I’m proud that Cherokee Nation took the lead in removing a risk that would have threatened our communities forever.
We now find ourselves caught up in a political fight that fails to properly account for, honor, and respect this country’s first moral and ethical obligation.
In the Oglala Sioux Tribe if you speak up and try to make a better life for the people you get blacklisted and slandered.
Treaty obligations to Native nations are the first thing to be thrown out the door during a government shutdown.
We are the Association of American Indian Physicians. We’re ready to pay it forward.
A new federal law is a remedy for a huge injustice that has led to a devastating loss of land for the Cherokee, Choctaw, Chickasaw, Seminole and Muscogee (Creek) Nations.


A record number of Native Americans, including Native women, are seeking seats in the U.S. Congress. Here are the active candidates.

My life has been one big racial experience but this does not mean I encountered it every day and minute of my life.

May Indian Country journalist Jerry Reynolds and Lois Rapp, who was my mother-in-law, rest in peace.

Young Native women have been elected to the state, tribal, local governing offices in western states in the Northern Plains in astounding numbers.

We should use the traditional Native values of hospitality and kindness along with our ancestral immigrant laws and customs to bring them to places of safety.

Racism toward Natives thrives on unconfirmed information about our people.

Although we didn’t have much, at least we were all together as a family that Christmas.

America’s veterans, including many Cherokee men and women, committed a portion of their lives to preserving our collective freedoms.

Culturally responsive services are vital to our existence, preservation of our heritage, tribal identity and the strengthening of our families.

Someday we will all make that journey and what we give of ourselves will be what remains.

The Ahiarmiut are entitled to an acknowledgement by the Canadian government that they were victims of genocide.

If our language disappears, we will be without the core of the vibrant and thriving culture we share from generation to generation.

We Lakota celebrate Christmas because it was an important part of our culture to give and share gifts on special occasions.

The brutal murder of Amanda Webster emphasizes the plight of Indigenous women throughout the country.

We are fast approaching the 128th anniversary of the Massacre at Wounded Knee.

There are stark differences between the health of Indigenous peoples in Canada and their non-Indigenous counterparts.

It is imperative that we revive our indigenous world view and spiritual beliefs.

Will the nation's highest court accept and approve of genocidal efforts against Native nations?

Oklahoma State University and the Cherokee Nation are changing the way America trains doctors.

When early settlers needed extra cash they would say, 'Let’s go out and kill some Redskins and collect the bounty on them.'

Ryan Zinke is embroiled in ethics scandals and management failures. The least he can do is step down.

I want us to go humbly to the very people our culture tried to exterminate to listen to what they can teach us.

A Supreme Court case about land rights and jurisdiction in Oklahoma has huge implications for tribes.

The culture and history of the Oyate shines through in South Dakota.

Federal Indian law is a field of law designed by the United States to dominate Native Nations.

Over the past several years, I've learned more about the Doctrine of Discovery and the white supremacist, ethnic cleansing and genocidal history of our nation.

Native people stopped going to hockey games in Rapid City, South Dakota, after a racist incident.

Thanksgiving doesn’t have to be celebrated at the expense of Native peoples.

During these communal rituals we sing, dance and share the bounties of harvest and the hunt.

The former manager of the Muscogee (Creek) Nation's news outlet speaks out about the repeal of the tribe's freedom of the press law.

None of us Indian boarding school boys ever forgot about how we bartered with cubes of butter.