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Members of Crow Tribe set for vote on water rights settlement

Members of the Crow Tribe of Montana will vote this Saturday on a water right settlement that was signed into law by President Barack Obama last December.

Some landowners on the reservation oppose the deal, fearing it takes away their water rights without compensation and treats future claims as inferior to those of the state and of non-Indians. Some filed a lawsuit in tribal court hoping to delay the election but a judge rejected the request.

“I believe that the allottees are well-protected and I don’t see any problems in the future as far as protecting the rights of allottees as far as the beneficial use of the water is concerned,” Chairman Cedric Black Eagle told The Billings Gazette.

The settlement confirms the tribe's rights to the Bighorn River and Bighorn Lake. It also provides $460 million for water projects on the reservation.

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Debate continues ahead of vote on Crow Water Settlement Act (The Billings Gazette 3/17)

Crow Tribe Water Rights Settlement Act of 2009:
H.R. 3563 | S.375

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