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Opinion: Listen to Native Americans who oppose racist mascots (10/17)
Writer wonders why local high school hasn't gotten rid of its racist mascot.

Opinion: Politicians relying on Native voters in a close election (10/17)
Columnist for The New York Times looks at the power of the Native vote in this election cycle.

Crystal Willcuts: Remembering the beauty that was my mother (10/17)
Crystal Willcuts reflects on the loss of her mother to breast cancer.

Mark Trahant: Native vote could tip races in Idaho and Colorado (10/17)
Could a Democrat steal a win in Idaho? If enough people vote for independent and Tea Party candidates, then, well, yes.

Column: Language police want FCC to bar R-word on airwaves (10/16)
Writer questions petition that asks the Federal Communications Commission to outlaw the R-word on public airwaves.

Editorial: Our schools can learn from success at tribal colleges (10/16)
Public schools should look to tribal colleges to help American Indian students succeed.

Dean Chavers: Calling out Ward Churchill and other wannabes (10/16)
Dean Chavers shares a portion of his book, Racism in Indian Country, about fake Indians.

Glenn Morris: A sorry spectacle at UN indigenous peoples meet (10/16)
Addressing problems with the recent World Conference on Indigenous Peoples.

Mark Trahant: Native vote could offer some answers in Kansas (10/15)
What’s with Kansas? Well, the first thing you need to know is that early voting starts today.

Ruth Hopkins: Healing the relationship with indigenous people (10/15)
Pope Francis must rescind the Papal Bull that was used to justify the taking of Indian land.

Peter d'Errico: Navajo Nation tackles the Doctrine of Discovery (10/15)
Praise for Attorney General Harrison Tsosie of Navajo Nation for taking on the Doctrine of Christian Discovery.

Ivan Star Comes Out: The Indian Reorganization Act at 80 years (10/14)
Here on the Pine Ridge we encounter daily a controversy regarding the Indian Reorganization Act of 1934.

Brian Vallie: A message for the indigenous peoples of America (10/14)
Bringing Native nations a special PowerPoint of Evil from Christopher Columbus.

Matt Remle: Community unites to start Indigenous Peoples' Day (10/14)
Explaining how Indigenous Peoples' Day came about in Seattle, Washington.

Editorial: Connecticut tribes should document history to 1789 (10/13)
Newspaper opposes Part 83 reforms to the federal recognition process at the Bureau of Indian Affairs.

Janine Pease: Freshmen need our encouragement to succeed (10/13)
Underscoring the importance of freshman year in high school.

Editorial: Genocide and slavery are the realities of our history (10/13)
The Saginaw Chippewa Tribe will share the truth about Christopher Columbus on Indigenous People's Day.

Kim & Jordan Wheeler: Celebrating You're Welcome Weekend (10/13)
Kim and Jordan Wheeler explain why their Native family celebrates 'You're Welcome Weekend' instead of the Thanksgiving.

Tim Giago: Boyhood friend knew where Crazy Horse was buried (10/13)
Where is the burial place of the great Lakota warrior Tasunka Witko; Crazy Horse?

Mark Trahant: The long fight for voting rights in Indian Country (10/13)
New Mexico has the highest registration rate for American Indians in the country.

Opinion: Washington team's logo dehumanizes Indian people (10/13)
Writers trace the Washington NFL team's logo to stereotypical images of Indian people.

Steven Newcomb: US doesn't recognize our nations as nations (10/13)
Analyzing the interpretation of 'indigenous peoples' at the United Nations.

John Christian Hopkins: Paper apologizes for racist cartoon (10/13)
A questionable cartoon about President Barack Obama ran in The Boston Herald.

Column: Native youth help provide food for their community (10/10)
The Tyonek Native Corporation is leasing land to the Native Village of Tyonek and the Tyonek Tribal Conservation District for a community garden.

Alannah Hurley: Sen. Begich stands up for Alaska Native rights (10/10)
The United Tribes of Bristol Bay support the re-election of Sen. Mark Begich (D).

Mark Trahant: Early voting begins on reservations in Montana (10/10)
How interested are you in this election?

Gary Davis: RES Wisconsin brings diverse businesses together (10/10)
Gary Davis, the president and CEO of the National Center for American Indian Enterprise Development, shares an update from RES Wisconsin.

Opinion: Tribes in Minnesota tackle problems facing their youth (10/09)
Writer finds unity and strength at the recent Summit on the Crisis of Indian Children in Minnesota.

Darren Bonaparte: Author steals traditional teachings for book (10/09)
Darren Bonaparte pens an open letter to an anonymous author who appropriated Haudenosaunee history for a novel.

Winona LaDuke: Fracking bans needed across Indian Country (10/09)
It is time for a fracked oil and gas moratorium on Ft. Berthold and Standing Rock reservations.

Editorial: College in Oklahoma aims to boost Native enrollment (10/08)
Newspaper supports efforts to increase Native student enrollment at Bacone College, which was established in 1880 as an Indian university.

Doug George-Kanentiio: Ten lies in American-Indigenous history (10/08)
What constitutes a lie? There is the obvious verbal and written distortions of the truth but what is not said may also be deemed a lie.

Mark Trahant: Mining plan energizes Native voters in Wisconsin (10/08)
There may be no tribe in the country that understands the significance of voting more than the Menominee Tribe of Wisconsin.

Jessica Carro: Columbus ignored in most countries except US (10/08)
Jessica Carro wonders why America celebrates Christopher Columbus while most other countries ignore him.

Chelsey Luger and Gyasi Ross: Defending our kids from suicide (10/08)
Chelsey Luger and Gyasi Ross continue their conversation about suicide in Indian Country.

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