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Suquamish Tribe fires three officers for failing fitness program

The Suquamish Tribe of Washington fired three police officers who didn't live up to a new fitness policy.

Last year, officers were given a fitness test consisting of a a 300-meter dash, a 1.5-mile run, sit-ups and push-ups. Those who don't meet minimum requirements must be placed on a corrective action plan.

If an officer fails to past the test a second time, he or she is placed on probation. A third failure leads to termination.

"I loved my job," Lori Penner, who was told to turn over her gun and badge immediately after failing the third test, told The Kitsap Sun. "I loved what I did and I loved working for the tribe."

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Suquamish police officers fired after department revamps fitness policy (The Kitsap Sun 5/6)

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