native Women Act aimed at Indian Country violence (11/01)
Navajo Nation to offer $120M in bonds to finance projects (11/01)
NPR: Boy was taken from Winnebago Reservation at age 8 (11/01)
APRN: Tlingit-Haida Tribes win Indian child welfare dispute (11/01)
Judge opens police contracting to tribes in PL 280 states (10/31)
8th Circuit affirms 48-year-sentence for Indian juvenile (10/31)
Alaska judge rules for tribe in Indian child welfare case (10/31)
Los Coyotes Band can remove military training facility (10/31)
Levi Rickert: 'Jarring' report on Indian women trafficking (10/31)
Cherokee Nation regains access to $40M in housing funds (10/28)
Tachi Yokut woman charged for pickax intimidation case (10/28)
Lawyers try to collect $3.2M from Miccosukee defendants (10/28)
Study examines trafficking of Indian women in Minnesota (10/27)
8th Circuit hears arguments in Santee Sioux murder case (10/27)
Blaze causes damages for Iowa Tribe's police department (10/27)
Minnesota Supreme Court blocks tribe from adoption case (10/27)
Native Sun News: Sioux woman joins South Dakota ACLU (10/27)
NPR Investigates: Foster children finding their way home (10/27)
Alaska Native village corporation backs off-shore drilling (10/26)
Fewer in support of taxation of tribal tobacco in New York (10/26)
Judge refuses to block Mishewal Wappo Tribe recognition (10/26)
Turtle Talk: Top 10 most important tribal court decisions (10/26)
NPR Investigation: Indian children being taken from tribes (10/26)
Only nine complaints unresolved against tribal loan firms (10/25)
Crow Reservation murder defendant enters not guilty plea (10/25)
Turtle Talk ranks among top 20 visited law professor sites (10/25)
IACHR takes up violence against indigenous women in US (10/25)
Former leader of Tonkawa Tribe pleads not guilty for theft (10/25)
Edith Blackwell exits DOI amid reorganization of legal staff (10/24)
BIA welcomes resolution of Cherokee Nation chief election (10/21)
Man sentenced to 40 years over deaths of Navajo sisters (10/21)
Colorlines: Corporations pimping other cultures for profits (10/21)
2nd Circuit rules against Oneida Nation in foreclosure suit (10/20)
Bill John Baker sworn in as new leader of Cherokee Nation (10/20)
Navajo Nation hails action by Urban Outfitters on products (10/20)
ICT: Urban Outfitters erases 'Navajo' name from products (10/19)
Turtle Talk: Tribal court jurisdiction and church abuse suits (10/19)
Cherokee Nation Supreme Court weighs appeal in election (10/19)
Osage Nation files lawsuit to block wind farm construction (10/19)
Law School: Professor argues Summit Lake Paiute lawsuit (10/18)
Oneida Nation still battling it out in court over land issues (10/18)
Sasha Houston Brown: Corporations rip off tribal property (10/18)
Turtle Talk: Supreme Court's inaction on Oneida land claim (10/18)
Ousted Cherokee Nation leader files appeal over election (10/18)
Judge orders more environmental review for polar bear rule (10/18)
Officer's use of Taser on Native boy deemed 'appropriate' (10/18)
TransCanada already suing landowners over Keystone XL (10/18)
MSU News: Holding non-Indians accountable on reservations (10/17)
Navajo Nation sent trademark letter to Urban Outfitters in June (10/17)
Supreme Court declines to accept Oneida Nation land claim (10/17)
Turtle Talk: Land-into-trust debate ignores elephant in room (10/17)
Supreme Court declines to hear Indian man's jury bias appeal (10/14)
George Skibine joins Washington DC firm after long BIA career (10/14)
Senate Indian Affairs Committee addresses land-into-trust fix (10/14)
Audio: SCIA hearing on crisis created by land-into-trust ruling (10/13)
WeNews: Limited funding hindering Tribal Law and Order Act (10/13)
Supreme Court won't take Santa Clara Pueblo immunity case (10/13)
Native Sun News: Keepseagle litigation settled after 11 years (10/13)
Bill John Baker certified as winner of Cherokee Nation election (10/13)
Turtle Talk: Cherokee Nation court inflames Freedmen dispute (10/13)
Coeur d'Alene Tribe working to address dispute over hunting (10/12)
Bill John Baker set to become new leader of Cherokee Nation (10/12)
Woman suspected of involvement with Aquash murder dies (10/11)
Los Coyotes Band lease for training center not filed with BIA (10/11)
Moapa Band sues to stop expansion of landfill at power plant (10/11)
Intoxication case for Navajo school board leader dismissed (10/11)
No action from Supreme Court on Oneida Nation's land claim (10/11)
Witness list for SCIA hearing on fix for land-into-trust 'crisis' (10/11)
Cherokee Nation without HUD funds amid Freedmen dispute (10/11)
Cherokee Nation begins counting of ballots for principal chief (10/10)
Cherokee Nation anticipates results of election by Wednesday (10/07)
Suspect for triple homicide on Crow Reservation shows in court (10/07)
Western Shoshone tribes resume fight over mine at sacred site (10/07)
Cheyenne-Arapaho Tribes pushes for prison over child's death (10/06)
Crow Reservation murder suspect apprehended in Washington (10/06)
Viejas Band garnishes per capita payout in child support case (10/06)
Cahto Tribe faces loss of federal funds in membership dispute (10/06)
FBI looking at police officer beating of man from Navajo Nation (10/05)
Cherokee Nation seeing increase in turnout for second election (10/05)
Lawsuit accusing Morongo Band of blocking access dismissed (10/05)
APRN: Alaska Native corporation tied to big contracting scam (10/05)
Manhunt underway for homicide suspect on Crow Reservation (10/05)
Sen. Reed doesn't want land-into-trust fix in appropriations bill (10/05)
Northern Arapaho men plead in second-degree murder case (10/04)
FBI offers $5K reward in connection with Blackfeet hit and run (10/04)
Rosebud Sioux youth pleads not guilty for false 911 call case (10/04)
Wired: Los Coyotes Band bribed with playground, Disneyland (10/04)
HCI News: Tribes discuss taxation and economic development (10/03)
Supreme Court declines Navajo employment preference case (10/03)
Still no word from Supreme Court on Oneida Nation land claim (10/03)
Hualapai Tribe disputes arbitration for Grand Canyon Skywalk (09/30)
Military contractor blames Los Coyotes blaze on tribal leaders (09/30)
Alaska Natives ask 9th Circuit to block off-shore drilling plans (09/30)
Mississippi Choctaw detention center guard accused of assault (09/29)
Montana man admits to distributing meth on Crow Reservation (09/29)
Coeur d'Alene Tribe plans to discuss hunting rights with county (09/29)
Native Sun News: Indian inmates sue over ban on tobacco use (09/29)
Oglala Sioux Tribe reaches settlement to end telecom dispute (09/29)
Mohawk reservation used for marijuana and ecstasy smuggling (09/29)
Indian abuse victims file case against Catholic nuns in Montana (09/28)
Quechan Nation employee arrested for making threats at office (09/28)
Warm Springs gang member sentenced over attempted murder (09/28)
9th Circuit issues decision in Yakama Nation tobacco tax lawsuit (09/28)
Thomas W. Fredericks wins alumni award for career in Indian law (09/28)
Cherokee Nation extends balloting in ongoing Freedmen dispute (09/28)
Osage Nation to receive $345M settlement payment in November (09/27)
No word from Supreme Court on Oneida Nation land claim appeal (09/27)
Sentence reduced for man who was convicted of Aquash murder (09/27)
CBS: Tribes shielded from state law with payday lending business (09/27)
Two tribes in Oklahoma hit with complaints over payday lending (09/27)
Cherokee Nation faces contempt order in Freedmen vote dispute (09/27)
