Crow Reservation woman charged for homicide of 3-year-old boy (08/24)
Opinion: Indian candidates need not apply to the federal judiciary (07/20)
Quechan Nation wins ruling in case against solar power project (12/17)
Judge tells police to release video from Native man's shooting (12/17)
Land-into-trust fix in limbo amid dispute on appropriations bill (12/17)
Former police chief for Sault Tribe sentenced to prison for fraud (12/16)
US Attorneys in Oklahoma turn down about half of Indian cases (12/16)
Oklahoma seizes tobacco products headed for Muscogee Nation (12/15)
Yakama tobacco company says New York mayor 'hates' Indians (12/15)
City seeks to join lawsuit over Mishewal Wappo Tribe recognition (12/15)
Crow Creek Sioux chair remains in office despite bribery charges (12/15)
Native Sun News: John Graham guilty for Aquash murder in 1975 (12/15)
Land-into-trust fix not included in Senate version of spending bill (12/15)
Gale Norton claims 'millions' wasted for corruption investigation (12/14)
No charges over Democratic feeds on South Dakota reservations (12/14)
Muscogee Nation still holding out on compact for cigarette taxes (12/14)
Pardon possible for Dakota man who was executed in Minnesota (12/14)
GAO report confirms big declination rate in Indian Country cases (12/14)
BIA and tribal officers help out at 34th Lakota Nation Invitational (12/14)
Former Interior secretary Norton won't face corruption charges (12/13)
Jury returns guilty verdict in murder of Anna Mae Pictou Aquash (12/13)
Ban on tobacco tax in New York stays in effect pending appeals (12/13)
Sen. Murkowski seeks answers for sex abuse case of Native girl (12/13)
Jury convenes for second day of deliberations in Aquash murder (12/10)
Crow Tribe to celebrate settlement of water rights at NMAI in DC (12/10)
Obama signs water settlement for White Mountain Apache Tribe (12/10)
Branding of Navajo man is first case under new hate crimes law (12/10)
Narragansett Tribe still optimistic on fix to land-into-trust ruling (12/10)
Jury deliberates fate of man charged with Aquash's 1975 murder (12/09)
Judge orders ex-Pueblo leader to report to prison for hit-and-run (12/09)
Navajo Nation men plead guilty in shooting at home with children (12/09)
Pueblo water settlements become law after decades of litigation (12/09)
Rep. Cole authored land-into-trust provision in appropriation bill (12/09)
Land-into-trust fix passes House as part of continuing resolution (12/09)
Police officer from Round Valley Tribes attacked during traffic stop (12/08)
Defense rests in Aquash murder trial without calling any witnesses (12/08)
John Echohawk: Stockbridge Munsee Band deal on strong footing (12/08)
Native Sun News: Wrapup of the first week of Aquash murder trial (12/08)
Ute Tribe concerned about state encroachment on the reservation (12/08)
Nez Perce man sentenced to six months for state trooper incident (12/07)
Man acquitted of 1975 Aquash murder takes stand in another trial (12/07)
Brothers await sentencing for 'punk a Nav' incident in New Mexico (12/07)
New US Attorney for New Mexico makes Indian Country a priority (12/06)
MPR: Task force looks into human trafficking in Indian community (12/06)
The Village: Sex traffickers target Alaska Native women and girls (12/03)
Testimony continues for 1975 kidnapping and murder of Aquash (12/03)
Judge faces removal for sending Taos group to jail for contempt (12/03)
Attorney who worked for Goshute Tribe killed in bicycle accident (12/03)
Man who robbed Yurok site fails to turn up for restitution hearing (12/03)
Murder charges laid after man stabbed at Yakama Nation home (12/03)
Company apologizes for fighting Ute Tribe's sovereignty in court (12/03)
Trial opens in kidnapping and murder of Anna Mae Pictou Aquash (12/02)
Legal group behind voting rights case known as 'Indian fighters' (12/02)
Appeal promised on snowmaking at sacred San Francisco Peaks (12/02)
Northern Cheyenne man awaiting trial can't access medical pot (12/02)
Man sentenced in big methamphetamine case on Navajo Nation (12/02)
Native Sun News: South Dakota man feels victimized by law firm (12/02)
Fire destroys Boys & Girls Club at Crow Creek Sioux Reservation (12/01)
Aquash murder suspect goes to trial in South Dakota state court (12/01)
Pueblo tribes in New Mexico win approval for water settlements (12/01)
Navajo Nation women's shelter stays unfinished amid legal feud (12/01)
Blackfeet Nation resumes authority for law enforcement service (12/01)
Claims Settlement Act authorizes $460M Crow water settlement (12/01)
Sen. Max Baucus press release on Claims Settlement Act (12/01)
Supreme Court declines Miccosukee Tribe's petition in EPA case (11/30)
US Attorney in Montana establishes 'Fearless Justice Initiative' (11/30)
Hate crime charges another scar in border town's shaky history (11/30)
City officials visit Oneida Nation cigarette manufacturing facility (11/30)
Judge orders acquitted suspect to testify in Aquash murder trial (11/30)
Conditions reportedly improve at reservation mobile home park (11/30)
House passes package with Cobell and tribal water settlements (11/30)
David Hayes: Settlements honor our pledges to First Americans (11/30)
Audio for White House conference call on Claims Settlement Act (11/29)
Legal News: Matthew Fletcher a pioneer in Indian law and policy (11/29)
Federal prisons to accept tribal offenders through pilot program (11/29)
Judge approves settlement in Saginaw Chippewa Tribe lawsuit (11/24)
Attorney General Holder addresses Indian Heritage Month event (11/23)
Judge considers settlement over Saginaw Chippewa reservation (11/23)
Leech Lake Band official faces prosecution over loan agreement (11/23)
Mary Pember: Indian farmers told to stay 'patient' for settlement (11/22)
Senate passes water rights settlements for tribes in three states (11/22)
Opinion: Saginaw Chippewa settlement not so fair to non-Indians (11/22)
Appeals court reject 1868 treaty defense in federal prosecution (11/19)
Bad River Band sends officers to school after Facebook threats (11/19)
Narragansett chief on Capitol Hill to lobby for land-into-trust fix (11/19)
Former St. Regis Mohawk chief indicted on federal drug charges (11/19)
Ousted Santa Ysabel Band leader won't accept election results (11/19)
Justice Department establishes separate Office of Tribal Justice (11/18)
Cayuga Nation weighs lawsuit after seized tobacco is returned (11/17)
Michigan attorney pushes trial in Saginaw Chippewa land case (11/17)
Peltier supporters push for tests due to concerns about health (11/17)
Officer waited four seconds before shooting Native wood carver (11/16)
County finally returns illegally seized tobacco to Cayuga Nation (11/16)
Lobbyists worried about a rival land-into-trust fix on Capitol Hill (11/16)
IRS broadens demand for Miccosukee Tribe financial documents (11/16)
Federal hate crimes charges for attack on disabled Navajo man (11/15)
Supreme Court declines South Dakota Indian voting rights case (11/15)
Plaintiff in Indian farmers case died after learning of settlement (11/15)
Parties upset by late objection to Saginaw Chippewa settlement (11/12)
Indian pastor acquitted of most serious charges for minor abuse (11/12)
Michigan attorney general opposes Saginaw Chippewa Tribe deal (11/11)
No charges over Democratic meals on South Dakota reservations (11/11)
Gun Lake Tribe to establish law enforcement department in 2011 (11/11)
Defendant in Aquash murder cites medicine man confidentiality (11/10)
Attorney for Cow Creek Band pleads not guilty in domestic case (11/10)
Knife carried by Native wood carver was found in closed position (11/10)
Saginaw Chippewa Tribe wins support for reservation settlement (11/10)
Ute Tribe petitions Obama for return of two million acres in Utah (11/10)
Judge won't issue injunction in New York tobacco taxation battle (11/10)
Oklahoma vote against Islamic law could impact tribal activities (11/10)
Native Sun News: Rios pleads guilty for role in 1975 Aquash case (11/10)
FBI reports multiple guns fired during shootout on Red Lake Nation (11/09)
US Attorney in South Dakota hosting first town hall on tribal issues (11/09)
Blackfeet Nation man sentenced for not registering as sex offender (11/09)
Little Shell Chippewa brothers split on guardianship of historic flag (11/09)
Woman reaches guilty plea over her role in 1975 murder of Aquash (11/09)
Saginaw Chippewa Tribe finalizes settlement in reservation status (11/09)
Mohawks on both sides of border work to combat 'hillbilly heroin' (11/08)
UTTC to host informational meeting about Keepseagle settlement (11/08)
Turtle Talk: Updates on cases in Supreme Court and federal courts (11/05)
Wyoming county proceeds with appeal in Indian voting rights suit (11/05)
Criminal case could lead to removal of new Navajo Nation leaders (11/05)
One dead and two hospitalized after shootout on Red Lake Nation (11/05)
Jury orders Mille Lacs Ojibwe woman to pay $1.5M for file sharing (11/05)
Blog: Quechan Nation faces uphill battle in lawsuit over solar farm (11/04)
FBI looks for man in connection with shootings on Red Lake Nation (11/04)
Execution date set for man who murdered young Blackfeet cousins (11/04)
