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Opinion: Protecting sacred places should matter to everyone (05/19)
Over the last 10 years, I have traveled around the world documenting the uniqueness of indigenous cultures and the universality of values that honor the sacred spiritual dimension of land and water.

Isolated tribes in Amazon continue to face threats to existence (05/05)
One community is being blamed for a fatal attack while another battles an epidemic that has claimed the lives of at least four children.

Genetic research confirms Alaska homeland for Inupiat people (05/04)
The DNA of Inupiat and Inuit peoples in the U.S., Canada and Greenland traced back to villages on Alaska's North Slope.

Opinion: Join 'Long March to Rome' to support indigenous rights (05/04)
Indigenous and non-indigenous peoples alike can benefit from learning how the 15th century Vatican manufactured a system of inequality to legitimize first the slave trade and thereafter the assertion of sovereignty over the New World.

Brazil to host inaugural World Indigenous Games this September (04/23)
Some 4,000 athletes representing 22 countries are expected to participate in the event.

Research finds antibiotic resistance in remote Yanomami Tribe (04/21)
The study on the isolated community suggests that resistance to antibiotic drugs did not emerge in the modern medical era.

Yanomami Tribe buries blood samples studied without consent (04/13)
Nearly 2,700 samples were returned to the tribe after they were taken during the 1960s and subjected to scientific study.

Leader of Hopi Tribe sues over sales of sacred items in France (04/10)
The tribe tried to halt two auctions of sacred property in June and December 2014.

Julianne Jennings: Muscogee artist shows 'Bloodlines' in China (04/07)
Toni Scott is an American and a citizen of the Muscogee Creek Nation. She also descends from African and European ancestry.

German photographer earns trust on Fort Belknap Reservation (03/31)
Felix von der Osten secured permission from the tribal council before embarking on his journey.

Choctaw Nation leader hopes to travel to Ireland for monument (03/25)
Chief Gary Batton said the tribe sent its money overseas despite suffering a tragedy at home.

New Yorker: Hope for Native languages amid loss of speakers (03/23)
About twenty-five thousand North Americans identify themselves as Mohawk, but only about fifteen per cent speak the language well enough to conduct their daily lives in it.

Cherokee Nation nurse returns from Ebola efforts in West Africa (03/10)
Dana Hayworth, who works at a tribal hospital, spent nearly two months in Liberia.

Ireland town builds monument to thank Choctaw Nation for aid (03/09)
The tribe donated $170 in 1847 to help the Irish people during a time of great famine.

Winona LaDuke: Ingrid Washinawatok's vision remains strong (03/04)
This week marks the 15th anniversary of the kidnapping and assassination of Menominee leader Ingrid Washinawatok El Issa.

Trial delayed for ex-dictator accused in genocide of Maya people (01/07)
Efrain Rios Montt is accused of ordering the massacres of 1,771 people at two Mayan villages.

Opinion: Indigenous peoples suffer from highest rates of suicide (01/05)
Indigenous peoples suffer the greatest suicide risk among cultural or ethnic groups worldwide.

Native activists in Brazil protest land bill with bows and arrows (12/17)
Police prevented the activists from interrupting a meeting where lawmakers were considering the land bill.

Navajo Nation buys sacred masks from auction house in France (12/15)
Vice President Rex Lee Jim tried to stop the sale of the items but it went through as planned.

Armstrong Wiggins: Implementing UNDRIP will save Native lives (12/04)
The Declaration provides provisions to help process indigenous land claims, and it gives major emphasis to seeking justice and improving protection for indigenous rights.

Jessica Carro: The forgotten Native people of the Americas (11/11)
Writer discusses the lack of information about Native people in South America.

Tribal community in Colombia sentences men for murders (11/10)
Five men and two minors, who belong to a militant group, were apprehended and quickly brought to justice.

Ten men charged for burning Indian woman alive in Paraguay (11/06)
Two leaders of the village are among those who have been charged with first-degree murder.

Glenn Morris: New UN official won't defend indigenous peoples (11/04)
American Indian Movement activist questions the naming of an official from China who will handle future developments from the World Conference on Indigenous Peoples.

Indian president of Bolivia wins election for historic third term (10/13)
Evo Morales, an Aymara coca farmer, secured 60 percent of the vote.

Supreme Court won't hear suit over Indian massacre in Mexico (10/08)
Ten survivors blamed the former president for a massacre where 45 people died.

Indian community in Colombia in mourning after lightning strike (10/06)
According to news reports, at least 11 people, including children, and at least 14 were injured.

Mark Trahant: Is independence in the future for tribal nations? (09/17)
What’s the difference in the self-rule of Scotland to that of Hawaii? Or Alaska? Or Nunavut? Or even Navajo?

Urban Indian population grows in Brazil's poorest neighborhoods (09/16)
Nearly a quarter of the nation's indigenous population now live in urban areas.

Peru investigates murders of four prominent indigenous leaders (09/11)
The four men were on their way to a meeting with other indigenous leaders in Brazil when they were fatally shot.

Jessica Carro: Native people treated like foreigners in Argentina (09/11)
Jessica Carro discusses the treatment of indigenous people in Argentina.

Tim Giago: Indigenous people of Australia and America share path (09/08)
There is a colonization connection the indigenous people of Australia and America share.

Lens: Gender identity among Warao people in remote Venezuela (09/05)
The Lens Blog of The New York Times talks to Alvaro Laiz about his experiences with the Warao people of Venezuela and a unique aspect of their culture.

Annenberg Foundation acquires sacred items for Alaska Natives (09/03)
A Tlingit bentwood box that would have been used to hold sacred items was returned to Sealaska Heritage Institute.

Museum in Scotland acquires historic photos of Buffalo Bill's visit (09/03)
The McManus Art Gallery seeking the public's help in identifying the man who photographed a 1904 visit by Buffalo Bill's Wild West show.

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