Column: Class III gaming for tribes in Florida

"Will full Vegas gambling action -- blackjack, roulette and craps -- soon be coming to an Indian tribal casino near you?

Listening to Governor Gov. Charlie Crist on Monday, it sounds like a distinct possibility.

With an Aug. 21 deadline looming to reach a revenue-sharing agreement with the Seminoles, and with the state in an unexpected budget lurch because of a sales tax shortfall, Crist appears eager to get the most lucrative deal he can for Florida.

Even if that means allowing full-fledged full fledged Vegas-style table games?

Unlike his anti-gambling predecessors, Jeb Bush and Lawton Chiles, Crist said he has not rejected the idea outright.

"I'll have to review the entire package when it arrives on my desk and make some decisions," Crist said Monday in a meeting with the South Florida Sun-Sentinel editorial board. Editorial Board. "At the end of the day, if ([an agreement]) can benefit our state, then I'll have to give it consideration."

Give Crist credit for this much: At least he gets it."

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