Men charged over Saginaw Chippewa domestic violence incidents (11/03)
Leader of New Mexico tribe to meet with publisher after paper ban (11/03)
Quechan Nation wants federal judge to block solar energy project (11/03)
Former Pueblo leader sentenced to one year for hit and run death (11/03)
Man sentenced for assaulting police officer from Winnebago Tribe (11/02)
Federal prosecutors reopen sexual assault incident at Pine Ridge (11/02)
Judge gives preliminary approval of settlement in Keepseagle suit (11/02)
Recap: Supreme Court arguments in US v. Tohono O'odham Nation (11/02)
Chippewa Cree Tribe heads to polls amid dispute over candidates (11/02)
Former Pueblo leader due to be sentenced over hit and run death (11/02)
New Mexico tribe bans sale of newspaper for coverage of murder (11/02)
Supreme Court takes up Tohono O'odham Nation trust law dispute (11/02)
Navajo environmentalists win decision against expansion of mine (11/02)
Turtle Talk: Initial reaction to Supreme Court hearing on trust case (11/02)
Rep. King says protesters don't know what 'they're talking about' (11/02)
Oglala Sioux Tribe court places candidates back on election ballot (11/02)
Navajo presidential candidate dismisses indictment as 'political' (11/01)
Protest targets Rep. King for voting against Tribal Law and Order (11/01)
Supreme Court to hear Tohono O'odham Nation trust case today (11/01)
County sets up two polling places for Spirit Lake Dakotah Nation (10/29)
Navajo Nation heads to polls amid charges facing one candidate (10/29)
Cherokee Nation receives $1.3M in grants for law enforcement (10/28)
Non-Indian landowner won't submit to Rincon Band jurisdiction (10/28)
Five members of Hopi Tribe plead guilty for taking baby eagles (10/28)
New Mexico pueblo concerned about safety for trick-or-treating (10/28)
9th Circuit won't rehear case over Colville man's murder charge (10/27)
Judge orders release of Indian man who was sentenced by tribe (10/27)
Four women from Fort Belknap Reservation sentenced for meth (10/27)
Box of two human skulls sent from Montana to Utah university (10/27)
Ex-BIA employee sentenced for theft from Fort Peck program (10/27)
Appeals court strikes down voter identification law for Arizona (10/27)
Tribe in New Mexico bans trick-or-treating after brutal murder (10/27)
Judge extends restraining order against New York tobacco tax (10/27)
Hearing this Friday to discuss settlement in Indian farmer case (10/27)
St. Regis Mohawk Tribe to use grant to expand its court system (10/27)
Turtle Talk: Indian interests faring worse under Supreme Court (10/26)
Man sentenced to 30 years for child sex abuse in North Dakota (10/26)
Police investigate alleged sexual assault at Haskell University (10/26)
Quechan Nation sues after potential exposure to viruses at IHS (10/26)
Rep. Herseth Sandlin questions complaint on reservation feeds (10/25)
Osage Nation asks Supreme Court to review reservation status (10/25)
US Attorney in Montana develops crime unit for Indian Country (10/25)
Judge backs Spirit Lake Dakotah Nation in voting rights dispute (10/25)
Navajo Nation vice president among group facing fraud charges (10/22)
Jury exonerates former Sault Tribe chairman in severance case (10/22)
NPR: USDA agrees to $760M settlement for Indian farmers case (10/22)
Man enters plea to manufacturing meth on Fort Peck Reservation (10/21)
Lawyer expects Keepseagle settlement to be completed in year (10/21)
Man gets 10 years for embezzling from Standing Rock Sioux Tribe (10/21)
Republican accuses Alaska Native corporations of violating laws (10/21)
Oneida Nation's tobacco manufacturing plant a subject of debate (10/21)
Ute Tribe prepares for special election to choose a new chairman (10/21)
Lac Vieux Desert Reservation was put in lockdown after shooting (10/21)
Law Release: Native American children falling through the cracks (10/21)
Tribal Law and Order Act a tool to combat crimes against women (10/21)
WaPo Conversation: Indian farmers celebrate $760M settlement (10/21)
Turtle Talk: Obama court nominee argued against Oneida Nation (10/20)
Republicans file complaint on Democratic feeds on reservations (10/20)
Tribes discuss Tribal Law and Order Act at New Mexico meeting (10/20)
Nine arrested for drug deals in and around Navajo Reservation (10/20)
Ruling expected in Spirit Lake Dakotah Nation voting rights case (10/20)
Indian farmers reach $760M settlement for USDA discrimination (10/20)
NCAI statement on settlement in Keepseagle lawsuit (10/20)
Nottawaseppi Huron Band announces a full time chief of police (10/19)
Keepseagle won't need Congressional approval for settlement (10/19)
Authorities investigate hit and run on Muckleshoot Reservation (10/19)
New Tribal Law and Order Act is subject of national symposium (10/19)
New York governor hints of resolution for tribal tobacco battle (10/18)
Supreme Court won't take up inter-tribal fishing rights dispute (10/18)
Judge extends temporary restraining order for Seneca tobacco (10/15)
Former Ione Band chairman reports being stabbed at his home (10/15)
Former Pueblo leader faces wrongful death suit for hit and run (10/15)
Briefs due in dispute over taxation of Chehalis Tribe water park (10/15)
Reports: Fatal shooting of Native woodcarver ruled not justified (10/15)
Washington court backs Lummi officer's off-reservation pursuit (10/15)
Conviction for murder of Cherokee man who was state trooper (10/15)
Oneida Nation hopes to negotiate tobacco taxes with New York (10/15)
Meth dealer sentenced to 16 years for dealing on reservations (10/14)
Justice Department reviewing settlement in Indian farmer case (10/14)
Turtle Talk: Supreme Court singling out tribes for damage cases (10/14)
Suit over Oneida Nation land-into-trust pending in federal court (10/14)
Ute man convicted in daughter's death sentenced for violation (10/14)
US Attorney recused in Crow Creek Sioux Tribe chairman's case (10/14)
MPR: White Earth Band seeks more control of law enforcement (10/14)
Cheyenne River Sioux man pleads guilty in sex abuse of minors (10/13)
Settlement reportedly near in Indian farmer discrimination suit (10/13)
Navajo Nation Supreme Court could be left with just one justice (10/13)
Sault Tribe woman sentenced over assault on handicapped son (10/13)
Turtle Talk: Native women's groups divided in prostitution case (10/13)
Duane Big Eagle, chairman of Crow Creek Sioux Tribe, arrested (10/13)
Alaska Natives criticize new analysis on drilling in Arctic Ocean (10/13)
Sen. Dorgan backs Spirit Lake Dakotah Nation in voting dispute (10/13)
Counties eager to argue Oneida Nation case at Supreme Court (10/13)
Spirit Lake Dakotah Nation sues county for voting rights again (10/12)
Turtle Talk: Time for Indian Country to boycott Supreme Court (10/12)
Supreme Court agrees to hear Oneida Nation foreclosure case (10/12)
Chief of questionable tribe charged with racketeering scheme (10/12)
County orders inquest of fatal shooting of Native woodcarver (10/12)
Daily Planet: Tribal Law and Order Act looks at assault issues (10/12)
Spirit Lake Dakotah Nation files suit over lack of polling sites (10/11)
Shooting in North Dakota may be tied to anti-Indian remarks (10/11)
Turtle Talk: The Supreme Court Bar not so great for Indian law (10/11)
Federal judge consolidates tribal tobacco lawsuits in New York (10/08)
Turtle Talk: The most important justice in new Indian law cases (10/08)
Letter: Some big news for Alaska Natives in child welfare cases (10/08)
Judge stops county from pursuing Cayuga Nation tobacco sales (10/07)
Turtle Talk: New Justice Breyer book discusses Cherokee cases (10/07)
Sault Tribe members barred from jury in case against ex-leader (10/07)
Man with Apache ancestry sentenced over immigration charge (10/07)
Autopsy: Native carver was shot four times in his side by officer (10/06)
New lawsuit filed to keep bald eagle on endangered species list (10/06)
Quechan man sentenced over murder at Gila River Reservation (10/06)
Border city backs discrimination agreement with Navajo Nation (10/06)
Federal Eye: BIA fails to reimburse Indian firefighters for boots (10/06)
Sen. Feinstein reportedly drafting a different land-into-trust fix (10/06)
Former Soboba Band chairman Salgado pleads guilty for bribes (10/06)
Echo Hawk names Darren Cruzan as head of law enforcement (10/05)
Supreme Court will hear dispute over Indian man's conviction (10/05)
Supreme Court refuses Cayuga Nation tobacco taxation case (10/05)
APRN: Supreme Court won't hear Alaska tribal adoption case (10/05)
9th Circuit backs rights of Frank's Landing Indian Community (10/05)
Montana tribe's employees out of their jobs after court ruling (10/05)
Board in Washington opens probe into shooting of Native man (10/04)
Former Laguna Pueblo corporation employee enters plea deal (10/04)
Jury convicts man of shooting at Lakota basketball tournament (10/01)
Warm Springs Tribes in mourning after crash leaves four dead (10/01)
Pueblo man charged with first degree murder after brutal death (10/01)
Round Valley Indian Tribes allows members to grow marijuana (10/01)
Grand Traverse court disqualifies winning candidate from office (10/01)
Trial continues in shooting during Lakota basketball tournament (09/30)
