County delaying election after losing Indian voting lawsuit
Officials in Fremont County, Wyoming, are planning to delay an upcoming election after losing an Indian voting rights case.

Members of the Eastern Shoshone Tribe and the Northern Arapaho Tribe won a ruling that said the county's at-large system dilutes Indian voting rights. They have proposed to create a separate district for the Wind River Reservation.

But county officials say they won't have enough time to implement the changes. They are supposed to present a plan to a federal judge on June 30, in advance of an August 17 primary election.

"The county commission now wants people to think that we are trying to keep people from voting in an election this fall, and that's not the case," plaintiff Emma Lucille McAdams, a member of Eastern Shoshone Tribe, told the Associated Press.

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Indian plaintiffs: County delaying vote (AP 6/3)

Lawsuit Documents:
Large v. Fremont County (ACLU)

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