Republicans are supporting President Donald Trump's renewed demands for a border wall after tear gas was used on migrants at a busy port of entry.
A caravan of immigrants from Central America has been President Trump's topic of choice as the election approaches.
Is Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke about to say sayonara to Indian Country?
The Choctaw people suffered devastating losses in their history but still found time to help others.
The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights will be taking a closer look at violence against Native women.
The Department of Homeland Security was not fully prepared to enforce the Trump administration’s 'zero-tolerance' immigration policy or handle its consequences.


A record number of Native Americans, including Native women, are seeking seats in the U.S. Congress. Here are the active candidates.

The Yurok Tribe is buying back ancestral lands, rebuilding its economy and becoming more self-sufficient.

Donald Trump, like other tyrannical despots before him, is gambling to see how much the world and the country will tolerate.

The wall along the U.S. border with Mexico has damaged and destroyed sacred sites, according to a new report.

An indigenous leader who was opposing development on sacred Wixarika lands was killed in Mexico.

We urgently need a set of practical guidelines for addressing and preventing heritage loss by Indigenous peoples.

For the first time, a new report has put a price tag on the sale of tribal cultural property on the international market.

Airing this fall on PBS, 'Native America' was produced with the active participation of Native communities in two continents.

The leader of New Zealand is vowing to ensure her newborn daughter learns the Māori language and understands Māori culture.

Employees at two migrant shelters, including one visited by First Lady Melania Trump, have been charged with abusing children who were separated from their families.

The Blackfeet Nation is an innovator in indigenous planning efforts.

Immigration officials continue to face fire for separating migrant families at the U.S. border.

Charles Wilkins, who was an accountant at the Bureau of Indian Affairs, was murdered in the nation's capital in 1995.

As visitors stroll through the aisles of Barbie dolls arrayed at a national collectors’ convention in Phoenix, one doll among hundreds stands apart.

A family fleeing gang violence in Honduras was separated at the U.S. border under the Trump administration's 'zero tolerance' policy.

One Native Republican defended Donald Trump but other Native candidates were critical of the president's remarks about Russia.

The truth of the matter is that is our entire American colonial empire is naked.

President Donald Trump sparked immediate backlash for siding with Russia. But then he said he misspoke.

Law enforcement helped remove indigenous children from their homes and have contributed to high rates of indigenous imprisonment.

Donald Trump’s inhuman campaign at the border amounts to a war against the Native people of this hemisphere.

Indigenous leaders in Ecuador are celebrating but they might never see the $9.5 billion judgment for pollution in their communities.

A Wayuu community in Colombia used to be led by men until elders decided it was time for change.

Lacrosse was created to end wars, not to provoke hostilities.

A caravan of concerned women will head to the Mexico border to deliver grandmotherly love to migrant families.

Children as young as 5 are still being detained by the United States despite orders to reunite them with their families.

First Lady Melania Trump visited a migrant shelter that houses more than 100 children who have been separated from their families.

President Trump’s executive order barring travelers coming from six countries with Muslim majorities, is now a permanent part of U.S. immigration policy.

A Guatemalan woman who was separated from her daughter after they crossed the border is suing the federal government to get her child back.

Language barriers mean Indigenous families may be more likely to be split up when they cross into the United States.

Tribal members positioned to help Border Patrol are instead getting run down by its agents.

So-called 'Angel Families' told President Trump that separation of families is a small price to pay for border security.