Coeur d'Alene Tribe asserts right to hunt within reservation (09/26)
FBI seeks information in fatal hit and run on Blackfeet Nation (09/26)
Cherokee Nation sees increase in turnout for second election (09/26)
Results of Cherokee Nation principal chief vote due October 10 (09/23)
Maine apologizes to Penobscot Nation for inspection on buses (09/22)
Audio from Senate Indian Affairs Committee hearing on TLOA (09/22)
Judge approves order for Freedmen vote in Cherokee election (09/22)
UA News: Arlinda Locklear on Indian law and 'judicial activism' (09/22)
Native Sun News: Oglala Sioux man loses manslaughter appeal (09/22)
Utah sheriff open to Navajo Nation law enforcement agreement (09/21)
Federal Circuit revives part of Samish Nation federal funds suit (09/21)
Witness List: Senate Indian Affairs hearing on Law and Order Act (09/21)
Appeals court affirms preliminary injunction in PACT Act lawsuit (09/21)
Spirit Lake Nation man admits guilt in felony child abuse charges (09/21)
North Dakota tribe to enforce vehicle code against non-Indians (09/21)
Cherokee Nation allows Freedmen to vote in Saturday's election (09/21)
Turtle Talk: Supreme Court and Indian law cases for 2011 term (09/20)
Driver charged in death of Ute Mountain Ute leader Ernest House (09/20)
Mi'gmaq men from Canada to be extradited in 1988 murder case (09/20)
BIA warns wind developers about Osage Nation mineral estate (09/20)
California Watch: Viejas Band garnishes wages for child support (09/20)
Federal judge to hear arguments in Cherokee Freedmen lawsuit (09/20)
NPR: Cherokee Nation facing scrutiny for removing the Freedmen (09/20)
Clint Halftown appealing BIA ruling on Cayuga Nation leadership (09/19)
Washington Supreme Court to hear suit over tribal gas compact (09/19)
Native Sun News: Forum addresses policing issues in Rapid City (09/16)
Cherokee Nation starts sending provisional ballots to Freedmen (09/16)
NYT: Tribal rights vs. racial justice in Cherokee Freedmen battle (09/16)
Red Lake Nation man charged with domestic assault of woman (09/15)
Water users in New Mexico sue over Navajo Nation settlement (09/15)
MPBN: Penobscot Nation upset about state inspection of buses (09/15)
Justice Department awards $118.4M in Indian Country grants (09/15)
Cherokee Nation to allow Freedmen to cast provisional ballots (09/15)
BIA tells Robinson Rancheria chairwoman to hold new election (09/15)
Obama nominates Brad Carson, Cherokee, to Army legal post (09/15)
White House Blog: Supporting law and order in Indian Country (09/15)
South Dakota committee approves Indian voting district maps (09/14)
Fair director arrested after inquiring about remarks in Navajo (09/14)
Former Chippewa Cree chairman sentenced in theft from tribe (09/14)
Acting Cherokee Nation leader vows to protect tribe's interests (09/14)
Judge allows discovery in Yakama Nation lawsuit over FBI raid (09/13)
Wyoming man pleads not guilty for murder of Arapaho infant (09/13)
Navajo school board president appears on intoxication count (09/13)
Robinson Rancheria chair accused of theft from another tribe (09/13)
Santee Sioux man punished for fatal crash on the reservation (09/13)
BIA warns Cherokee Nation about disenrollment of Freedmen (09/13)
Yakama Nation hosts meeting on Public Law 280 bill in state (09/12)
Lawmakers want HUD to restore funding to Cherokee Nation (09/12)
Native Sun News: Marc Wisecarver's long journey for justice (09/12)
BIA recognizes temporary leadership of Winnemucca Colony (09/09)
Coeur d'Alene Tribe benefits from $263.4M Superfund lawsuit (09/09)
Navajo Nation Supreme Court to hold arguments at Yale Law (09/08)
Oglala Sioux Tribe set to open $42M justice center next year (09/08)
HUD won't release funds to Cherokee Nation in Freedmen flap (09/08)
Woman sentenced for DUI death on Coeur d'Alene Reservation (09/07)
Native Sun News: Uranium labeled a cultural insult to Navajos (09/07)
Elem Pomo Tribe promises litigation to protect ancestral island (09/07)
Spirit Lake Dakotah Nation seeks control over 'Fighting Sioux' (09/07)
IPS: Court decision affects traditional hunting and fishing rights (09/06)
Judge sets hearing on Freedmen motion for Cherokee election (09/06)
Idaho tribes look to fill in gaps in law enforcement on reservations (09/05)
Driver pleads guilty over accident that killed two Navajo sisters (09/02)
Major pot farm discovered inside Bandelier National Monument (09/02)
Washington court reverses on tribal pursuit off the reservation (09/02)
Correction: Pala Band did not remove former leader from rolls (09/01)
10th Circuit won't allow Miami Nation to consolidate allotment (09/01)
Homicide charge for drunken driving death of Ahousaht man (08/31)
Native Sun News: Class action filed over BIA mineral leasing (08/31)
Man convicted for trying to divert Shingle Springs Band mail (08/31)
Leaders of Winnemucca Indian Colony seek BIA recognition (08/31)
Pala Band disenrolls eight people, including former chairman (08/31)
Earth 911: Skiing on reclaimed wastewater -- gross or green? (08/30)
10th Circuit won't stop review of coal mining on Navajo Nation (08/30)
Freedmen eye lawsuit in federal court over Cherokee election (08/30)
Law Article: Court in Ontario addresses treaty rights provision (08/30)
Turtle Talk: Supreme Court pays attention to non-tribal briefs (08/30)
Uprising: Hopi Tribe fights to keep wastewater off sacred site (08/29)
Native Sun News: Marc Wisecarver up for hearing on probation (08/29)
Turtle Talk: Justice Thomas and his radical vision of Indian law (08/29)
Freedmen seek appeal for loss of Cherokee Nation citizenship (08/29)
Former chairman of Shoshone-Paiute Tribes charged for theft (08/26)
Fast Company: Hopi Tribe fights bid for fake snow at sacred site (08/25)
Turtle Talk: Tribal courts, treaty rights and treaty rights disputes (08/25)
Minimum security facility in Idaho plans to rebuild sweat lodge (08/25)
Ponca Tribe ends lawsuit after state recognizes IHCIA provision (08/25)
PBS: Sioux tribes refuse to accept money for theft of Black Hills (08/25)
Crow Reservation woman charged for homicide of 3-year-old boy (08/24)
Native Sun News: Pawn shops in Rapid City accused of prejudice (08/24)
Taos Pueblo leader shoots cow that wandered onto reservation (08/24)
Mexican cartels using reservations in Washington to grow drugs (08/24)
Hopi Tribe files lawsuit to block use of wastewater at sacred site (08/24)
Cherokee Freedmen lose right to vote in upcoming chief election (08/24)
Decision allows Cherokee Nation to remove Freedmen from rolls (08/23)
Zuni Pueblo puts leader on leave following drunken driving arrest (08/22)
Navajo Nation settlement includes payments, scholarship funds (08/22)
Saginaw Chippewa Tribe resumes disenrollment process for elder (08/22)
Turtle Talk: Supreme Court Justice Alito's visit to Indian Country (08/22)
Opinion: Questions for Supreme Court Justice Alito on Indian law (08/22)
Two plead guilty to hate crimes for branding of Navajo Nation man (08/19)
Hualapai Tribe demands apology from operator of Skywalk attraction (08/19)
Breakaway Mohawk group moves onto property owned by non-Indian (08/19)
Opinion: Blue Lake Rancheria wins lawsuit over unemployment taxes (08/19)
Choctaw Nation and Chickasaw Nation sue against sales of water (08/19)
Eastern Cherokees want tribal prosecutor to assist US Attorney (08/18)
Navajo police arrested school board president for intoxication (08/18)
Native Sun News: Plea deal reached for branding of Navajo man (08/18)
Indian Market working on tax issue as opening day approaches (08/18)
