No word from Supreme Court on Oneida Nation land claim appeal

The U.S. Supreme Court has considered two petitions in the long-running Oneida Nation land claim but the justices haven't said whether they will take the case.

The tribe is suing over 250,000 acres that were illegally taken by the state of New York. The 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals killed the claim and essentially said the tribe waited too long to sue.

The tribe and the Obama administration want the Supreme Court to overturn the decision. Their petitions -- Oneida Nation v. Oneida County and US v. New York -- were considered on Monday but an order list isn't expected until next week.

The Supreme Court previously declined to hear a petition in Cayuga Nation v New York, another land claim that the 2nd Circuit dismissed.

2nd Circuit Decision:
Oneida Nation v. Oneida County/Madison County (August 9, 2010)

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