Agua Caliente Chair: Gaming regulation extensive

"There has been much written regarding the five tribal gaming compact amendments currently being considered for ratification by the California Assembly. I am chairman of the Agua Caliente Band of Cahuilla Indians. While our Tribal Council understands opinions may vary, we must object to factual inaccuracies printed in this newspaper.

These compact amendments have been scrutinized since last year and we have satisfied the governor's questions, and more recently, the California Senate, which passed our compact in a bipartisan vote.

Now, questions have arisen about regulatory oversight. It's simply not true that the state is not allowed to audit the books, nor have federal regulators lost their authority for gaming oversight. The amended compact allows for mandatory testing of gaming devices, with software tested and certified by an independent state laboratory. In addition, 20 percent of devices may be inspected and tested by the state annually, with additional allowances of spot tests for up to 5 percent of devices. The state is allowed to audit the net win.

This state oversight is in addition to our tribe's promise to abide by the authority of the National Indian Gaming Commission, despite a recent court case that questions their role."

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Agua Cailente Band of Cahuilla Indians Chairman Richard M. Milanovich: Gambling oversight extensive (The Chico Enterprise-Record 5/12)