Osage Nation to settle trust mismanagement lawsuit for $380M (08/18)
9th Circuit allows multiple tribal sentences for multiple offenses (08/17)
Navajo Nation girl, 15, honored for fending off attack on mother (08/17)
Santa Fe Indian Market hits a snag as city raises taxation issues (08/17)
Art 'dealers' laugh when asked to help FBI with theft of artifacts (08/17)
Judge dismisses lawsuit over Cheyenne-Arapaho leadership feud (08/16)
SDPR: Sioux tribal members lose case over Black Hills trust funds (08/16)
Turtle Talk: Supreme Court's citations to Indian legal scholarship (08/16)
Mark Trahant: Country heads in different directions on big issues (08/15)
Turtle Talk: Badmouthing Indian Country on child support orders (08/15)
KQED: Getting child support from Indian men almost 'impossible' (08/15)
Fond du Lac Band loses case to block state taxation of pensions (08/12)
FBI probing death of 1-year-old boy on Blackfeet Reservation (08/12)
Mohawk man arrested for digging up ground at Superfund site (08/12)
Miccosukee Tribe gets rid of police officers who signed petition (08/12)
Native Sun News: Indian woman performed CPR on fallen officer (08/12)
Indian students file suit over bid to save 'Fighting Sioux' name (08/11)
Woman sentenced over trafficking meth on Crow Reservation (08/11)
Northern Cheyenne man sentenced for being habitual offender (08/11)
Colorado session focuses on American Indians and civil rights (08/11)
Native Sun News: Lawsuit over Black Hills trust fund dismissed (08/11)
Colorado River Indian Tribes evict non-Indians in lease dispute (08/11)
Police officer shooting reported at Little Earth housing complex (08/10)
California court affirms injunction against Indian tobacco sales (08/10)
Law schools urged to ask applicants to document Indian status (08/10)
Turtle Talk: Top 25 most cited Supreme Court Indian law rulings (08/09)
Man calls police in Texas to report theft of his Hopi 'peace pipe' (08/09)
Suspect in custody following homicide on Fort Peck Reservation (08/09)
Judge dismisses lawsuit that sought to disburse Black Hills trust (08/09)
Turtle Talk: The top 25 most cited Indian and tribal law articles (08/08)
Native Sun News: Ex-Rapid City officer loses appeal after firing (08/08)
Navajo Nation announces settlement for Peabody lease dispute (08/05)
BIA took large administrative fee for Quapaw land consolidation (08/05)
California Watch: Tribes protecting members from child support (08/05)
Family stages protest after Pit River man fatally shot by officers (08/05)
Former chairman of Crow Creek Sioux Tribe convicted of bribery (08/05)
Young Los Coyotes man charged for starting fire on reservation (08/05)
Matthew Fletcher: DOJ takes on violence against Indian women (08/05)
Audio from Senate Indian Affairs Committee hearing on probate (08/04)
Campus Progress: Bill takes on violence against Indian women (08/04)
Comments sought on bill for tribal court decisions in California (08/04)
KUOW: Suquamish Tribe makes history on same-sex marriages (08/04)
Western Shoshone man sues BLM for $30M in grazing fee fight (08/04)
Developer to return to federal court in feud with Hualapai Tribe (08/04)
Native Sun News: Attorney General Holder meets tribal leaders (08/04)
NPR: Fight continues for resting place of legendary Jim Thorpe (08/03)
Witness List: Senate Indian Affairs Committee probate hearing (08/03)
10th Circuit revives domestic violence case against Ute man (08/03)
Republican amendment could bar land-into-trust applications (08/03)
Young Suquamish woman wins effort for same-sex marriages (08/03)
Court in Guatemala issues long sentences for Indian massacre (08/03)
DOJ opens investigation of $100M Tuscarora Nation settlement (08/02)
Alaska Native man gets another shot at lawsuit over allotment (08/02)
Seneca Nation asks Obama to intervene in state highway fight (08/02)
Suquamish Tribe approves resolution for same-sex marriages (08/02)
Senate Indian Affairs Committee schedules hearing on probate (08/01)
President Obama statement on year of Tribal Law and Order Act (08/01)
White supremacist enters a plea after threatening Indian man (07/29)
Senate Indian Affairs Committee adds land-into-trust fix to bill (07/29)
Native Sun News: Yankton Sioux Tribe seeks DOJ review of case (07/29)
Remarks by Attorney General Holder at Pine Ridge Reservation (07/28)
Deadline passes for tribes to implement sex offender registries (07/28)
Group seeks field hearing on Chumash Tribe land-into-trust bid (07/28)
Native Sun News: Rosebud Sioux court declines to halt election (07/28)
10th Circuit allows use of tribal court conviction in federal court (07/27)
10th Circuit rules for state in Ute Mountain Ute Tribe tax dispute (07/27)
Tribal prosecutors named to Indian Country crime in four states (07/27)
MPR: Investigation into black market fishing on two reservations (07/27)
Cherokee Nation election commission delays action on new vote (07/27)
Native Sun News: Criminal probe into oil spill on Blackfeet Nation (07/27)
WPR: Proposal seeks to combat violence against Indian women (07/26)
Navajo Nation mother relieved by plea deal for branding case (07/26)
Man charged for assault of Indian woman in road rage incident (07/26)
Cherokee Nation to consider election laws after disputed vote (07/26)
Turtle Talk: Indian law marginalized as schools consider futures (07/25)
Attorney General Eric Holder heading to Pine Ridge Reservation (07/25)
Audio: Conference call on bill to combat violence against women (07/21)
Supreme Court of Cherokee Nation orders new election for chief (07/21)
Tulalip Tribes talks to Microsoft about unauthorized use of name (07/21)
Obama administration plans bill to fight violence against women (07/21)
Cherokee Nation Supreme Court to decide fate of disputed vote (07/20)
Minnesota court subjects Indian offenders to civil commitment (07/20)
Two men plead guilty in connection with branding of Navajo man (07/20)
Leech Lake Band election for secretary-treasurer tied up in court (07/20)
Opinion: Indian candidates need not apply to the federal judiciary (07/20)
Former Fort Peck investigator goes back on trial in murder case (07/19)
Village officers crack down on ingredients for home-made alcohol (07/19)
Attorney's Indian status an issue in federal criminal court case (07/18)
Yakama Nation tobacco raid lawsuit includes many defendants (07/18)
Recount gives Chad Smith the edge in Cherokee Nation election (07/18)
Native Sun News: Oglala Sioux community voices crime concerns (07/18)
Blog: Hereditary chief of Snoqualmie Tribe apologizes for pot joke (07/15)
Judge awards small fee to law firm for Oneida Nation land claim (07/14)
Audio: Senate Indian Affairs Committee hearing on Native women (07/14)
Chairman of Crow Tribe refutes allegations of mismanagement (07/14)
New York taking enforcement actions for tribal tobacco sales (07/14)
New Mexico targets tobacco sales by Indian Affairs secretary (07/14)
Democracy Now: Leonard Peltier now in solitary confinement (07/13)
The Street: NAFCC defends payday lenders in Indian Country (07/13)
Cherokee Nation's top court orders hand recount of all ballots (07/13)
Supreme Court decision impacts land-into-trust process at BIA (07/13)
1st Circuit upholds most convictions for Passamaquoddy theft (07/13)
New Mexico Indian Affairs secretary accused of breaking law (07/12)
Audio from House subcommittee hearing on land-into-trust fix (07/12)
Law Article: Supreme Court decision in Jicarilla Apache case (07/12)