Victims of abuse at Indian orphanage protest South Dakota law (09/30)
Victim testifies about shooting at Lakota basketball tournament (09/29)
Sentencing delayed for former Pueblo leader in hit-and-run case (09/29)
Supreme Court sets November 1 hearing for first Indian law case (09/29)
Podcast: Tribal Law and Order Act addresses longstanding issues (09/29)
Judge ends Montana tribe's agreement for National Bison Range (09/29)
County waits for Supreme Court over Oneida Nation foreclosures (09/29)
County pursuing action against Cayuga Nation for tobacco sales (09/29)
Judge orders former Mashantucket Pequot chairman to pay debt (09/29)
Utah Supreme Court rules in dispute on Indian Child Welfare Act (09/29)
Mohawk woman charged with accessory to murder after the fact (09/29)
Campo youth stopped and searched by county sheriff's deputies (09/28)
No new Indian law cases in Supreme Court's latest docket sheet (09/28)
DOI won't appeal decision over Skull Valley Goshute waste dump (09/28)
ACLU: Cheyenne River Sioux women treated just like guinea pigs (09/28)
Costs for Indian voting rights lawsuit in Wyoming pass $1M mark (09/27)
ACLU sues IHS for information on induced labor for Indian women (09/27)
Turtle Talk: Supreme Court faces busy term with Indian law cases (09/27)
Nez Perce Tribe opposes transport of equipment through reservation (09/27)
IRS considers change in tax-exempt governmental bond financing (09/27)
Onondaga Nation the latest to see dismissal of land claims case (09/23)
Tribes share in law enforcement grants from Justice Department (09/23)
Yakama Nation considers joining lawsuit over solar farm project (09/23)
Tribes in Wisconsin honor late attorney with a traditional funeral (09/23)
Chickasaw woman and partner lose home in possible hate crime (09/23)
Obama administration supports tribe in ICWA case from Alaska (09/22)
More and more tribes participating in FBI data reporting program (09/22)
Authorities probe woman's death at Turtle Mountain Reservation (09/22)
10th Circuit won't let Cherokee Nation intervene in poultry case (09/22)
Navajo Nation ready to break ground on a new detention facility (09/22)
9th Circuit concludes Navajo offenders must register with state (09/21)
Justice Department monitors probe into shooting of Native man (09/21)
New York governor defends efforts to push tobacco tax on tribes (09/21)
Another complaint filed in Grand Traverse Band election dispute (09/21)
New Indian Arts and Crafts Act changes penalties for offenders (09/20)
Mayor in New York City sends undercover officers to reservation (09/17)
Non-Indians in Utah file case over peyote in religious ceremonies (09/17)
Mayor in Seattle calls officer shooting of Native man an 'injustice' (09/17)
Tuscarora members want to collect tolls on reservation highways (09/17)
Judge blocks New York from imposing tobacco taxes on all tribes (09/17)
US Attorney in Arizona changes policy in reservation crime cases (09/17)
Fort Peck Tribes host ground breaking for $14M detention facility (09/17)
Saginaw Chippewa Tribe reportedly reaches deal in boundary case (09/17)
Police department makes changes after First Nations man's death (09/16)
OSHA investigates workplace death at Yakama Nation's business (09/16)
11th Circuit rejects Miccosukee Tribe's challenge to bridge project (09/16)
DOJ releases $127M in grants for Indian Country law enforcement (09/16)
Muscogee Nation cites long history with U.S. Marshals Service (09/15)
FBI report lists crime data from tribal law enforcement agencies (09/15)
Navajo Nation Supreme Court bars college president from post (09/15)
Yakama Nation collaborates closely with local law enforcement (09/15)
Column: Tribal sovereignty and mixed martial arts competition (09/15)
New York court lifts injunction against state's tobacco tax effort (09/15)
Passamaquoddy Tribe maintains right to fish in federal waters (09/14)
Public school on Navajo Nation closed for rest of week after fire (09/14)
Colorado River Indian Tribes evict non-Indian at recreation area (09/14)
Pottery that was being repatriated to Caddo Nation still missing (09/14)
Judge dismisses fishing citations against Alaska Native group (09/13)
Paper looks into botched Apache reservation rape investigation (09/13)
Public school on Navajo Nation closes amid arson investigation (09/13)
Lac Vieux Desert council members out of jail after court ruling (09/13)
California sheriffs dispute provision in Tribal Law and Order Act (09/13)
Echo Hawk affirms UKB's right to follow land-into-trust process (09/13)
Interview: Dorgan 'enormously proud' of Indian health, law bills (09/13)
Five members of Hopi Tribe charged for collecting golden eagles (09/10)
Lac Vieux Desert council members remain in jail over contempt (09/10)
Couple sentenced over hate crime attack on Alaska Native man (09/10)
Native Sun News: Thelma Rios denies role in 1973 Aquash murder (09/10)
Eastern Shoshone Tribe votes down ban on possession of alcohol (09/10)
Crow Tribe seeks removal of IHS doctor who has a criminal record (09/10)
State authorities looking into charges for sex abuse of Native girl (09/09)
Indian teen enters guilty plea on a charge of first-degree murder (09/09)
Navajo Nation college files lawsuit to remove president from post (09/09)
Police promise better outreach after fatal shooting of Native man (09/09)
Lac Vieux Desert council members arrested in leadership dispute (09/09)
Federal judge extends order against state tobacco taxation effort (09/08)
NPR: New York tribes battle to protect tobacco industry from taxes (09/08)
Oneida Nation files lawsuit to stop state from imposing tobacco tax (09/07)
Law Article: Oopportunities and challenges in doing tribal business (09/07)
Tribes in New York head back to court over state tobacco tax effort (09/07)
Cheyenne River Sioux man charged with intent to commit murder (09/07)
Wyoming county files notice of appeal in Indian voting rights case (09/07)
Los Coyotes Band staffs police department with only one officer (09/06)
Race an issue when it comes to law enforcement on reservations (09/06)
GOP candidate takes hard stance with Seneca Nation over taxes (09/03)
First Nations in mourning after fatal shooting of traditional carver (09/03)
Pueblo man convicted of assaulting prison guard in tribal facility (09/03)
City council won't sell drinking water for ski resort at sacred site (09/03)
Seneca Nation hosts rallies in protest of state tobacco tax effort (09/02)
First Nations man shot and killed by officer was deaf in one ear (09/02)
Indian woman charged with abuse after son found in apartment (09/02)
Passamaquoddy Tribe cites treaty right to fish in federal waters (09/02)
New York judge blocks state from imposing tobacco tax on tribes (09/02)
First Nations man shot and killed by police officer in Washington (09/01)
OMB panel to consult tribes about change in federal contracting (09/01)
Artists in South Dakota say 'Indian' items are produced in China (09/01)
Agency warns Passamaquoddy Tribe on fishing in federal waters (09/01)
Passamaquoddy Tribe questions benefits of county tax payment (09/01)
Grand Traverse Band files motion to enter invasive species case (09/01)
Kevin Abourezk: Tribes in Nebraska plan two detention facilities (09/01)
Seneca and Cayuga tribes get temporary freeze on tobacco tax (09/01)
Deadline looms for tribes in New York over state tobacco taxes (08/31)
Judge who jailed Taos Pueblo group for contempt faces sanction (08/31)
Suspect accused of killing two officers in custody after stand-off (08/31)
City considers sale of water to ski resort in San Francisco Peaks (08/31)
OPB: Yakama Nation wins preliminary injunction against landfill (08/31)
Lawsuit alleges abuse at Cheyenne River Sioux detention center (08/31)
Two police officers killed during stand-off in Alaska Native village (08/30)
Turtle Talk: Preview of Indian law cases before the Supreme Court (08/30)
USDA wants ski resort at sacred site to use different water source (08/30)
Man uses permit from Passamaquoddy Tribe to fish in federal waters (08/27)
New York governor cites potential for 'violence' over state taxes (08/27)
Judge expected to issue ruling in Seneca Nation tobacco tax case (08/27)
Onondaga Nation abandons name brand tobacco amid state tax effort (08/27)
Tribes question 'unfunded mandate' from Tribal Law and Order Act (08/27)
Wyoming county to appeal decision in Indian voting rights lawsuit (08/26)
Last member of family sentenced for death of Navajo Nation man (08/26)
Oneida Nation drops name brand tobacco in favor of own product (08/26)
Oglala Sioux county commissioners face lawsuit over sheriff fight (08/26)
White Earth attorney appointed a federal magistrate in Minnesota (08/26)
St. Regis Mohawk Tribe files lawsuit against state taxation efforts (08/26)
Sen. Bingaman to discuss Tribal Law and Order Act in New Mexico (08/26)
New York tribes continue meetings over state tobacco tax efforts (08/25)
Menominee Nation man still hoping for return of his stolen regalia (08/25)
Oneida Nation moves tobacco manufacturing plant to reservation (08/25)
Authorities find huge marijuana farm at Santa Ysabel Reservation (08/25)
Washington Sketch: Judge Lamberth once again makes the news (08/25)
