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Raymond Coriz: Southern Ute Tribe working to save more lives (05/15)
If there is one thing I could urge all motorists - drivers, passengers, front seat, back seat, all ages - to do every time you get in a vehicle, it's buckle up.

Andre Cramblit: Indian names considered 'fake' on Facebook (05/15)
Apparently the maestros behind the scenes of your favorite online guilty pleasure-social media experience known as FaceBook think that Native Americans could not possibly have such absurd surnames as Nighthorse, ManKiller or Crazy Horse.

Turtle Talk: Analysis of subcommittee land-into-trust memo (05/14)
The Majority Staff Memo creates the perception that the BIA is an unfettered and unchecked bureaucracy that is gobbling up land for Indians at the expense of unsuspecting communities.

Vi Waln: Vote in school board election to help Lakota children (05/14)
As the end of another academic school year comes to a close, I want to address the importance of education.

James Davies: Indian Country must face the man in the mirror (05/14)
Instead of focusing on every perceived slight, why not pour all that energy into the actual nuts and bolts reality plaguing almost every reservation—violence, poverty, alcoholism, drug abuse.

Alex Jacobs: Governor strikes political deal for nuclear waste (05/14)
How can communities, Native and non-Native, stop such projects from developing, using up precious water, polluting the environment, presenting security risks that rationalize ever greater government intrusion?

Brandon Ecoffey: Evaluating our priorities in the Native media (05/13)
Over the past couple of years the Native news industry has increasingly become separated into two different camps.

Monique Vondall-Rieke: Indian victims still treated differently (05/13)
It is time, again, for us to band together to suggest ways to improve Indian Country justice at every level.

David Wilkins: Disenrollments aren't about tribal sovereignty (05/12)
Tribal politicians and jurists who work to disenroll legitimate Native citizens justify their perverted behavior by wrapping themselves in the cloak of sovereign power.

Steve Russell: Indian Country isn't divided into 'left' or 'right' (05/12)
The Democratic and Republican parties represent a very narrow lane in the autobahn of world politics.

Opinion: Incorporate Native knowledge into management (05/11)
Native ways of knowing don't always square with Western science, but they're rooted in millennia of culture and experience.

Gyasi Ross: Native moms will run the whole world someday (05/11)
Native mothers simply don’t give up. They can’t give up; not in their DNA.

Opinion: Listen to Nez Perce Tribe on megaload shipments (05/11)
For over five years, Idaho Gov. Butch Otter has worked to impose a terrible pet idea of his on the Nez Perce Tribe: to make U.S. 12 a high-and-wide corridor for football field-sized megaloads.

Marc Simmons: Spanish expedition led to battle in Nebraska (05/11)
To readers of colonial New Mexico history, the names Coronado, Espejo, Oñate, Vargas, Escalante and De Anza are quite familiar.

Column: Journalists travel to homeland of Oglala Sioux Tribe (05/11)
When journalists get the opportunity to share and collaborate with those they report on — to give something back rather than simply taking their photos or their statements — it can be life-changing.

Column: Stereotypes of Native people can't pass as humor (05/11)
Adam Sandler himself is proudly Jewish. Would he find it funny for a Jewish woman with an obscene name to urinate while lighting a menorah?

Jay Daniels: Haskell University in danger of losing athletics (05/11)
After more than 130 years of existence, Haskell is experiencing extreme funding shortfalls and reducing the necessary funding to provide educational as well as student extracurricular activities, such as athletics.

Mark Trahant: Alaska tribes eye role in wildlife management (05/11)
For too many years the state has spent significant resources litigating against a tribal say instead of listening.

Terese Marie Mailhot: My dedication to all those 'rez chicks' (05/11)
I used to be the rez chick, pushing a bundled baby down a gravel road with a stick to ward off dogs.

Stanley Heller: Still a ways to go on mascots in Connecticut (05/11)
There’s been some small progress in Connecticut in getting rid of Indian mascots, but not enough.

Roger Birdbear: Indian mineral owners cheated on royalties (05/11)
From misuse and misunderstanding of regulations and statute surrounding transportation deductions, poor application of valuation methods, and even to blatant disregard of basic contract law, mineral owners are losing out.

Rob Williams: Marijuana generates a buzz in Indian Country (05/08)
At least as long as the Obama administration is in charge at the Department of Justice, tribes that want to grow and sell the drug only have to meet the same guidelines as states that have opted for full- or partial-legalization of marijuana.

Opinion: Let's pay tribute to our real warriors with mascots (05/08)
We have a modest proposal to restore harmony to the sacred institution of sports mascotry.

Allie Greenleaf Maldonado: My personal ICWA success story (05/08)
I am looking at a picture of a beautiful little boy who is a citizen of the Little River Band of Odawa Indians. He is my son.

Column: Bois Forte Band welcomes visitors to fishing opener (05/08)
In many respects, the Bois Forte Band exemplifies ways that communities of different cultural backgrounds can get along, even when the issue is sharing natural resources.

Robert Cook: Racism remains a problem for Native students (05/07)
Native people aren't alone in being victims of racial slurs. Many people suffer the perils of racism and bigotry.

James Davies: What will Mitakuye Oyasin mean in the future? (05/07)
What if there had been no Columbus, no European discovery of the New World—given enough time, what kind of civilization would the aboriginal inhabitants have built?

Terese Marie Mailhot: But some of my best friends are White (05/07)
I know some great white people, but it is you bad apples who ruin it for your ethnicity.

Doug George-Kanentiio: World population sits out of balance (05/06)
Iroquois culture was founded upon certain principles which emphasized our responsibility to the natural world.Iroquois traditions teach us that humans are in no way superior to any other organism; we do not have dominion of the earth.

Brandon Ecoffey: The Lakota people have never surrendered (05/06)
There is a notion that our people have grown completely dependent on federal funding and that our nations are nothing more than welfare states.

Opinion: Let's place a different Cherokee leader on the $20 bill (05/05)
John Ross deserves a prominent place on our currency. But that doesn’t mean Andrew Jackson should go completely.

Steven Newcomb: Debating our existence as 'tribes' or nations (05/05)
Were there 'tribes' existing here in our part of the world before the Christian Europeans invasively arrived with that word?

Editorial: Time to move on from mascot fight in North Dakota (05/04)
People of goodwill on both sides of the logo debate have come to consensus about the old one and the need for a new one. Move on.

Opinion: Take a modern approach to land-into-trust in Alaska (05/04)
Paranoia over Indian country belongs in the 19th century. Tribes and states all over our nation now work together effectively and Indian country is no longer a barrier.

Dana Lone Elk: Oglala Sioux Tribe goes back on its word on vote (05/04)
How can we say your vote counts or matters when tribal council can take that vote away?

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