Snoqualmie Tribe passed marijuana resolution just as 'a joke' (07/12)
Witness List: House subcommittee hearing on land-into-trust (07/11)
Appeals court allows federal prosecution in Indian status case (07/11)
Michele Bachmann handled tax case against Leech Lake man (07/11)
Aquinnah Wampanoag Tribe sues DOI for approval of wind farm (07/08)
Kiowa man pleads guilty over illegal trafficking of eagle feathers (07/08)
Fallon Paiute Shoshone man cited for gathering cat-tails at refuge (07/07)
8th Circuit accepts tribal court convictions for federal prosecution (07/07)
Native Sun News: Yankton Sioux judge rules in election challenge (07/07)
Cherokee Nation election chairman resigns amid dispute on vote (07/06)
TheStreet: Payday lenders a growing business in Indian Country (07/06)
Appeals court rules man is Indian enough for federal jurisdiction (07/06)
Native Sun News: Court finds no racial bias in 'go Native' phrase (07/06)
Subcommittee to hold hearing on land-into-trust fix on July 12 (07/05)
Washington investigates sale of fireworks at Muckleshoot stand (07/01)
Ponca Tribe sues Nebraska for ignoring license provision of IHCIA (07/01)
Man punished for murdering brother of former Yaqui chairwoman (07/01)
Four people injured in stabbing incident on Lummi Reservation (06/30)
Turtle Talk: Indian law outcomes in Connecticut Supreme Court (06/30)
Cherokee Nation expected to start recount for close chief's race (06/30)
Oregon approves bill to allow tribal officers to enforce state law (06/30)
Village debates appeal in Oneida Nation law enforcement case (06/29)
Social service director fired after death of Eastern Cherokee girl (06/29)
Hacking group relesaes Indian officer discrimination complaint (06/29)
Judge blocks Leech Lake Band authority over utility companies (06/29)
Cherokee Nation candidate seeks answers about election tally (06/29)
Charges filed over fatal shooting of Navajo Nation police officer (06/29)
Turtle Talk: Indian law outcomes in New Mexico Supreme Court (06/29)
Navajo Nation man pleads guilty in second degree murder case (06/28)
Hualapai Tribe to meet with Skywalk partner after court ruling (06/28)
Brothers from Sault Tribe to appeal fishing violation conviction (06/28)
Court rejects challenge to Oneida Nation law enforcement deal (06/28)
Turtle Talk Recap: Supreme Court is still bad for tribal interests (06/28)
Navajo Nation police officer killed while responding to incident (06/27)
Turtle Talk: Indian law outcomes in Wisconsin Supreme Court (06/27)
Tribes press for fix to land-into-trust ruling at nation's capitol (06/27)
Supreme Court won't accept Osage Nation diminishment case (06/27)
Supreme Court to review petitions in Osage and Rincon cases (06/24)
Former BIA superintendent found guilty of corruption charges (06/24)
Tigua Tribe lobbies Congress to return its membership rights (06/24)
Karuk Tribe aims to intervene in lawsuit over water diversions (06/24)
Rep. Noem introduces bill to shield tribes from NLRB decisions (06/24)
Judge rules Skywalk partner must go to Hualapai Tribe's court (06/24)
Turtle Talk: Indian law decisions in Iowa and Nebraska courts (06/24)
Oklahoma lawmaker loses Indian voters as district is redrawn (06/23)
Supreme Court favors Indian man in his DWI conviction case (06/23)
New Mexico holding meetings on Navajo Nation water project (06/23)
North Dakota's US Attorney releases Indian Country strategy (06/23)
Turtle Talk: Indian law decisions in Oklahoma Supreme Court (06/23)
Oglala Sioux man extradited to Maine to face a murder charge (06/23)
Residents worried about Nisqually Tribe public safety complex (06/23)
Florida court tells Seminole Tribe to pay state gasoline taxes (06/23)
Child pornography investigation grew out of BIA email probe (06/22)
Deadline approaches for tribal gas tax refund in North Dakota (06/22)
Stephanie Woodard: Group looking to exonerate Yankton men (06/22)
Seneca Nation vows to keep fighting state tobacco tax ruling (06/22)
Turtle Talk: Indian law success rate in Nevada Supreme Court (06/22)
Big tobacco pushing states to go after tribal tobacco retailers (06/22)
BIA and FBI meeting with police chief for Sauk-Suiattle Tribe (06/21)
Supreme Court declines to hear tribal court jurisdiction dispute (06/21)
Supreme Court won't accept Yankton Sioux diminishment case (06/21)
Witness List: Senate Indian Affairs Committee hearing on IRA (06/21)
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Native Sun News: Bear Butte stirs passions at county meeting (06/17)
Native Sun News: Rosebud Sioux Tribe reaches law agreement (06/16)
Mille Lacs Band court awards $4.3M for gang-related beating (06/16)
Former vice president of Ho-Chunk Nation indicted for bribes (06/16)
Turtle Talk: Indian law rulings for New York and Florida courts (06/16)
Three in Montana charged with illegal trafficking of eagles (06/15)
Dozens arrested after drug raid on Kanesatake First Nation (06/15)
Guilty plea for Coeur d'Alene Reservation pedestrian death (06/15)
Turtle Talk: Indian law rulings in Colorado and Oregon courts (06/15)
Unofficial results from election for Mississippi Choctaw chief (06/15)
Turtle Talk: Indian law success rate in Kansas Supreme Court (06/14)
Gasoline tax on Yakama Nation generates more controversy (06/14)
Turtle Talk: Report card on Indian law and the Supreme Court (06/14)
Senate Indian Affairs Committee hearing on 75 years of IRA (06/13)
Supreme Court issues decision in Jicarilla Apache Nation case (06/13)
Turtle Talk: Indian law decisions in Arizona Supreme Court (06/13)
Appeals court backs CRIT court in battle with non-Indians (06/10)
Supreme Court to weigh petitions in four Indian law cases (06/10)
Turtle Talk: Indian law rulings in Wyoming and Utah courts (06/10)
Ex-police chief for Passamoquoddy Tribe sentenced for theft (06/09)
Jury finds Eastern Cherokee man guilty for murder of woman (06/09)
Bizarre Crime: Man blamed wife's death on fallen totem pole (06/09)
Seneca Nation will appeal latest decision in tobacco tax battle (06/09)
County joins investigation in Hoopa Valley drive-by shooting (06/09)
Turtle Talk: Indian law rulings in South Dakota Supreme Court (06/09)
Former chairman of Chitimacha Tribe told he can't run again (06/09)
Trial of Crow Creek Sioux Tribe leader delayed until August (06/09)
Chippewa Cree Tribe to hold election to elect new chairman (06/08)
Former Spokane Tribe jail deputy charged with sexual abuse (06/08)
Turtle Talk: Indian law success rate in Alaska Supreme Court (06/08)
Stephanie Woodard: Yankton Sioux victims seek day in court (06/08)
Interview with Matthew Fletcher on Indians in military law (06/07)
DOJ cites Supreme Court case in bid to dismiss Quapaw suit (06/07)
Tribes to rally in Washington for fix to land-into-trust ruling (06/07)
Turtle Talk examines Indian law rulings in state court cases (06/07)
Ron Volesky aims to be first Indian on state Supreme Court (06/07)
Charges dropped for Q'orianka Kilcher White House protest (06/07)
Santee Sioux security supervisor convicted of sexual abuse (06/06)
Tribes face July 26 deadline to implement Adam Walsh Act (06/06)
Hoopa Valley Tribe ties shooting to council member's vote (06/06)
Muscogee Nation chief pushes for corruption investigation (06/06)
Cabazon Band seeks to protect rights in enviromental flap (06/03)
Sault Tribe hires governor's former attorney as its counsel (06/03)
Leech Lake Band due in court over reservation power line (06/03)
Leaders of Little Traverse Bay Bands face another recall vote (06/02)