Saginaw Chippewa court issues ruling in tribal membership case (08/24)
Two brothers from Suquamish Tribe charged for theft from store (08/24)
Miccosukee Tribe loses bid to halt Everglades restoration project (08/24)
Three brothers from Sault Tribe found guilty of fishing violations (08/24)
DOJ won't prosecute Alaska figure for sexual abuse of Native girl (08/23)
'Traditional' Seminole leader told to pay child support payments (08/20)
Robinson Rancheria, county finalize law enforcement agreement (08/20)
Miccosukee Tribe close to deal to provide financial records to IRS (08/20)
New York tribes united in opposition to state's tobacco efforts (08/19)
Sprint accuses Crow Creek Sioux telecom firm of phone scheme (08/18)
Supreme Court approves extension in Jicarilla Apache trust case (08/18)
Blog: Lawyer told to pay restitution to Saginaw Chippewa Tribe (08/18)
Family of Navajo Nation victim grateful for arrest in murder case (08/18)
Cherokee Nation joins tribes in opposing Arizona immigrant law (08/18)
Seneca Nation sues to halt state taxation of reservation tobacco (08/18)
San Manuel Band to pay $3M to city for law enforcement services (08/18)
Editorial: Stop Congress from addressing land-into-trust decision (08/17)
USDA withdraws permit for landfill on Yakama Nation treaty lands (08/17)
Miccosukee Tribe releases police chief after 15 months on the job (08/17)
Indian woman a plaintiff in lawsuit over hiring at Census Bureau (08/16)
Suspect charged with fatal stabbing of Navajo Nation man in DC (08/16)
New York mayor wants tribes shown the 'shotgun' for tax issues (08/16)
Turtle Talk: 2nd Circuit creates special rules for tribal claims (08/13)
Judge won't continue injunction against tobacco trafficking law (08/13)
Yakama Nation lawsuit blocks shipment of waste from Hawaii (08/12)
WyoFile: Voting rights a case of discrimination on reservation (08/12)
Two former Navajo Nation officers charged for beating of man (08/12)
State to return tobacco products and truck to Seneca retailer (08/12)
Judge allows Peltier-related evidence for Aquash murder trial (08/12)
Podcast: Author examines Indian land ownership in Oklahoma (08/12)
Osage Nation asks Supreme Court to review reservation case (08/12)
Judge orders Miccosukee Tribe to turn over documents to IRS (08/12)
Mary Pember: Tribal Law and Order Act helps address violence (08/12)
Mayor faces with recall for negotiating with Coeur d'Alene Tribe (08/11)
Yankton Sioux woman drops tribal lawsuit against BIA officers (08/11)
Colvile Tribes praise enhanced court sentencing under new law (08/11)
Tribal retailers see business boost after New York tobacco hike (08/11)
Wyoming county ordered to draw districts in Indian voting case (08/11)
Geromino's descendants won't give up battle to rebury remains (08/11)
Muscogee Nation ready to register offenders within jurisdiction (08/11)
OPB: County seeks back taxes from Chehalis Tribe's water park (08/11)
Judge to issue ruling in fight between Miccosukee Tribe and IRS (08/11)
Oneida Nation 'of course' plans to appeal decision on land claim (08/11)
IHS employee, member of Navajo Nation, fatally stabbed in DC (08/11)
Judge dismisses lawsuit seeking return of Geronimo's remains (08/10)
Seneca Nation business owner blasts state seizure of tobacco (08/10)
Florida prosecutor releases report in fatal Miccosukee accident (08/10)
Border town commission supports pact that cites past racism (08/10)
New York counties celebrate ruling in Oneida Nation land claim (08/10)
Turtle Talk: Oneida Nation ruling kills Eastern tribal land claims (08/10)
WPR: NATHPO starts off annual meeting in Green Bay, Wisconsin (08/09)
FBI looks for man charged with assault on Wyoming reservation (08/09)
2nd Circuit rules against Oneida Nation in long running land case (08/09)
Crime statistics difficult to locate for Indian Country in California (08/09)
Lawsuit claims abuse at defunct Indian orphanage in South Dakota (08/06)
Sen. Begich introduces bill to cover Alaska tribal law enforcement (08/06)
Judge resentences driver in fatal crash on New Mexico reservation (08/06)
Rosebud Sioux advocate cites high declination of assault incidents (08/06)
Senate votes to confirm Elena Kagan as justice for Supreme Court (08/06)
Conference focuses on crime victims on reservations in Wyoming (08/05)
Dress worn by Rosebud woman to White House comes with history (08/05)
Aquinnah Wampanoag Tribe defends closure of beach access path (08/05)
Alaska tribes open to officer grants under Tribal Law and Order Act (08/05)
Republican claims Tribal Law and Order Act was a 'backroom' deal (08/05)
Ms. Blog: How Native women created the Tribal Law and Order Act (08/05)
Little River police chief named to tribal post at intelligence agency (08/05)
GAO to discuss NAGPRA report at tribal historic preservation meet (08/04)
Man pleads not guilty over death of baby boy on Shinnecock Nation (08/04)
Families blame Tohono O'odham Nation for three drowning deaths (08/04)
Secretary Salazar won't commit to appeal on Goshute nuclear site (08/04)
Authorities look into non-fatal shooting of man on Onondaga Nation (08/04)
NPR: Obama signs Tribal Law and Order Act into law at White House (08/03)
Utah politicians urge appeal on Skull Valley Goshute nuclear waste (08/03)
Attorney calls Tribal Law and Order Act a step in the right direction (08/03)
Two defendants set for state court trial over 1975 Aquash murder (08/03)
Supreme Court approves extension for Jicarilla Apache trust ruling (08/02)
San Manuel Band won't see change with Tribal Law and Order Act (08/02)
Mark Trahant: Tribal Law and Order Act only one part of the picture (08/02)
Oglala Sioux Tribe receives $42M from BIA to build justice center (08/02)
Man charged with manslaughter over death on Shinnecock Nation (08/02)
Appeals court denies Mashpee Wampanaog claim to ancestral land (07/30)
US Attorney objects to lawsuit against BIA officers in Yankton court (07/30)
City moves closer to selling water for snow in San Francisco Peaks (07/30)
Navajo family sues restaurant for serving alcohol in fatal accident (07/30)
Another Republican complains about Tribal Law and Order process (07/30)
NPR: Tribal Law and Order Act boosts law efforts for Indian Country (07/30)
Interview: Sen. Murkowski on need for the Tribal Law and Order Act (07/30)
USDA loan officer in Montana was arrested for incident at Fort Peck (07/30)
Rep. Lujan statement on signing of Tribal Law and Order Act (07/30)
Rep. Kildee statement on signing of Tribal Law and Order Act (07/30)
Background on Lisa Marie Iyotte (07/30)
WH Blog: Tribal Law and Order Act a step forward for Native women (07/30)
Former Mashantucket chairman in court for default on bank loan (07/29)
Red Lake woman sentenced to 30 years over murder and assault (07/29)
House panel hears dispute for management of Navajo trust fund (07/29)
Meskwaki woman questions GOP vote against Tribal Law and Order (07/29)
Blog: Republicans ought to explain Tribal Law and Order opposition (07/29)
IPR: Michigan tuition waiver limited to federally recognized tribes (07/29)
White House ceremony for Tribal Law and Order Act this afternoon (07/29)
GAO report finds federal agencies not in compliance with NAGPRA (07/29)
Judge blocks major provisions of Arizona's anti-immigration law (07/29)
Sen. Dorgan not planning to address worries on land-into-trust fix (07/29)
GOP claims Tribal Law and Order Act process showed 'disrespect' (07/28)
County returns seized cigarettes and property to Cayuga Nation (07/28)
President Obama to sign Tribal Law and Order Act at White House (07/28)
Navajo Nation man appears in court on murder, assault charges (07/28)
Hopland Band of Pomo Indians updates county police agreement (07/28)
Ho-Chunk Nation to establish law enforcement agency this year (07/28)
Judge promises ruling in Indian voting rights lawsuit in Wyoming (07/28)
Cheyenne-Arapaho man leads Oklahoma Bureau of Investigation (07/28)
Politicians promise battle on Goshute Band nuclear waste facility (07/28)
County won't intervene in Colorado River Indian Tribes lease flap (07/28)
Tribal Law and Order Act seeks to boost police recruitment efforts (07/27)
Judge blasts Bush decision on Goshute Band nuclear waste facility (07/27)
Developer plans green housing project at reservation trailer park (07/27)
Men face murder charges for death of 19-year-old Mille Lacs teen (07/27)
Non-Indians continue to fight Colorado River Indian Tribes on rent (07/27)
House Republicans cast 92 'no' votes on Tribal Law and Order Act (07/26)
Jim Thorpe's son hopes for friendly resolution of repatriation case (07/26)
Former Rosebud Sioux council member sentenced for solicitation (07/26)
Heather Kendall-Miller under consideration for seat on 9th Circuit (07/26)
Turtle Talk: Law databases use 'Porno Indians' for 'Pomo Indians' (07/26)
Indian lobbyists expect a tough road ahead for land-into-trust fix (07/26)
Interview: Carrie Garrow discusses Haudenosaunee passport flap (07/26)
Jicarilla Apache Nation hopes to recover $6M in royalty dispute (07/23)
Town upset after Aquinnah Wampanoag Tribe blocks beach path (07/23)
Reward doubled over derailment attempt on Seneca Nation land (07/23)
Land-into-trust fix included in House Interior appropriations bill (07/23)
