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Winona LaDuke: No one believes in the 'black snake' pipeline (11/21)
The executive director of Honor The Earth, calls on politicians to reject the Keystone XL Pipeline and look for long-term energy solutions.

Chaske Spencer: Changing the narrative for our Native youth (11/21)
Actor discusses his partnership with the Center for Native American Youth.

Editorial: Work with Burns Paiute Tribe on land-into-trust bid (11/21)
The tribe wants 29,000 acres placed in trust as part of its wildlife mitigation efforts.

Column: Theories link Thanksgiving to 1637 Pequot massacre (11/21)
Some 700 people -- mainly women and children -- were killed at a Pequot village in Connecticut were killed on May 26, 1637.

Dina Gilio-Whitaker: Tax disparities remain in Indian Country (11/21)
Enactment of H.R.3043, the Tribal General Welfare Exclusion Act, won't solve taxation problems facing tribes.

Bill Richardson: Indian Country feels effects of climate change (11/20)
A former Congressman, governor and Energy Secretary says Clean Power Plan will help tribes address the impacts of climate change.

Editorial: Oklahoma Indian museum benefits the entire state (11/20)
Newspaper calls on lawmakers to approve funding to finish the American Indian Cultural Center and Museum.

Editorial: County and critics must stop fighting Chumash Tribe (11/20)
newspaper highlights the contributions made by the Santa Ynez Band of Chumash Indians to Santa Barbara County.

Sen. Mark Begich: Moving forward for the first people of Alaska (11/20)
Outgoing Senator: When Alaska Natives thrive, all of Alaska reaps the rewards.

Steven Newcomb: Disestablishing the doctrine of domination (11/20)
The Doctrine of Christian Discovery continues to influence federal Indian law and policy.

Mark Trahant: Lakota honor song wasn't out of place in Senate (11/20)
When some say the Senate was just following its rules when they removed Greg Grey Cloud after his honor song -- I suggest they look at the Senate's history.

Editorial: Put end to 'futile' taxation dispute with Chehalis Tribe (11/19)
Newspaper calls on Thurston County in Washington to end its long-running taxation battle with the Chehalis Tribe.

Steven Newcomb: Focusing on liberation and self-determination (11/19)
Exploring the fight for self-determination for the original nations and peoples.

Gyasi Ross: Police shootings aren't just a 'people of color' issue (11/19)
Police shootings represent a trend that goes back several hundred years.

Mark Trahant: Historic election in Alaska with Native candidate (11/19)
Alaska should be the model for Indian Country and state relations.

Rishawn Biddle: Report confirms how BIE fails Indian children (11/18)
A Government Accountability Office report shows a need for greater fiscal oversight at the Bureau of Indian Education.

Eric Holder: Responding to sexual violence in Indian Country (11/18)
Discussing the work of the American Indian/Alaska Native Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner-Sexual Assault Response Team Initiative.

Opinion: Keep the politicians out of immigration reform debate (11/18)
Calling for a new approach to immigration reform.

Joanne Shenandoah: Protect our Native children from violence (11/18)
The co-chairs of the Task Force on American Indian and Alaska Native Children Exposed to Violence discuss how to protect Native children.

Jeffrey Whalen: Crime and corruption within Oglala Sioux Tribe (11/18)
I decided to temporarily quit writing about the corruption going on within the Oglala Sioux Tribe.

Janine Pease: Keeping students safe from bullying at school (11/17)
The founding president at Little Bighorn College in Montana discussing bullying in schools.

Jessy Hegland: Honoring my roots as an adopted Indian child (11/17)
Writer was adopted out of the Spirit Lake Nation.

Column: 1864 incident in Nebraska started the Great Sioux War (11/17)
Historian discusses an August 1864 attack that marked the start of a prolonged war between Sioux Nations and the United States.

Ivar Star Comes Out: Empower our youth to forge better lives (11/17)
Our educational curriculum is embarrassingly inefficient as the Indian Reorganization Act of 1934 and all its particulars have been omitted.

Tim Giago: The final Indian war in America is about to begin (11/17)
Violating the human and religious rights of a people in order to create jobs and low cost fuel is the worst form of capitalism.

John Christian Hopkins: Rulings from the nation's racism czar (11/17)
I am urging President Obama to appoint me the nation’s first Racism Czar.

Julianne Jennings: Site promotes Indian and African alliances (11/17)
I Love Ancestry promotes alliances between Native Americans and African Americans.

Mike Taylor: The reality of being homeless in Indian Country (11/17)
A day in the life of a homeless Indian.

Garfield Steele: Oglala Sioux Tribe must protect our children (11/17)
Council member for the Oglala Sioux Tribe says sexual predators who live on the reservation should be revealed.

Sen. John Thune: Celebrating Native American Heritage Month (11/14)
The rich traditions of the Lakota, Dakota, and Nakota are woven into the fabric of South Dakota’s history.

Chelsey Luger: Native women are putting their voices out there (11/14)
Member of the Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa Indians explains why she began publishing her writing.

S.E. Ruckman: How we celebrate Thanksgiving in Indian Country (11/14)
Reflecting on Native American Heritage Month, Thanksgiving, the holiday season and Cobell checks.

James Giago Davies: Newspaper proves dreams can come true (11/14)
News reports from Indian Country have evolved over the years. It most often consisted of petty gossip, ego-driven squabbles or blatant nepotism.

Peter d'Errico: Thanksgiving vs. the National Day of Mourning (11/13)
Nipmuc author Larry Spotted Crow Mann explores the National Day of Mourning in a new book.

Delphine Red Shirt: Lessons from our history as Lakota people (11/13)
It is interesting how, after the Civil War, policy-makers faced two racial problems concerning African-Americans and American Indians.

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