Judge extends temporary order over New York's tobacco tax (06/02)
DOJ submits brief for Osage Reservation diminishment case (06/02)
Fort Peck mother files suit against school for son's suicide (06/01)
1st Circuit rules for state in dispute over Narragansett site (06/01)
US Attorney in New Mexico to hire special tribal prosecutor (06/01)
Ex-Oneida Nation executive must take case to tribal court (06/01)
Native Sun News: Peacemaking session held in South Dakota (06/01)
10th Circuit rules in case involving tribal court and law firm (06/01)
AP looks at federal declination rate on Arizona reservations (06/01)
Special prosecutor searches Navajo Nation financial offices (05/27)
History: FBI helped solve 13 Osage murders in early 1920s (05/27)
St. Regis Mohawk Tribe questions union's hiring practices (05/27)
Man from Taos Pueblo questions tribe's taking of property (05/27)
Native Sun News: 8th Circuit rules against Oglala Sioux man (05/26)
Construction company offers settlement to Navajo Nation (05/26)
Deaths of Spirit Lake Dakotah children treated as homicide (05/26)
Eight from Spirit Lake Dakotah Nation charged for stealing (05/26)
Energy company withdraws federal case against Crow Tribe (05/26)
Spirit Lake mother confirms identities of two slain children (05/25)
Navajo Nation man pleads guilty for sexual assault charge (05/25)
Ex-police officer for White Mountain Apache Tribe indicted (05/25)
Chairman of Chippewa Cree Tribe pleads guilty to stealing (05/25)
Tanana Chiefs Conference offers reward for 1997 homicide (05/24)
Salish and Kootenai Tribes won't prosecute for bear death (05/24)
DOJ submits brief to Supreme Court in tribal court dispute (05/24)
Father suspected for deaths of two children at Spirit Lake (05/24)
Lawmakers oppose recognition for Mishewal Wappo Tribe (05/24)
Nebraska lawmakers approve tribal tobacco compact bill (05/24)
Oneida Nation and Obama administration appeal land claim (05/20)
Stacy Leeds, Cherokee, named dean at Arkansas law school (05/20)
Judge to meet with Meskwaki Tribe after being suspended (05/20)
Dozens charged for Tohono O'odham Nation drug trafficking (05/20)
Volunteers work to remove graffiti from sacred Paiute site (05/20)
Four indicted in Oklahoma over illegal sale of eagle feathers (05/20)
Energy company sues Crow Tribe on coal-to-liquids project (05/20)
Ex-employee files lawsuit against Indian arts organization (05/19)
Torres Martinez Desert Tribe reaches land-use agreement (05/19)
Former employee accused of stealing from Spokane Tribe (05/19)
Jim Thorpe's sons not invited to ceremony in Pennsylvania (05/19)
Pueblo man sentenced to 97 months in child abuse case (05/18)
Sen. Inhofe introduces bill for Indian Country tax provision (05/18)
Judge who jailed Pueblo group banned from bench for life (05/18)
Mescalero Apache Nation man pleads guilty over assault (05/18)
Fort Mojave Tribe signs agreement to house city inmates (05/18)
Navajo Nation man sentenced to 25 years in brutal murder (05/17)
Sen. Kyl seeks lower cost for tribal water rights settlement (05/17)
Jicarilla Apache Nation to negotiate costs of water system (05/17)
Valerie Taliman: Indigenous leaders seek justice before UN (05/17)
Sac and Fox Nation joins lawsuit over Jim Thorpe remains (05/16)
IHS settles lawsuit over death of Rosebud Sioux baby boy (05/16)
Saginaw Chippewa Tribe resolves zoning issues with city (05/16)
Truthout: Sioux Nation still fighting to protect treaty rights (05/13)
MPR: Dakota activists stage fishing protest in Minnesota (05/13)
Seminole Nation reports investigations for multiple threats (05/11)
DOJ conducting interviews as part of probe of Seattle police (05/11)
Guilty plea over theft of prescription drugs from IHS hospital (05/11)
Three set for hate crimes trial over branding of Navajo man (05/11)
Claims for $760M Keepseagle settlement due December 24 (05/11)
New York judge bars tobacco tax on sales to Seneca Nation (05/10)
Onondaga Nation plans to stop selling name-brand tobacco (05/10)
Former police officer headed to trial for death of Pueblo man (05/10)
Rival Schaghticoke leaders still trying to remove non-Indian (05/10)
10th Circuit sides with tribes on self-determination contracts (05/09)
Kevin Abourezk: Justice Clarence Thomas talks to graduates (05/09)
Jury clears man of most counts in branding of Navajo victim (05/09)
Jury deliberates verdict over branding of Navajo Nation man (05/06)
Suquamish Tribe fires three officers for failing fitness program (05/06)
BIA officer who died while on duty added to Utah's memorial (05/06)
Alaska won't appeal decision in Native village ICWA matters (05/06)
Seneca Nation leader to lobbyist: 'Why don't you like Indians' (05/06)
KOMO: State won't divulge how tribal gas revenues are spent (05/06)
Blue Lake Rancheria challenges California over business liens (05/05)
Trial begins over branding of swastika on Navajo Nation man (05/05)
Seneca Nation sanctioned council member for incident at bar (05/05)
Native Sun News: Officer's beating of Navajo man spawns suit (05/05)
Judge denies treaty-based claim against former tribal officer (05/05)
First man going on trial over branding of Navajo Nation man (05/04)
Women's shelter on Navajo Nation in limbo amid court fights (05/04)
Deadline approaching for Oneida Nation to appeal land claim (05/03)
Turtle Talk: Supreme Court goes out of its way in Indian law (05/03)
Southern Ute man sentenced to 37 months for gun incident (05/03)
More guilty pleas in major Indian artifact theft case in Utah (05/02)
City to pay $1.5M to estate of Native carver shot by officer (05/02)
Former Fort Peck investigator to be tried again in homicide (05/02)
Eastern Shawnee Tribe a victim of Supreme Court decision (05/02)
Turtle Talk: Supreme Court rulings and 'complex' Indian law (05/02)
Troy Eid: Indian Law and Order Commission moves forward (05/02)
Utilities say Leech Lake Band lacks authority on power line (04/29)
Opinion: Analysis of Tohono O'odham Nation trust decision (04/29)
Hopi man accused of embezzling $40K from tribal business (04/29)
Judge approves $760M settlement for Keepseagle lawsuit (04/29)
Santee Sioux Tribe hired man facing a sexual abuse charge (04/28)
MPR: Program keeping former Indian inmates out of prison (04/28)
County sheriff deputizes officers from Coeur d'Alene Tribe (04/28)
Fort Belknap abuse survivor comes forward to share story (04/28)
Native Sun News: Yankton men seek justice after 17 years (04/28)
Colville Tribes bar state wildlife officers on the reservation (04/28)
Developer sues Seminole Tribe on failed Everglades resort (04/28)
Nebraska lawmakers weigh bill on tribal tobacco compacts (04/28)
Judge questions banks selected for Keepseagle settlement (04/27)
Autopsy for death of Eastern Cherokee girl still not public (04/27)
Opinion: Supreme Court decision in Tohono O'odham case (04/27)
Gila River woman is latest to plead guilty for drug dealing (04/27)
Supreme Court changes the game for tribal trust litigation (04/27)
Opinion: Tribes coming up with defamation law standards (04/27)
Time: Nationwide campaign to raise awareness of treaties (04/26)
US Attorney: Combating sexual assault in Indian Country (04/26)
Tohono O'odham Nation loses trust suit in Supreme Court (04/26)
Banks identified for settlement funds in Keepseagle case (04/26)
Police officer fired for beating of man from Navajo Nation (04/26)
Stabbing turns deadly on Lac Courte Oreilles Reservation (04/25)
Navajo Nation man files lawsuit for police officer beating (04/25)
Supreme Court posts audio in Jicarilla Apache trust case (04/25)