8th Circuit affirms Cheyenne River Sioux man's abuse conviction (07/22)
Viejas Band headed back to court to stop reservoir at sacred site (07/22)
Judge urges quick resolution of Shinnecock recognition challenge (07/22)
Congress passes first significant Indian Country crime bill in years (07/22)
Rep. Tom Cole Statement on Tribal Law and Order Act (07/22)
Sen. Thune Press Release on Tribal Law and Order Act (07/22)
President Barack Obama Statement on Tribal and Order Act (07/22)
10-year-old cited for damage to Indian sculpture in North Dakota (07/21)
Lawsuit over snowmaking in sacred San Francisco Peaks in court (07/21)
County lawmaker eyes support on tax free Seneca Nation tobacco (07/21)
Land-into-trust fix still faces major obstacles in House and Senate (07/21)
Incoming Osage chief promises action on reservation status case (07/21)
House Resources Committee sets hearing next week on three bills (07/21)
Former US Attorneys support passage of Tribal Law and Order Act (07/21)
Arizona governor redirects some stimulus money to border tribes (07/20)
Former BIA detention center officer pleads guilty to sexual abuse (07/20)
Rosebud Sioux man sentenced to 51 months for attack on ex-wife (07/20)
Tribal Law and Order Act due for consideration in House this week (07/20)
Law Article: Treasury study of tribal economic development bonds (07/20)
Ute Tribe fires back at energy company in fight over development (07/20)
Federal charges likely in case over branding of Navajo Nation man (07/20)
Fort Sill historian helped Comanche Nation win sacred site battle (07/19)
Owner of a disputed junkyard claims to belong to 'Pembina' band (07/19)
Appeals court reopens Jicarilla Apache Nation gas royalty lawsuit (07/19)
Muscogee Nation loses case on state seizure of tobacco products (07/19)
Lawsuit cites discrimination against Navajos in city employment (07/19)
NPR: Tribes along the border battle an increase in drug trafficking (07/16)
Grand Ronde Tribes reach agreement with local law enforcement (07/16)
Woman charged after child dies inside hot van in SIPI parking lot (07/15)
Tohono O'odham Nation submits brief in immigration law dispute (07/15)
Justice Department releases reports on stimulus grants to tribes (07/15)
Quapaw Tribe to use former school for law enforcement complex (07/15)
Tribal Law and Order Act boosts tribal court sentencing authority (07/14)
Turtle Talk: A State Department payback on Iroquois passports? (07/14)
Jamestown S'Klallam Tribe reaches law enforcement agreement (07/14)
Tribal leaders meet in DC to lobby for fix to land-into-trust ruling (07/14)
Two Yakama Nation men plead guilty over eagle poaching case (07/13)
DC Circuit reverses land-into-trust decision for Mechoopda Tribe (07/13)
Energy company wants Ute Tribe held in contempt over project (07/13)
Saginaw Chippewa Tribe rallies together after recent tragedies (07/13)
Interior Department issues new moratorium on offshore drilling (07/13)
Navajo Nation Supreme Court stops president from another bid (07/12)
CNC: State Department holds consultation on indigenous rights (07/12)
Dispute over Little Traverse Bay Bands recall still in tribal court (07/12)
Man pleads not guilty over death of Fort Peck soldier on leave (07/09)
Navajo Nation Supreme Court hears president's term limit case (07/09)
Expansion of ski resort at sacred San Francisco Peaks delayed (07/09)
Tribal police meet with federal prosecutors for law enforcement (07/08)
New Mexico man in court for crash that killed two Navajo sisters (07/08)
8th Circuit backs Meskwaki jurisdiction over non-Indian business (07/08)
Reward for missing Sisseton Wahpeton man boosted to $10,000 (07/08)
Judge extends PACT Act restraining order for Seneca businesses (07/08)
Former director of Indian charter school pleads guilty over theft (07/07)
Man pleads guilty to distributing meth on Montana reservations (07/07)
Man who claimed Apache ancestry guilty of immigration charge (07/07)
Obama administration sues to block Arizona anti-immigrant law (07/07)
Judge transfers Cherokee Nation's Freedmen suit to court in DC (07/07)
NCAI and USET schedule land-into-trust summit in DC on July 13 (07/07)
USDA backs snowmaking plan for sacred San Francisco Peaks (07/06)
IRS seeks wide range of information on Seneca Nation spending (07/02)
Indian lawyers push for an Indian nominee on the federal bench (07/02)
Charges dropped against man in 1981 murder of Cabazon leader (07/02)
Montana study finds success in treating Indian meth offenders (07/01)
House approves Pueblo jurisdiction, Creek land-into-trust bills (07/01)
Blog: Operation Alliance brings officers to Wyoming reservation (07/01)
Miccosukee man sentenced to 12 years over fatal car accident (07/01)
Cherokee lobbyist sues over recognition of groups in Tennessee (07/01)
Elena Kagan wraps up confirmation hearings for Supreme Court (07/01)
Senate Indian Affairs Committee launches investigation of IHS (06/30)
Judge backs $33M settlement in Utah Navajo trust fund case (06/30)
Miccosukee man set to accept plea deal for fatal car accident (06/30)
Seneca Nation smoke shops shut down mail-order operations (06/30)
State Department schedules consultation on indigenous rights (06/29)
Separate stabbing incidents reported on Fort Peck Reservation (06/29)
Seneca Nation smoke shop gets restraining order for PACT Act (06/29)
Judge dismisses county's tobacco case against Cayuga Nation (06/29)
Yakama Nation members stranded in Alabama in hopes of jobs (06/29)
Column: Republicans slam Thurgood Marshall in Kagan hearing (06/29)
Navajo Nation president loses ruling in campaign for third term (06/29)
Restaurant group changes alcohol policy after fatal accidents (06/28)
Dozens of officers respond to shooting on Soboba Reservation (06/28)
Senate Judiciary Committee takes up Elena Kagan nomination (06/28)
Wyoming county submits plans in Indian voting rights lawsuit (06/25)
Jim Thorpe's son sues to have remains returned to Oklahoma (06/25)
Supporters expect House passage of Tribal Law and Order Act (06/25)
Cherokee Nation judge calls for a redrawing of council districts (06/25)
BIA investigates death of bicyclist on New Mexico reservation (06/25)
9th Circuit revives Indian preference lawsuit against Peabody (06/24)
New Mexico court boots Navajo woman off state commission (06/24)
Navajo Nation rape suspect turns self in to federal authorities (06/24)
Most claims dismissed in law enforcement discrimination suit (06/24)
Federal judge holds regular sessions on Hopland Reservation (06/24)
Senate passes Tribal Law and Order Act as part of another bill (06/24)
Reward offered for information on Navajo Nation rape suspect (06/23)
ICT interview with Gabe Galanda about starting new law firm (06/23)
FBI aids search for Sisseton Wahpeton man last seen in April (06/23)
Judge blocks Obama moratorium on offshore drilling projects (06/23)
Another man sentenced over Wind River Reservation murder (06/22)
DOI officials tell NCAI land-into-trust applications are moving (06/22)
HUD reportedly investigating Warm Springs housing program (06/22)
FBI looking into offers of Gulf Coast jobs to Yakama members (06/22)
Some Indian retailers in New York offer tax-free candy online (06/22)
New York tribes vow to fight attempt to collect tobacco taxes (06/22)
Settlement was drafted in Oneida Nation land-into-trust case (06/22)
Raid on Indian land leads to $3.5M worth of marijuana plants (06/17)
Drug smugglers go through Mohawk and Tohono reservations (06/17)
Supreme Court bars two-member NLRB from making rulings (06/17)
KUOW Radio: Drug traffickers target Washington reservations (06/17)
Village approves liquor license Oneida Nation doesn't need (06/16)
Standing Rock Sioux man in another bid for attorney general (06/16)
Report faults Miccosukee tribal police over fatal car accident (06/16)
Cherokee Nation council backs Keith Harper for 10th Circuit (06/16)
Teen from Saginaw Chippewa Tribe jailed on assault charge (06/16)
Appeals court reverses stance in Indian Country status case (06/16)
County sues to block Yankton Sioux land-into-trust approval (06/16)
IHS was late with response in Apache man's restitution case (06/15)
Judge lets counties join Mishewal Wappo recognition lawsuit (06/15)
Arizona governor wants tribal cooperation on immigrant law (06/15)
Mashantucket man sentenced to 21 months over wire fraud (06/15)
Pascua Yaqui Tribe to break ground on $20M justice complex (06/15)
Wyoming tribes lose decision in trust mismanagement case (06/14)
Supreme Court rules against Apache man in restitution case (06/14)
DOJ tribal justice, safety and wellness meet in South Dakota (06/14)
Timbisha Shoshone Tribe sues to stop trust fund distribution (06/14)
Judge won't allow county to avoid Indian voting rights ruling (06/11)
Pueblo man fights eight-year sentence issued by tribal court (06/11)
Tulalip Tribes hire housing official who played role in scandal (06/11)
Counties ask Supreme Court to hear Cayuga Nation tax case (06/11)
Choctaw Nation prepared to take action over transfer of lake (06/11)
Four women charged for meth on Fort Belknap Reservation (06/10)
BIA to hold meeting for Western Shoshone trust distribution (06/10)
