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Hualapai Tribe demands apology from operator of Skywalk attraction

The Hualapai Tribe of Arizona is demanding an apology from the operator of the Grand Canyon Skywalk.

The tribe says David Jin's spokesperson made "racist" comments in an article published in Vegas Seven. The spokesperson referred to the tribal government "lawless" and "archaic."

"That type of discriminatory language perpetuates the worst stereotypes about the Hualapai culture and all Native American people," council member Waylon Honga said in a press release. "Mr. Jin has told many lies about our Tribe, but calling an Indian government ‘lawless and archaic’ crosses the line. On behalf of the Hualapai people, I demand an immediate apology by Mr. Jin for these deeply insulting and offensive statements."

The tribe and Jin are locked in a dispute over the operation of the popular Skywalk attraction. The tribe says Jin hasn't lived up to his end of an agreement while Jin claims the tribe is trying to seize the business in order to oust him.

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