Indian man in Minnesota charged for minor sex solicitation (04/22)
Judge who sent Taos Pueblo members to jail told to resign (04/22)
Village uses meeting to slam Oneida Nation land-into-trust (04/22)
Native Sun News: Law firm ordered to provide documents (04/22)
Navajo Nation won't recognize removal of chapter leaders (04/22)
Mohawks in Quebec will sit out election season yet again (04/21)
No suspects into homicide of three-year-old Puyallup boy (04/21)
Supreme Court hears Jicarilla case without Justice Kagan (04/21)
Turtle Talk: Preliminary thoughts for Jicarilla Apache case (04/20)
Death of three-year-old Puyallup boy treated as homicide (04/20)
Navajo Nation man to be sentenced for assault on his wife (04/20)
Turtle Talk Poll: Why no decision in Tohono O'odham case? (04/20)
State claims Yakama Nation owes $11M in unpaid fuel tax (04/20)
Supreme Court takes up Jicarilla Apache Nation trust case (04/20)
DOJ intervenes in protest for development at sacred site (04/19)
Supreme Court yet to issue ruling in Tohono O'odham case (04/19)
Turtle Talk: Supreme Court report card in Indian law cases (04/19)
Crosscut: Frontline breaking 'The Silence' on clergy abuse (04/19)
Pointe Au Chien Tribe sues BP over Gulf of Mexico oil spill (04/19)
Former Soboba Band chairman sentenced in bribery case (04/19)
Supreme Court won't hear Winnemucca leadership dispute (04/18)
Timothy Purdon: Stopping violence against Indian women (04/18)
Yakama Nation couple punished for selling eagle feathers (04/15)
Man sentenced for removing petroglyph from federal land (04/15)
Chairman and attorney general for Umatilla Tribes resign (04/15)
Former Sokaogon chairman sentenced on fifth DUI charge (04/15)
Saginaw Chippewa Tribe still working on police agreement (04/15)
Two tribes seek role in litigation over Montana megaloads (04/15)
GAO conducting study of IHS for Tribal Law and Order Act (04/14)
Turtle Talk: More on Indian law cases and Supreme Court (04/14)
Non-Indian charged with Saginaw Chippewa home invasion (04/14)
Group sets up in county at odds with Coeur d'Alene Tribe (04/14)
Mashantucket Tribe signs contract with firefighters union (04/14)
Counties fight to remain in Mishewal Wappo Tribe's lawsuit (04/14)
California attorney general pressed to protect sacred site (04/14)
Blue Lake Rancheria shuts down business staffing company (04/13)
Oneida Nation accuses attorney of benefiting from lawsuits (04/13)
Tohono O'odham man accused of killing seven-year-old boy (04/13)
Panel discusses effects of Supreme Court's Montana decision (04/12)
Turtle Talk: Reviewing Indian law cases at the Supreme Court (04/12)
Southern Ute man sentenced as a habitual violence offender (04/12)
College won't let plaintiff in Freedmen lawsuit speak at forum (04/12)
Choctaw Nation and Chickasaw Nation assert rights to water (04/12)
Rhode Island governor opposes fix to land-into-trust decision (04/11)
10th Circuit dismisses charge against non-Indian at cockfight (04/11)
WeNews: Seeking justice for Indian victims in South Dakota (04/11)
Seminole Tribe comparison to terrorists still in Pentagon brief (04/11)
Federal shutdown would have broad impact in Indian Country (04/08)
DOJ wants two counties out of Mishewal Wappo Tribe's lawsuit (04/08)
Two Spirit Lake Dakotah council members listed in indictments (04/08)
Opinion: Winnemem Wintu woman denied federal eagle permit (04/08)
Kevin Abourezk: Bill authorizes tobacco compacts in Nebraska (04/08)
Senate Indian Affairs Committee approves land-into-trust fix (04/08)
BIA steps into leadership feud in California Valley Miwok Tribe (04/07)
Spirit Lake Dakotah Nation worker indicted for embezzlement (04/07)
Ex-Passamoquoddy police chief admits to theft of tribal funds (04/07)
Utilities commission takes up complaint over Crow Creek firm (04/06)
Federal Bar Association sets 36th annual Indian law conference (04/06)
Labor Department goes after San Carlos Apache Tribe business (04/06)
Utah couple 'thrilled' with 10th Circuit decision in ICWA dispute (04/06)
Indian Law and Order Commission holds first in-person session (04/06)
New Mexico governor vetoes taxation bill by Navajo lawmaker (04/06)
Zuni Pueblo benefits from $11M settlement announced by SEC (04/06)
Mohawk man pleads guilty to being a felon in possession (04/05)
Court rebuffs Cherokee Nation in Indian Child Welfare Act ruling (04/05)
Turtle Talk: Sovereign immunity and independent tribal judiciary (04/05)
Senate Indian Affairs Committee to consider two bills at meeting (04/05)
Nisqually Tribe starts construction on $20M public safety center (04/05)
Employee charged with theft of nearly $400K from Tulalip store (04/05)
Two federal court rulings on Yankton Sioux Tribe land-into-trust (04/04)
Rep. Cole introduces fix to Supreme Court land-into-trust ruling (04/04)
Supreme Court hearing in Jicarilla Apache trust case on April 20 (04/04)
Native American Suicide Prevention Act in New Mexico signed (04/01)
DOJ investigates officer's fatal shooting of Native woodcarver (04/01)
Allison Binney rejoins law firm after Senate Indian Affairs work (04/01)
Ousted Snoqualmie council members win ruling in tribal court (04/01)
Mashpee Wampanoag man sues town in fishing rights dispute (04/01)
Squaxin Island Tribe wins decision in suit over new water wells (04/01)
Turtle Talk: The 'soft trust' in 10th Circuit's eagle feather case (03/31)
Law firm seeks money for efforts on Oneida Nation land claim (03/31)
Echo Hawk 'strongly supports' fix to land-into-trust decision (03/31)
Bills introduced to fix Supreme Court land-into-trust decision (03/31)
Southern Ute Tribe loses water rights battle in Colorado court (03/30)
Turtle Talk: New tactic for Indian law cases in Supreme Court (03/30)
Members of Chippewa Cree Tribe frustrated with their leaders (03/30)
Superintendent for BIA pleads not guilty over Fort Peck thefts (03/30)
10th Circuit allows charges in non-Indian eagle feather case (03/30)
Lac du Flambeau Band sets limits for off-reservation fishing (03/29)
NPS urged to take Alaska Native corporations off NAGPRA list (03/29)
County social service director on leave after Cherokee death (03/29)
Pueblo man found guilty for murder of Northern Arapaho man (03/28)
Two men charged over theft from Gila River Indian Community (03/25)
Indian teenaged girl charged as adult for stabbing in Wyoming (03/25)
Iowa judge recognizes Mewskwaki officers as law enforcement (03/25)
Oglala Sioux activist being held without bond for elder protest (03/25)
US Attorney in Montana holds first Indian Crime Unit meeting (03/25)
Press conference to announce settlement in Indian abuse suit (03/25)
Council at Lumbee Tribe fires administrator hired by chairman (03/25)
Crow Reservation man pleads guilty to another assault on wife (03/24)
Law Article: BIA regulations to streamline energy development (03/24)
Shinnecock Nation looks to better relationship with local police (03/24)
Navajo Nation working with counties to boost law enforcement (03/24)
Seminole Tribe 'offended' by military comparison to terrorists (03/24)
Man pleads guilty for murdering brother of former chairwoman (03/24)
BIA superintendent on Fort Peck Reservation indicted in theft (03/22)
Police in Montana believe remains are of missing Native man (03/22)
Oglala Sioux Tribe charges activist for protest against program (03/22)
Court asked to punish judge who sent Pueblo members to jail (03/22)
Former police officer facing charges over Pueblo man's death (03/22)
FBI investigates fatal shooting by Warm Springs police officer (03/22)
