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IRS placed $664K in tax liens on leader of Lower Brule Sioux Tribe (01/23)
An attorney for the tribe said the issue, dating back to 1994, has been resolved.

Mark Trahant: Building the new digital economy in Indian Country (01/23)
We need a structure to prepare people for jobs that don’t yet exist.

Yocha Dehe Wintun Nation inaugurates Leland Kinter as chairman (01/22)
Leland Kinter succeeds longtime chairman Marshall McKay.

State of Indian Nations as delivered by NCAI President Cladoosby (01/22)
NCAI President Brian Cladoosby delivered the annual speech at the Newseum in Washington, D.C.

Sen. Barrasso delivers response to NCAI's State of Indian Nations (01/22)
The Wyoming Republican is the new chairman of the Senate Indian Affairs Committee.

Members of Lower Brule Sioux Tribe try to oust longtime leader (01/21)
Michael Jandreau has been in charge for 36 years.

Ak-Chin Indian Community welcomes two new council members (01/21)
Ann Marie Antone and Gabriel Lopez won the most votes in a three-way race earlier this month.

Senate continues debate on bill to approve Keystone XL Pipeline (01/21)
Dozens of amendments have been filed so it looks like consideration might take a week or two.

Voters from Tule River Tribe re-elect four incumbents for council (01/20)
Five seats were up for grabs and four were taken by incumbents.

Native Sun News: North Dakota tribe confronts many challenges (01/20)
When Mark Fox took the oath of the highest office in the Mandan Hidatsa & Arikara (MHA) Nation, he initiated his first four-year term with a pledge to bolster the reservation’s economic self-sufficiency.

Lawmakers concerned about Lower Brule Sioux Tribe allegations (01/19)
A report from Human Rights Watch accused tribal leaders of failing to account for about $25 million in federal funds.

Supporters of Chris Deschene still upset with handling of election (01/16)
The Navajo Nation entered a new year without a new president.

Chumash Tribe slams official for questioning 'reservation system' (01/16)
Chairman Vincent Armenta said the tribe must repeatedly battle local officials who don't respect its sovereignty.

Mark Trahant: Investing in future generations of our Native youth (01/16)
Indian Country is rarely mentioned during a presidential State of the Union. That’s too bad.

Native Sun News: Tribes continue fight against Keystone Pipeline (01/16)
The most recent House bill to approve the Keystone pipeline was passed 266-153 and sent to the Senate.

Editorial: Enough is enough with Navajo Nation election drama (01/15)
Sometimes, for the greater good, it is necessary to stop, let it go and move on.

NAIHC welcomes introduction of bill to reauthorize NAHASDA (01/14)
The law expired in 2013 but lawmakers have failed to renew it despite bipartisan support.

Women take chair and top positions in Caddo Nation election (01/14)
Voters choose Tamara Michele Francis, Carol Ross as vice chair, Jennifer Reeder as secretary and Wildena Moffer as treasurer.

Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes push water compact (01/14)
The 1855 Treaty of Hellgate promises water on and off the reservation.

Indian lawmaker in Kansas sworn into office in traditional wear (01/14)
Rep. Ponka-we Victors (D) is serving her third term in the Kansas Legislature.

Navajo Nation leader starts second term despite election loss (01/14)
Ben Shelly came in seventh out of 17 candidates in the tribe's primary last year.

Judge dismisses case against Lakota activist for honor song (01/13)
Greg Grey Cloud was arrested for singing a Lakota song as the Senate rejected a bill to approve the controversial Keystone XL Pipeline.

Leader of Lower Brule Sioux Tribe blasts report as 'baseless' (01/13)
Chairman Michael Jandreau said the tribe was exploring its legal options after the release of the Human Rights Watch report.

White House responds to petition against mine at sacred site (01/13)
More than 104,000 people signed the petition in opposition to the Resolution Copper mine in Arizona.

Senate Indian Affairs Committee adds Republican members (01/13)
Republicans hold eight seats on the committee while Democrats hold six.

Senate headed toward final vote on Keystone XL Pipeline bill (01/13)
Sen. Jon Tester (D-Montana), the ranking member on the Senate Indian Affairs Committee, joined Republicans in advancing debate on the measure.

Agreement reached for leader of Navajo Nation to stay in office (01/12)
Ben Shelly will be sworn in tomorrow and will remain in office until tribal members elect a successor.

Group accuses Lower Brule Sioux Tribe of widespread corruption (01/12)
Critics are taking aim at Chairman Michael Jandreau, who has led the tribe for 36 years.

Chief of Cherokee Nation won't be prosecuted for pigeon shoot (01/09)
Chief Bill John Baker apologized for attending the event in which live pigeons were thrown in the air and shot down.

Nebraska court upholds law setting Keystone XL Pipeline route (01/09)
Republicans in Congress are still pushing bills to approve the controversial project.

NCAI president to deliver State of Indian Nations on January 22 (01/08)
President Brian Cladoosby will deliver the speech at the Newseum in Washington, D.C.

President of Navajo Nation remains in office amid election delay (01/08)
President Ben Shelly didn't win re-election but it looks like he will be staying in power for now.

Senate committee goes ahead with meeting on Keystone XL bill (01/08)
Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) is moving forward even after Democrats forced the cancellation of a hearing on the bill.

Arizona's first Native American lawmaker Lloyd House passes on (01/07)
Lloyd House, who was Navajo and Oneida, served one term in the Arizona Senate.

Senate Democrats force cancellation of hearing on Keystone bill (01/06)
Republicans are still planning to push for approval of the controversial pipeline.

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