Indian woman accuses police officer in border town of assault

A woman from the Navajo Nation has accused a police officer in Farmington, New Mexico, of sexual assault.

The woman said the assault by Sgt. Kent O'Donnell occurred at her home in Farmington on August 27. But she feels local authorities aren't taking her seriously and she has filed additional complaints with the city's Community Relations Commission and the Navajo Nation Human Rights Commission.

"My client — she is Navajo — really was seeking the support of her own people," attorney Brigitte Thomas told The Farmington Daily Times. "She wanted the backing of a Nation, which makes her feel stronger because she is going up against a police department. She feels small, she feels overwhelmed. And because we believe there is a pattern of discrimination by (O'Donnell) of harassing ... pretty young Navajo or Hispanic women."

O'Donnell has been placed on administrative duty but no charges have been filed. Another Navajo woman previously accused him of entering her home while she was in the shower but the police department found the complaint was unsustained.

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Woman alleges discrimination in police rape case (The Farmington Daily Times 11/28)

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