County social workers banned from handling Eastern Cherokee (03/22)
DOJ seeks to limit attorney fees in USDA discrimination lawsuit (03/22)
Center: Maryland disputes payday lender run by tribal member (03/22)
Members of Crow Tribe vote to ratify water rights settlement (03/21)
Second defendant sentenced in death of Quinault Nation man (03/18)
9th Circuit upholds $400K against BIA in employment dispute (03/18)
Washington Republicans set sights on tribal gas tax compacts (03/18)
Eastern Cherokees consider taking child services from county (03/17)
Members of Crow Tribe set for vote on water rights settlement (03/17)
US Attorney in North Dakota hosts listening session with tribes (03/17)
Turtle Talk: Update on Indian law cases and the Supreme Court (03/16)
Lawyer intoxicated in court sent to Southern Ute rehab center (03/16)
Judge puts trial on hold due to lack of Native jury participation (03/16)
Vice chairman of Pala Band serving probation for lewd conduct (03/16)
Sycuan Band helps capture parole violators with guns and drugs (03/15)
Nebraska tax official apologizes to Ponca Tribe for tobacco raid (03/15)
9th Circuit rejects Bishop Paiute Tribe's lawsuit over land claim (03/15)
Some from Quapaw Tribe will opt out of $3.4B Cobell settlement (03/15)
Shoshone-Bannock Tribes start sex offender registration system (03/14)
Kevin Abourezk: Nebraska returns seized tobacco to Ponca Tribe (03/14)
8th Circuit affirms conviction of self-proclaimed Pembina leader (03/11)
Mario Gonzales: Oppose effort to distribute Black Hills settlement (03/11)
Yakama Nation sues federal government over raid of tobacco firm (03/11)
Kevin Abourezk: Nebraska seizes tobacco from Ponca Tribe land (03/11)
Man in Oklahoma charged with murder in federal and state court (03/10)
10th Circuit hears argument in Wyoming Indian voting rights suit (03/10)
Lumbee Tribe moving toward shutdown in dispute with chairman (03/10)
Native Sun News: 8th Circuit to consider Oglala Sioux man's case (03/10)
New York tax collector 'prepared to enforce' tobacco tax on tribes (03/09)
ICWA ruling expected to spur tribal-state cooperation in Alaska (03/08)
ABA Journal: Tribal courts forging new territory with ethics rules (03/08)
Activists protest Oglala Sioux Tribe handling of elderly program (03/08)
Navajo Nation appeals decision in dispute over land bid process (03/08)
Guilty plea in connection with bribery case of ex-Soboba leader (03/08)
Alaska Supreme Court supports Native villages in ICWA matters (03/07)
Book Review: Chief Leschi and 'Bitter Waters of Medicine Creek' (03/07)
Book Review: Siletz restoration in 'The People Are Dancing Again' (03/07)
Fort Mojave Tribe revives lawsuit over sacred place in California (03/04)
Echo Hawk urges Crow Tribe to approve water rights settlement (03/04)
Shoshone woman jailed for trying to cash OST check at Walmart (03/03)
Muscogee Nation Supreme Court won't remove judge from post (03/03)
SCOTUSblog: Justice Scalia makes the case for Indian defendant (03/03)
Kevin Abourezk: Tribes in Nebraska oppose tobacco taxation bill (03/03)
Double homicide of Pinoleville Pomo men unsolved after 6 years (03/02)
Navajo Nation judge rules for rancher in dispute over bid process (03/02)
Police officer from Winnebago Tribe involved in shooting incident (03/02)
Gila River Tribe concerned about medical marijuana dispensaries (03/02)
Native Sun News: 1868 Fort Laramie Treaty tribes urged to unite (03/02)
DOJ Blog: Tom Perrelli receives Indian Country Leadership Award (03/02)
Supreme Court to hear case over Indian defendant's conviction (03/01)
White House aide vows support for fix to land-into-trust decision (03/01)
Seattle mayor proclaims John T. Williams Day in honor of carver (03/01)
Former housing director of Narragansett Tribe indicted for theft (03/01)
California appeals BIA approval of Tule River land-into-trust bid (02/24)
Republican lawmaker wants to put tobacco tax on Idaho tribes (02/24)
Donor who benefited in Soboba water settlement pleads guilty (02/24)
County sheriff denies being 'anti-Indian' in Ute Tribe dispute (02/23)
Brothers sentenced over 'punk a Nav' incident in New Mexico (02/23)
Osage Nation optimistic as high court weighs reservation case (02/23)
Authorities investigating death of Eastern Cherokee baby girl (02/23)
Idaho Republicans targeting tribes with tobacco taxation bill (02/22)
Thelma Rios allegedly knew others who wanted Aquash killed (02/22)
Supreme Court asks DOJ for views in Osage diminishment case (02/22)
Medical marijuana is legal in Montana except in Indian Country (02/22)
Native Sun News: Navajo man files lawsuit against McDonald's (02/21)
Republicans press Obama to pull Arvo Mikkanen's nomination (02/18)
Native Sun News: Tribes urged to support bill for pipeline spills (02/18)
Idaho tribal policing bill fails by one vote after lengthy debate (02/18)
Lawsuit accuses Morongo Band of blocking access to property (02/18)
Court rules Laguna Pueblo immune to lawsuit in property case (02/18)
Yakama cigarette firm raided after filing lawsuit against state (02/18)
Navajo Nation Council backs lease extension for power plant (02/17)
Officer who fatally shot Native woodcarver resigns from force (02/17)
Informational meetings for Keepseagle case set in Oklahoma (02/16)
Lakota Country Times: Lengthy Rosebud Sioux suit dismissed (02/16)
No charges against officer who fatally shot Native woodcarver (02/16)
Court backs sovereign immunity of Amerind Risk Management (02/15)
Fort Peck official pleads not guilty to DUI charge in tribal court (02/15)
Navajo Nation man faces sentence for second-degree murder (02/15)
Interview with Walter Echo-Hawk, Pawnee attorney and author (02/14)
Thelma Rios, who pleaded guilty for role in Aquash murder, dies (02/11)
Sen. Schumer calls for radar system along border with Canada (02/11)
Wyoming bill appears to overturn victory in Indian voting case (02/11)
Sen. Kyl helped pass largest Indian water rights deal in history (02/11)
Yakama Nation launches its motor vehicle registration program (02/11)
Seneca Nation man charged in connection with $2.1M land deal (02/10)
Supporters defend Arvo Mikkanen from home-state opposition (02/10)
Coeur d'Alene law enforcement bill wins vote after long hearing (02/10)
County takes battle against Mishewal Wappo Tribe to Capitol Hill (02/10)
Montana tribe to continue negotiations over role at bison refuge (02/10)
Payday lenders a new revenue stream for some in Indian Country (02/10)
Judge rules for Navajo Nation in domestic violence shelter case (02/09)
Judge awards Alaska Native family $4.9M for breach of trust case (02/09)
NCAI president says 'politics' behind opposition to Arvo Mikkanen (02/09)
Federal prosecutor says office won't refuse Indian Country cases (02/09)
St. Regis Mohawk Tribe in talks over town's case against business (02/09)
Counties submit final arguments over Oneida Nation foreclosure (02/09)
Third Colorado River woman sentenced as part of meth crackdown (02/08)
Interview with Rep. Hastings on tribal issues in the 112th Congress (02/08)
Driver faces manslaughter charge for death of Navajo Nation man (02/08)
Federal judge backs Sisseton-Wahpeton Oyate land-into-trust bid (02/08)
Turtle Mountain Chippewa man convicted of sexual abuse of minor (02/08)
Arvo Mikkanen handled tribal theft case, Seminole Freedmen case (02/08)
Opinion: Arvo Mikkanen federal court nomination and the white man (02/07)
US Attorney in Minnesota opening more Indian Country crime cases (02/07)