Yankton Sioux man runs independent bid for county sheriff (06/10)
Saginaw Chippewa man gets long sentence over kidnapping (06/10)
Former Rosebud Sioux council member pleads guilty to charge (06/09)
Couple enters guilty pleas for hate crime against Native man (06/09)
New Mexico court affirms state officer pursuit to reservation (06/09)
Navajo Nation Council opposes Arizona anti-immigration law (06/09)
Nez Perce Tribe sues federal government over irrigation plans (06/09)
Ute Tribe requests FBI investigation of its business executive (06/09)
Montana attorney general won't probe athlete's death at jail (06/08)
10th Circuit rejects challenge to Wyandotte land-into-trust (06/08)
Trial for Pueblo woman accused of mudering son is delayed (06/08)
Viejas Band wins injunction to block reservoir at sacred site (06/08)
Judge questions evidence in Eastern Cherokee murder case (06/08)
Creek chief fires enterprise executives and board members (06/08)
BIA officer dies while responding to call on Utah reservation (06/08)
State Department plans consultation over indigenous rights (06/04)
11th Circuit blocks Miccosukee Tribe from collecting award (06/04)
Supreme Court nominee dealt with tribal issues on tobacco (06/04)
Saginaw Chippewa man sentenced to probation for threats (06/04)
Man believed he was going to be killed, buried at Pechanga (06/04)
Turtle Talk: Supreme Court refers to tribe as non-sovereign (06/04)
Couple pleads guilty over hate crime attack on Native man (06/03)
County delaying election after losing Indian voting lawsuit (06/03)
Officers didn't believe man who was branded with swastika (06/03)
Another murder charge over Navajo Nation woman's death (06/03)
Yankton Sioux Tribe loses bid to block federal land transfer (06/03)
Colville Tribes welcome ruling in treaty and fishing dispute (06/03)
DOJ grant to fund two officers for Round Valley Reservation (06/02)
Native Sun: Marchers protest police shooting of Oglala man (06/02)
Murder charge over teen's death on Wind River Reservation (06/01)
Alcohol retailers can decline tribal ID cards in South Dakota (06/01)
Counties head towards appeal of Cayuga tobacco tax case (05/31)
9th Circuit rules on long-running treaty and fishing dispute (05/28)
Red Lake Nation receives $2M to operate detention facility (05/28)
Navajo Nation president disqualified from seeking third term (05/27)
Three sentenced for cocaine trafficking on Red Lake Nation (05/27)
Crow Reservation man pleads in fatal drunk driving accident (05/27)
Red Lake Nation settles case over unused detention facility (05/27)
Oglala Sioux women reach settlement for voting rights case (05/27)
Former Indian center director solicits funds to pay for theft (05/27)
Officer cites discrimination after Indian colleague promoted (05/27)
Third person charged for rape and murder of Navajo woman (05/27)
10th Circuit ends Northern Arapaho man's jurisdiction case (05/27)
Native Sun: Deputy reached for gun, not taser, in fatal shooting (05/27)
Two charged for rape and murder of Navajo Nation woman (05/26)
Turtle Talk: Elena Kagan's 2006 speech on Navajo judiciary (05/26)
Seminole Nation man hopes to regain custody of daughter (05/26)
Appeals court upholds 10-year sentence for infant's death (05/26)
Court leaves door open for Stockbridge-Munsee land claim (05/26)
Appeals court won't rehear Osage Reservation status case (05/26)
Justice Department adds 33 prosecutors for Indian Country (05/26)
No word of settlement in Indian farmers discrimination suit (05/26)
Tribal courts and state courts create coalition in California (05/25)
Shoshone-Bannock Tribes finally use new detention facility (05/25)
10th Circuit hears Northern Arapaho man's jurisdiction case (05/24)
Prosecutor won't drop tobacco case against Cayuga Nation (05/24)
Seneca Nation defends tobacco sales on treaty anniversary (05/24)
Indian community in Ecuador won't carry out death penalty (05/24)
Oklahoma politicians balk at Indian nominee for 10th Circuit (05/24)
Navajo woman on state commission avoids jail time for crime (05/21)
Fort McDowell Yavapai Nation sues law firm over failed loan (05/21)
Saginaw Chippewa man found guilty for intimidating leaders (05/21)
Northern Cheyenne couple pleads to sexual abuse of minor (05/21)
USDA expected to back snowmaking at San Francisco Peaks (05/21)
Northern Cheyenne Tribe wins ruling in methane drilling suit (05/21)
Tohono O'odham Nation opposes state anti-immigration law (05/21)
Two Saginaw Chippewa men indicted for separate incidents (05/21)
Law firm agrees to pay $1M to Sault Tribe to resolve lawsuit (05/21)
Turtle Talk: Supreme Court nominee hostile to tribal tobacco (05/21)
Miccosukee Tribe asserts sovereignty against IRS summons (05/21)
Sentencing put off for Mashantucket man in wire fraud case (05/20)
Three people charged with stealing from Santee Sioux Tribe (05/20)
Chemawa student redesigns county sheriff's uniform patch (05/20)
Colville man loses bid to escape first degree murder charge (05/20)
ATF schedules tribal consultation on tobacco trafficking law (05/20)
Nottawaseppi Huron Band probes misuse of police database (05/20)
Man sentenced for minor sexual abuse on Crow Reservation (05/19)
Teen in Montana acquitted of shooting in race related case (05/19)
Tribes seek investigation over athlete's death at county jail (05/19)
Briefs filed in challenge to Gun Lake land-into-trust decision (05/19)
Native Sun News: Police shooting of Oglala man ruled as 'justified' (05/19)
Officials condemn swastika branding incident in New Mexico (05/19)
Oglala student loses case on traditional dress at graduation (05/19)
Teen accused in race related shooting says he's part Native (05/18)
Pine Ridge woman gets prison for retaliating against victim (05/18)
Panel hosts special meeting over swastika branding incident (05/18)
Oneida Nation calls county settlement talks a publicity stunt (05/18)
Alaska Native village concerned about offshore development (05/17)
Northern Cheyenne man gets prison for kidnapping, assault (05/17)
Tohono O'odham Nation arrests ten for large drug operation (05/17)
Navajo chapter in New Mexico suffers another youth suicide (05/17)
Supreme Court bars life terms in non-murder juvenile cases (05/17)
Indian law group wants to brief Supreme Court pick on tribes (05/17)
MPR: Ojibwe fishing a testy issue despite high court decision (05/17)
Supreme Court declines to hear Lummi Nation trespass case (05/17)
Supreme Court affirms criminal provision of Adam Walsh Act (05/17)
Shooting leaves Oneida man dead, nephew in intensive care (05/17)
Ojibwe fishermen stage protest to support 1855 treaty rights (05/14)
Police probe officer's response to swastika-branding incident (05/14)
Seneca Nation man loses online tobacco sale case in Oregon (05/14)
Couple sentenced for stealing Yakama artifacts from US land (05/14)
Court bars Washington from applying state law at treaty site (05/14)
Supreme Court nominee never filled Harvard Indian law post (05/14)
Senate Judiciary Committee supports nominee to 9th Circuit (05/14)
Montana tribe announces policy on state medical marijuana (05/13)
Gas terminal company plans appeal over BIA lease decision (05/13)
Muscogee Nation weighs stance on Arizona immigration law (05/13)
MPR: Breaking the cycle of domestic violence at White Earth (05/13)
County settles lawsuit for Rosebud Sioux inmate's suicide (05/12)
Cayuga Nation to sue two counties for raid on smoke shops (05/12)
Two more inmates escape from Shoshone-Bannock facility (05/12)
Man arrested for nuclear protest wants to be tried by tribe (05/12)
Leech Lake fishermen plan treaty rights protest this Friday (05/11)
Coquille Tribe no longer paying a local hotel occupancy tax (05/11)
Sault Tribe begins court proceedings over fishing violations (05/11)
Men in court over swastika-branding incident in New Mexico (05/11)
Blackfeet law enforcement deal spurs discrimination ruling (05/11)
Appeals court sides with Cayuga Nation in tobacco tax case (05/11)
Fort Mojave man avoids death penalty with plea to murder (05/11)
Spokane Tribe's youth director jailed on sex assault charge (05/11)
Turtle Talk: What a Justice Kagan means for Indian Country (05/11)
Legislation to fix land-into-trust decision remains in limbo (05/10)
Men accused of branding swastika on Navajo Nation victim (05/10)
Obama to nominate Elena Kagan as Supreme Court justice (05/10)
Smoke shop licensed by Yakama Nation resolves lawsuit (05/07)
Standing Rock Sioux Tribe gets boost in law enforcement (05/07)
Native Sun News: Deputy shoots and kills Lakota man, 22 (05/06)
Spokane Tribe's youth director arrested for sexual assault (05/06)
Turtle Talk: Indian law record of a potential high court pick (05/05)
8th Circuit reverses victory in Indian voting rights lawsuit (05/05)
Shadow Wolves find $192K worth of marijuana on one day (05/05)
New US Attorney in New Mexico puts focus on tribal issues (05/05)
Osage Nation wins big ruling in trust mismanagement case (05/05)
MPR: Great Anishinaabe Fish-Off still planned in Minnesota (05/04)
Plaintiffs in voting rights case seek district for reservation (05/04)
French government returns warrior heads to Maori people (05/04)
Lakota student in court for traditional dress at graduation (05/04)
