The Mohawk people thrived until the need for cheap power led to the destruction of our homelands.
It appears a majority of Oglala Sioux leaders don't want to see the tribe's constitution reformed.
Treaty tribes believe a pollution-based economy is not sustainable. No price can be placed on the value of human health or the resources that sustain us.
It was seventeen years ago, but I remember that day as if it were yesterday.
From ancient traditions to forced removal and assimilation to survival and to self-determination, the Cherokee Nation’s strong sense of identity and governance are undeniable.
Alaska tribes, despite being more than the nation's capital, know the truth about Brett Kavanaugh's agenda.


A record number of Native Americans, including Native women, are seeking seats in the U.S. Congress. Here are the active candidates.

Like many Lakota I am a witness to the injustices perpetrated upon Native Americans.

We don’t have good, sound financial decisions being made by the leaders of the Oglala Sioux Tribe.

While you and your partner might be having fun getting to know each other, it’s important to watch for certain behaviors when dating someone new.

My grandmother dared to cross an ocean alone and she worked and struggled and saved so someone in her family could someday get ahead.

John McCain worked hard to support and strengthen tribal sovereignty and tribal self-determination.

There is a quiet resistance within the Trump administration of people choosing to put country first. So says an anonymous 'senior official.'

Unite we must; because for those Native Americans who believe there is no danger to our sovereignty are wrong.

The 2018 Farm Bill presents a rare opportunity for Congress to what is right for Indian Country.

During the majority of his time in the House and Senate, John McCain was a leading voice for and architect of federal Indian policy.

It is sad in this day and age that some people believe American Indian tribes are incapable of addressing their people’s basic needs.

A new book digs into the paradoxes of American Indian diets most people don’t know.

The great tribes had a history, a culture, traditions and a deep spirituality long before the white man set foot upon this continent.

Senator John McCain’s passing has many of us wondering aloud whether the balance of America’s history will ever again produce such a giant spirit.

When Claudia Tenney began her campaign there was hope that she would become an advocate for the lack of human rights on tribal territory.

People tell me all the time that Indians don’t need any science. Why would they?

Cronyism, nepotism and favoritism. Your Oglala Sioux tribal government at work.

There is a lot of dirty laundry hidden away in a hamper and stashed in dark basements across Indian Country.

As we honor our heritage and culture, we know Cherokee National Holiday is about coming home for many attendees.

Reducing sea lion and seal populations in our region is a difficult, but necessary action that must be taken.

As director of housing for the Bois Forte Band of Chippewa, methamphetamine usage in our housing units has and continues to be a problem.

The word 'Native' was picked by a bunch of white newspaper editors trying to find a way to describe Indians that Indians would not find offensive.

Perpetrators of genocide should never be forgotten, but they should not be celebrated either.

Historically, Native American tribes have struggled to explain why certain landscapes are sacred for them.

For Native peoples, spirituality is often the core of who we are and our way of life. To have our spirit attacked is as personal as an attack can get.

The United States of America is White supremacist, racist and sexist because of our foundations.

Making a saint of the Lakota holy man Black Elk won't change the brutal history of the Catholic Church.

Racially and sexually objectifying Aboriginal women reflects a long practice in Australia and abroad.

It might be that quiet kid in the back of the classroom or it might be a long distance runner.

Wounded parents unintentionally teach their children to love each other the wrong way.

Many newspapers, including the one in Rapid City, South Dakota, have continued to use the R-word even though they know it is an insult.