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Montana tribe drops court case in National Bison Range agreement (02/04)
Law Article: The case for tribal self-governance and bankruptcy law (02/04)
Navajo Nation man who was branded with swastika sues McDonald's (02/04)
Oneida Nation submits arguments to 2nd Circuit in foreclosure case (02/04)
Yakama Nation expects to finish $12M detention facility next year (02/04)
Leech Lake Band rescinds unauthorized approval of power line deal (02/03)
Lac Du Flambeau council member sentenced for fourth DUI incident (02/03)
Akin Gump partner stops blogging after post on 'ugly' Yaqui prayer (02/03)
Lydia Whirlwind Soldier: Tribal Law and Order Act a good first start (02/03)
Authorities detain man in connection with Yankton Sioux homicides (02/03)
Man faces criminal charges for trying to divert Shingle Springs mail (02/03)
New York governor anticipates $130M from cigarette tax on tribes (02/03)
Obama nominates Arvo Mikkanen, Kiowa, to serve as federal judge (02/03)
County sheriff to increase traffic patrol near Grand Canyon Skywalk (02/02)
County settles federal recognition suit with Mishewal Wappo Tribe (02/02)
US Attorney in Minnesota adds resources to fight reservation crime (02/02)
Quechan Nation seeking preliminary injunction against solar project (02/01)
Man from Navajo Nation pleads not guilty to murder charge in Utah (02/01)
Communities seek to modify Navajo Nation water rights settlement (02/01)
Echo Hawk decision allows ouster of dozens from San Pasqual Band (02/01)
Investigation continues in deaths of three from Yankton Sioux Tribe (02/01)
Chief of Muscogee Nation to veto resolutions affecting tribal courts (02/01)
KUOW: Tulalip woman and son upset with prosecution in tribal court (02/01)
Turtle Talk: Commentary on DC Circuit decision on land-into-trust (01/31)
KUOW: Tribal Law and Order Act expands authority of tribal courts (01/31)
Yankton Sioux Tribe Tribe mourns loss of mother and two children (01/31)
Colville woman accuses state trooper of making racist comment (01/28)
Native Sun News: Rosebud Sioux Tribe sued by a former chairman (01/28)
Dakota descendants back in court over mismanagement of trust (01/28)
IHS seeks to dismiss lawsuit over exposure to disease at hospital (01/28)
Counties submit opening brief for Oneida Nation foreclosure case (01/28)
Blog: Task force at DOJ to address violence against Native women (01/28)
Muscogee Nation woman faces trial for death of child in foster care (01/27)
Man accused of theft from Paiute Tribe also charged in state court (01/27)
Careerist: Partner at law firm strays 'off the reservation' with blog (01/27)
Federal judge won't hear dispute among Snoqualmie Tribe leaders (01/27)
Justice Department nominee has experience with Indian law cases (01/26)
Cherokee Nation asks top court to hear Freedmen citizenship case (01/26)
Native Sun News: Graham sentenced for Aquash's murder in 1975 (01/26)
Blog: Article on sexual assault at Standing Rock Sioux Reservation (01/26)
Turtle Talk: A critical time for Indian law cases and Supreme Court (01/25)
Editorial: Survey shows 'stunning' data about domestic violence (01/25)
John Graham sentenced to life in prison for 1975 Aquash murder (01/25)
DOJ opens investigation of Seattle police after Native man's death (01/25)
DOJ creates task force to address violence against Native women (01/25)
Hopi Tribe heads to the polls on Thursday to vote on constitution (01/25)
Blog: Sac and Fox Nation settles lawsuit over ancestral remains (01/24)
John Graham to be sentenced for role in Aquash murder in 1975 (01/24)
Young Saginaw Chippewa man cleared of federal assault charge (01/21)
Kickapoo man faces charges in tribal and state court for accident (01/21)
Coeur d'Alene Tribe once again lobbying for law enforcement bill (01/21)
Inquest split over fatal shooting of Native man by a police officer (01/21)
Pueblo woman accused of killing son might raise insanity defense (01/20)
Attorneys in Keepseagle discrimination case seek $60.8M in fees (01/20)
Census Bureau maps new size of Oneida Reservation in New York (01/20)
Arizona court backs redistricting pick who works as a tribal judge (01/20)
Kickapoo Tribe asserts concurrent jurisdiction over fatal accident (01/20)
President Obama names 3 to Indian Law and Order Commission (01/19)
Saginaw Chippewa man pleads guilty to assault using his shoes (01/19)
Opening briefs due in Oneida Nation foreclosure case next week (01/19)
Akin Gump reviewing social media policies in wake of 'ugly' post (01/19)
Review: Walter Echo-Hawk tackles '10 Worst Indian Law Cases' (01/19)
Native Sun News: Loyal Mdewakanton Dakota win a partial ruling (01/19)
Supreme Court refuses challenge to Meskwaki Tribe's jurisdiction (01/18)
Another Saginaw Chippewa man charged with assault using shoes (01/17)
Cherokee Nation disagrees with decision on Freedmen citizenship (01/17)
Stephanie Woodard: ACLU sues IHS for records on induced labors (01/14)
Cherokee Nation judge rules Freedmen are entitled to citizenship (01/14)
Opinion: Tribes should be included in renewable energy solutions (01/14)
Law firm apologizes for 'inappropriate' post on Yaqui man's prayer (01/14)
New York governor affirms intent to impose tobacco tax on tribes (01/13)
Utah man accused of stealing more than $176K from Paiute Tribe (01/13)
Woman hit with second-degree murder charge on Navajo Nation (01/13)
Trial begins into shooting death linked to Indian gang in Nebraska (01/13)
Police officer questioned over fatal shooting of Native woodcarver (01/13)
County agrees to hold off Cayuga Nation foreclosure proceedings (01/12)
Chehalis Tribe and county enter mediation over taxation dispute (01/12)
Oneida Nation avoids potentially negative Supreme Court action (01/12)
Federal Circuit rules Navajo Nation waited too long to file lawsuit (01/11)
Inquest begins into officer's fatal shooting of Native wood carver (01/11)
Town claims jurisdiction on business owned by Mohawk woman (01/11)
San Felipe Pueblo man sentenced to 12 years on murder charge (01/11)
New president of Navajo Nation reaches settlement in fraud case (01/11)
Menominee Nation woman charged with assault of police officer (01/11)
Tom DeLay, former House majority leader, sentenced to 3 years (01/11)
Supreme Court won't be hearing Oneida Nation foreclosure case (01/10)
Supreme Court agrees to hear Jicarilla Apache Nation trust case (01/10)
Non-Indian couple still in jurisdictional dispute with Rincon Band (01/10)
Mashantucket Pequot Tribal Nation removes top judge from court (01/07)
MPR: Leech Lake Band official faces removal over $2.4M loan deal (01/07)
Montana court supports county official who ran for Crow chairman (01/07)
Effort keeps 127 cases of beer away from Pine Ridge Reservation (01/06)
Nominee for Department of Justice has experience with Indian law (01/06)
Standing Rock Sioux woman charged with second-degree murder (01/06)
Two counties start foreclosure proceedings against Cayuga Nation (01/06)
Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe fires ICWA director after drug charge (01/05)
Muscogee Nation in dispute over operation of tribal court system (01/05)
President Obama signs Pueblo land and leasing measures into law (01/05)
Law Article: Sovereignty, jurisdiction and taxes in Indian Country (01/04)
Police offer $25K reward in murder of Eastern Pequot man in 2006 (01/04)
Seneca-Cayuga Tribe planning to reopen smoke shop in New York (01/04)
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