Lac Vieux Desert council members remain in jail over contempt
All nine council members for the Lac Vieux Desert Band of Lake Superior Chippewa Indians of Michigan remain in jail as part of an ongoing leadership dispute.

A tribal judge held the council members in contempt after they refused to seat a new chairman and a new treasurer. But the group claims the judge acted without authority.

"I am against incarcerating our government because they're trying to uphold our constitution and do things that are right even though there were things that were wrong with the election," Patricia Pete, a supporter of the jailed leaders, told WLUC-TV.

In June, tribal members ousted seven people from the council. The losing candidates refused to recognize the results of the election, resulting in a lawsuit in tribal court.

A judge ordered a new election to take place October 23 and ordered the new chairman and treasurer to be seated.

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