Rynalea Whiteman Pena serves as president of the Northern Cheyenne Tribe. Courtesy photo

Native Sun News Today: Northern Cheyenne request Congressional investigation into BIA law enforcement

LAME DEER, Montana - Last month, Native Sun News Today printed a story “Lawlessness and Violence at Northern Cheyenne Blamed on Inadequate B.I.A. Law Enforcement” which quickly made its way through cyberspace.

Just one day later, the Northern Cheyenne Tribe formally, by letter, contacted members of the Montana Congressional delegation, requesting a Congressional investigation into the “crises in B.I.A. Law Enforcement at Northern Cheyenne and throughout Indian Country.”

The letter has also been posted on the Tribal website and forwarded by email to many tribal members, this reporter included. Based on email comments, many tribal and community members are favorable about the Tribe’s action.

Today the Northern Cheyenne Tribe submitted this official letter to Senator Steve Daines , Senator Jon Tester and...

Posted by Lane Spotted Elk- Northern Cheyenne Tribal Council on Thursday, July 30, 2020

“I’m extremely glad they are following up,” said Jason Small, Northern Cheyenne, Montana State Senator, Chair of the State Tribal Relations Committee and a life-long reservation resident.”

The four-page missive begins with a heartfelt plea from Tribal President Rynalea Whiteman Pena: “In strongest possible terms, I plead for your help to address a public safety crises on our reservation which is the direct result of years of inexcusable neglect by the Bureau of Indian Affairs. B.I.A is solely responsible for law enforcement at Northern Cheyenne."

"Our community is suffering the tragic consequences of B.I.A.’s reckless disregard for our safety, including facilities, sexual and physical violence and widespread drug and alcohol abuse," Pena continues. "These problems exist on other reservations where BIA is in charge of law enforcement.”


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