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Klamath Tribes win decisions in long-running water rights case

The Klamath Tribes of Oregon claimed victory in a long-running water rights dispute.

The tribe said a judge for the Klamath Basin Water Rights Adjudication issued six decisions that affirmed its water rights from time immemorial. The rulings covered six of eight bodies of water in the Klamath Basin.

“The Proposed Orders give everyone in the Basin plenty to think about,” Jeff Mitchell who leads the Klamath Tribes’ Negotiating Team, said in a press release. “These rulings highlight the role that the Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement can play in resolving Basin water issues. The Tribes will be evaluating the rulings and discussing them with others in the Basin to determine the best path from here on.”

Rulings on the remaining two bodies of water are expected in April 2012.

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