US Attorney in Montana to hire Indian Country prosecutors (05/04)
Former HUD secretary for Bush won't face criminal charges (05/04)
Arizona tribes worried about state's anti-immigration law (05/03)
Officials challenge Sho-Ban jurisdiction over non-Indians (05/03)
Editorial: Wyoming Indians win major voting rights ruling (05/03)
Tom Perrelli: Justice Department delivers on its promises (04/30)
Massachusetts tribes to continue fight against wind farm (04/29)
White House anti-meth campaign targets Indian Country (04/29)
Man enters plea for assaulting woman on Red Lake Nation (04/28)
Man pleads guilty for violent assault on Crow Reservation (04/28)
Passamaquoddy group declares victory over gas terminal (04/28)
Yakama Nation marks 30th year since fishing rights ruling (04/28)
Recall election proceeds against Little Traverse chairman (04/28)
Oneida Nation foes anticipate a review by Supreme Court (04/28)
Navajo court to hear dispute over president's suspension (04/28)
2nd Circuit blocks foreclosure suits against Oneida Nation (04/27)
BIA stops lease for Passamaquoddy natural gas terminal (04/27)
Wind River students start support group after girl's death (04/27)
South Dakota county to provide voting material in Lakota (04/27)
Ojibwe tribes request co-management of treaty resources (04/27)
Appeals court rejects new trial in case over Native jury (04/26)
Lac du Flambeau president remains in power amid feud (04/26)
Supreme Court asks for DOJ views on Alaska ICWA case (04/26)
Leech Lake Band won't take part in treaty rights protest (04/23)
Nearly two dozen busted in meth ring on Navajo Nation (04/23)
Jury acquits Oglala Sioux man for role in Aquash murder (04/23)
Ruling on Little Traverse recall petitions expected Friday (04/22)
Harold Monteau: Young Indian lawyers and sovereignty (04/22)
Coeur d'Alene Tribe blasts county on policing agreement (04/22)
Researcher denies wrongdoing in Havasupai blood case (04/22)
Standing Rock Sioux ranchers complain about loan office (04/22)
Jury deliberates case against Aquash murder defendant (04/22)
Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe wins decision on stolen water (04/22)
Witness in Aquash murder case seeks immunity at trial (04/21)
Chippewa Tribe of Minnesota plans fishing rights protest (04/21)
Havasupai Tribe resolves suit over use of blood samples (04/21)
NARF to discuss Supreme Court nominee at White House (04/21)
Little Traverse leaders await decision on recall petitions (04/21)
Alaska Native ICWA case considered a petition to watch (04/20)
Testimony resumes in trial of Aquash murder defendant (04/20)
Senators seek funds for Indian Country emergency fund (04/20)
Obama reviews stance on indigenous rights declaration (04/20)
Supreme Court takes up Apache man's restitution case (04/20)
Judge delays hearing over Mishewal Wappo recognition (04/20)
Wells Fargo donates $50K to help tribes in South Dakota (04/19)
People disenrolled from Robinson Rancheria plan appeal (04/19)
Supreme Court declines Dakota descendants trust case (04/19)
Supreme Court accepts Tohono O'odham trust law case (04/19)
Charges laid for teen's death on Wind River Reservation (04/19)
Man guilty of Aquash murder contradicts prior testimony (04/16)
Robinson Rancheria cites BIA approval of disenrollments (04/16)
Aquash murder defendant goes on trial in federal court (04/15)
County sheriff continues outreach with California tribes (04/15)
Tax commission opposes tribe briefs in reservation case (04/15)
Turtle Talk: Appeals court nominee strong on Indian law (04/15)
Injunction stops filing process for Navajo Nation Council (04/15)
Native lawyers press Obama on Supreme Court nominee (04/15)
Judge allows woman's testimony in Aquash murder trial (04/14)
Cigarette maker on Mohawk reservation settles dispute (04/14)
Federal prosecutors declined 47 percent of Indian cases (04/14)
Turtle Talk: Indian law and possible Supreme Court picks (04/14)
Buffalo Post: Census sued over minority hiring practices (04/14)
Couple charged with murder of Lac du Flambeau woman (04/13)
Osage Nation garners support in reservation status case (04/13)
Trial set for man accused of murdering Anna Mae Aquash (04/13)
La Jolla Band hosts walk for awareness of sexual assault (04/13)
Turtle Talk: Indian law and potential Supreme Court picks (04/13)
Editorial: A lot at stake in Chehalis Tribe taxation dispute (04/12)
Navajo woman on state commission convicted on felony charges (04/09)
Justice John Paul Stevens to retire from Supreme Court (04/09)
Sheriff asks Saginaw Chippewa Tribe for inmate health fund (04/09)
North Dakota board kills 'Fighting Sioux' nickname and logo (04/09)
'Nowhere close' to deal in Indian farmer discrimination suit (04/08)
Labor Department hails Tulalip Tribes for effort with unions (04/08)
BIA adds more officers on Standing Rock Sioux Reservation (04/08)
Flandreau Santee Sioux Tribe aids law enforcement in city (04/07)
Flandreau Santee Sioux Tribe funds city law enforcement (04/07)
Convicted officials removed from Crow Creek Sioux election (04/06)
Charges dropped against passenger in Pueblo man's death (04/06)
Deadline approaches for Indian farmers discrimination suit (04/06)
Nebraska Indians more likely to be searched in police stops (04/05)
10th Circuit questions Cherokee Nation intervention lawsuit (04/05)
Stevens plans to leave Supreme Court with Obama in office (04/05)
Chehalis Tribe loses lawsuit over property tax assessments (04/05)
Jim Gray: Court wrong on ruling against Osage Reservation (04/05)
Editorial: Miccosukee Tribe battles questionable land deal (04/02)
Ojibwe woman pleaded guilty after drunken driving arrest (04/02)
Former Pequot leader wins award from law student group (04/02)
Man sentenced for distributing meth on Crow Reservation (04/01)
Women in hate crime case sentenced for another violation (04/01)
Osage Nation asks 10th Circuit to rehear reservation case (04/01)
St. Regis Mohawk Tribe seeks to control non-Indian fishing (04/01)
Decision backs Miccosukee Tribe in battle over Everglades (04/01)
Obama signs cigarette trafficking bill over tribal objections (04/01)
Museums consider challenge to new NAGPRA regulations (03/31)
Defendant in Indian artifact theft case to plead guilty (03/31)
Tribes working to keep cases away from Supreme Court (03/31)
Colville woman heading to Italy to discuss church abuse (03/31)
Crow Creek Sioux Tribe removes leaders after guilty pleas (03/30)
Marine from Alaska Native village found dead in California (03/30)
Fort Peck Reservation man sentenced for sexual assault (03/30)
Doctor convicted of abuse at Indian village in Guatemala (03/30)
Cloverdale Rancheria not connected to Indian smokeshop (03/29)
Groups claim BIA wants to study Chumash land-into-trust (03/29)
Guardian Angels starts chapter on Fort Peck Reservation (03/26)
Cheyenne River Sioux man charged with abuse of minors (03/26)
South Dakota tribes upset by lawsuit over health care bill (03/26)
New York court hears Cayuga Nation tobacco tax lawsuit (03/25)
Bond Buyer: House jobs bill includes tribal bond provision (03/25)
Lower Elwha Klallam Tribe raises treaty in poaching case (03/25)
7th Circuit subjects Menominee Nation business to OSHA (03/25)
Judge will make decision on Chehalis Tribe taxation case (03/25)
North Dakota court hears case on 'Fighting Sioux' name (03/24)
Judge won't stop state from going after Creek cigarettes (03/24)
Prison time for sexual abuse on Saginaw Chippewa land (03/24)
Man sets guilty plea for murdering Coeur d'Alene athlete (03/24)
Oneida Nation foes tie Osage case to land-into-trust feud (03/24)
Mardi Gras 'Indians' want legal protections for costumes (03/24)
GAO to look at law enforcement issues in Indian Country (03/23)
Standing Rock Sioux Tribe pushed on 'Fighting Sioux' vote (03/23)
Judge holds hearing over rejected Goshute nuclear dump (03/23)
Mille Lacs Band expects to fire police officer after charges (03/23)
Alaska Native teen boy charged after stabbing girlfriend (03/22)
Red Lake Nation sues BIA over juvenile detention facility (03/22)
Seneca Nation asks Obama to veto cigarette mailing bill (03/19)
MPR: Indian defendants struggling in probation system (03/19)
BIA admits filling vacant officers won't meet tribal needs (03/19)
Judge hears arguments in Chehalis Tribe taxation case (03/19)
Woman sentenced for drugs on Saginaw Chippewa land (03/19)
Lumbee Tribe ends relationship with longtime attorney (03/19)
Jury clears detention officers in Indian athlete's death (03/18)
BIA adds land to Chehalis Reservation amid tax battle (03/18)
Cigarette trafficking bill sent to White House for review (03/18)
Coeur d'Alene Tribe, county agree on law enforcement (03/18)
Saginaw Chippewa man sentenced for another assault (03/18)
NARF gets $1.5M grant from Yocha Dehe Wintun Nation (03/18)
NCAI pushes for settlement in USDA discrimination suit (03/17)
Witness list for SCIA hearing on law enforcement hiring (03/17)
9th Circuit rules two criminal defendants aren't 'Indian' (03/17)
White House weighs stance on cigarette trafficking bill (03/16)
9th Circuit hears Medicine Lake sacred site case again (03/16)
Crow Tribe in discussions over unused detention facility (03/16)
