Editorials: Oppose Choctaw off-reservation casino

The Seantobia Democrat: "The Interior Department is looking into allowing the Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians to build a big casino complex in Jackson County.

We believe the Choctaws have the right to build another casino anywhere they desire, as long as they are treated just like the rest of us when they are off the reservation.

Off the reservation they should abide by state and federal rules and regulations and pay all state fees and taxes, just like the other big corporations operating casinos."

The Biloxi Sun Herald: "The Bureau of Indian Affairs will conduct a public hearing on a proposed Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians' casino from 7 to 10 p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 18, at the Ocean Springs Civic Center on U.S. 90.

We hope the place is packed with opponents.


Because if the Choctaws - or any other Native American group - can simply buy any piece of property and put a casino on it, then no jurisdiction in Mississippi - or the rest of the nation - can be confident that it can control its own destiny. That's because unlike the Choctaws' casinos on their historic lands in Neshoba County, this proposed casino would pop up on industrial acreage the Choctaws have owned only since 1991 near the intersection of Interstate 10 and Mississippi 57. If the Choctaws can spread their gambling operations so easily beyond their tribal lands, then what intersection in the state is beyond their reach?"

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