Soo Tribe charges three for violating fishing regulations (03/16)
Kevin Abourezk: Panel focuses on problems at Whiteclay (03/15)
Seneca Nation blasts passage of cigarette trafficking bill (03/15)
Utah Legislature backs $33M settlement for Navajo trust (03/12)
Pueblo woman asks for new trial in fatal hit and run case (03/12)
Editorial: Court confirms Oklahoma has no reservations (03/12)
Senate Indian Affairs hearing on law enforcement hiring (03/11)
Alaska presses Supreme Court in tribal adoption case (03/11)
Indian men involved in argument that led to stabbing (03/11)
Land-into-trust foes eye list of tribal recognition dates (03/11)
California legal opinion backs Indian preference policy (03/11)
San Pasqual woman found dead, son to be questioned (03/11)
Only two tribes, one state compliant with Adam Walsh (03/11)
Hoopa Valley Tribe loses trust fund distribution lawsuit (03/10)
Police: Stabbing stemmed from Indian rights argument (03/10)
More charges considered over deaths of Navajo sisters (03/10)
Osage Nation eyes rehearing in reservation status case (03/09)
Alcohol blamed for crash that killed two Navajo sisters (03/09)
Taos Pueblo man filed suit over tribal court proceedings (03/09)
10th Circuit split on uranium activity on Navajo Nation (03/09)
Sen. Schumer warns DOI against land-into-trust action (03/09)
Soo Tribe's former police chief and daughter set for trial (03/09)
Death of informant in artifact case raises legal question (03/09)
BLT: New challenge filed against 'Redskins' trademarks (03/08)
Blackfeet police officers on hold for background check (03/08)
Court rejects Osage Nation over status of reservation (03/08)
Seneca Nation lobbies against cigarette trafficking bill (03/08)
DOJ hosts conference on Indian Country child protection (03/05)
Judge dismisses claims in Oneida land-into-trust case (03/05)
Counties opposing Coeur d'Alene law enforcement bill (03/05)
Coeur d'Alene Tribe sues mining company for pollution (03/04)
Prosecutors assess Indian artifact case following death (03/04)
Source in Indian artifact theft case found dead in Utah (03/03)
Smoke shops on Agua Caliente land close for business (03/03)
Crow Creek Sioux Tribe settles dispute over IRS tax bill (03/02)
Investigation into vandalism of Nez Perce pictographs (03/01)
Rosebud Sioux woman on trial for murdering boyfriend (02/26)
Man accused of 'sweat lodge' deaths released from jail (02/26)
Stillaguamish Tribe names former leaders in theft suit (02/26)
MinnPost: Red Lake facility sits unused after five years (02/26)
Indian farmers wait on settlement over discrimination (02/26)
DOJ brief backs Cayuga Nation in tobacco tax dispute (02/25)
DOI solicitor hosts meeting for Indian law practitioners (02/25)
Wind farm company offered $1M in sacred site dispute (02/25)
Editorial: Village won't recognize Oneida sovereignty (02/24)
Seattle Weekly: Native victims sue over priest abuse (02/24)
Navajo council overrides veto of fundamental law bill (02/24)
Six people charged for stealing from Fort Peck Tribes (02/24)
New York governor proposes tobacco tax regulations (02/24)
Man accused of 'sweat lodge' deaths eyes lower bond (02/23)
Firefighter arrest for assault on Pueblo police officer (02/23)
Red Cliff Chippewa police chief under investigation (02/23)
US Attorney in Arizona to discuss reservation crime (02/22)
Groups file first brief over Chumash land-into-trust (02/22)
Pueblo leader found guilty in fatal hit and run case (02/22)
Northern Cheyenne man admits to killing daughter (02/19)
Pueblo leader takes the stand in hit and run case (02/19)
Paper gets 1948 arrest log of border town mayor (02/19)
BIA ordered to pay $400K to former police officer (02/19)
Ho-Chunk Nation discusses gang activity at forum (02/18)
Trial continues for Pueblo leader's hit and run case (02/18)
Column: Native woman's killer weeped only for self (02/18)
Northern Arapaho Tribe withdraws city agreement (02/18)
Whiteclay bill headed for floor debate in Nebraska (02/18)
Pueblo woman facing DUI and child abuse charges (02/18)
Man admits guilt over Alaska Native woman's death (02/17)
Former Rosebud Sioux council member heads to trial (02/17)
Trial opens for Pueblo leader charged over hit and run (02/17)
Fort Sill Apache Tribe not allowed in Geronimo lawsuit (02/17)
Shakopee man refusing to pay settlement for assault (02/17)
Evidence box halts trial for Aquash murder defendant (02/16)
Southern Ute Tribe suspends officials' code of ethics (02/16)
St. Regis Mohawk Tribe creates land dispute tribunal (02/16)
Blackfeet Nation makes do with just 11 police officers (02/16)
County ends foreclosure proceedings on Cayuga land (02/16)
Oklahoma seizes tobacco bound for Muscogee shops (02/15)
Judge rules about prominent attorney's Indian status (02/12)
Judge postpones trial for Aquash murder defendant (02/12)
City residents oppose Northern Arapaho agreement (02/11)
Shoshone leader's domestic violence case dropped (02/11)
Pojoaque Pueblo claims tax exemption for property (02/11)
Coeur d'Alene Tribe at odds with county over police (02/11)
Inquest set for Indian man who died in Montana jail (02/11)
Coeur d'Alene Tribe law enforcement bill introduced (02/10)
Pueblo leader headed for trial over fatal hit and run (02/09)
Prosecutors seek gag order for 'sweat lodge' deaths (02/09)
Editorial: Sheriff wrong about Coeur d'Alene policing (02/08)
Former Passamaquoddy police chief accused of theft (02/08)
South Dakota tribal leaders meet with US Attorney (02/05)
Coeur d'Alene law enforcement bill stirs controversy (02/05)
No charges for Navajo teen killed in Target parking lot (02/04)
Oglala Sioux Tribe supports detox center in Whiteclay (02/04)
Factions at Klamath battle for control of tribal council (02/04)
Self-help guru indicted for deaths inside 'sweat lodge' (02/04)
Coquille Tribe settles dispute over municipal services (02/04)
Judge dismisses indictment against Aquash defendant (02/04)
Editorial: Support tribal arrest authority over non-Indians (02/03)
Mining company owes royalties to Coeur d'Alene Tribe (02/03)
Grand Traverse Band eliminates general counsel post (02/03)
Little Traverse Bay Bands hires two new police officers (02/03)
Tribal leaders to meet with US Attorney in South Dakota (02/02)
Judge delays hearing over Mishewal Wappo recognition (02/02)
Architect files lawsuit against Navajo council speaker (02/01)
Secretary Salazar offers thanks for consultation talks (01/29)
Blackfeet man 'was going to get beaten up' anyway (01/28)
Man charged for vandalizing Snoqualmie tribal office (01/27)
Brothers reach plea deals for beating Blackfeet man (01/27)
Northern Arapaho Tribe can file brief in murder case (01/27)
Aquash murder defendant asks to exclude testimony (01/27)
DOJ doesn't want attorney's Indian status mentioned (01/26)
Border city mayor denies role in 1948 rape of Zuni girl (01/26)
Judge reduces fine in Ojibwe woman's file-share case (01/26)
Blackfeet Nation continues work to revise constitution (01/26)
Seneca Nation targets Sen. Gillibrand for tobacco bill (01/25)
Tohono O'odham Nation turned into 'militarized zone' (01/25)
Arizona governor opposes tribes in national AG group (01/22)
Lawsuit for Saginaw Chippewa reservation continues (01/22)
Indian Country crime gets a second look in Oklahoma (01/22)
Leader of Maine's tribal-state commission leaves post (01/22)
North Dakota tribes discuss Missouri River settlement (01/22)
Motive for Cabazon leader's 1981 murder an unknown (01/22)
Soo Tribe's former police chief charged with 15 counts (01/20)
Turtle Talk: Supreme Court discusses tribal sovereigns (01/20)
Seneca Nation prepares for battle over cigarette taxes (01/20)
New York governor puts Indian tobacco tax in new budget (01/19)
Fort Belknap Tribe halts extradition to local jurisdictions (01/15)
Lawsuit planned over sale of liquor at Whiteclay stores (01/15)
Indian farmers receive fewer services despite more land (01/15)
Yakama Nation protests prosecution for selling tobacco (01/15)
Former Indian center director seeks to avoid time in jail (01/14)
Port Gamble S'Klallam Tribe says officers acted illegally (01/14)
Court says government must produce trust documents (01/13)
Supreme Court accepts Apache man's restitution case (01/13)
North Dakota tribe to renew tax agreement with state (01/13)
Northern Arapaho Tribe backs man in jurisdiction case (01/13)
Ute man appears in federal court for multiple charges (01/13)
Inquest planned for Indian man's death in Montana jail (01/12)
Seneca Nation aims to defeat cigarette trafficking bill (01/12)
DOJ announces Indian Country public safety initiative (01/12)
Shoshone-Bannock Tribes sue over swap of public land (01/12)
10th Circuit hears arguments over status of Osage land (01/11)
Judge to proceed with trial over Crow Creek auction (01/08)
Former Fort Peck investigator sentenced for murder (01/08)
Obama to re-nominate Cherokee woman for DOJ post (01/08)
Report points to high rate of abuse at juvenile centers (01/08)
Pine Ridge woman gets $650K settlement for assault (01/07)
Arrests of Taos Pueblo members expunged by court (01/07)
Judge rules in Yakama Nation tobacco taxation case (01/07)
Court calls for new trial in Kickapoo corruption case (01/07)